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May 07, 2012



Thank you so much!!! What a wonderful surprise! I can hardly wait to knit down my queue with this gorgeous yarn and the Victorian Swag pattern.


Congrats to Marjorie. I really love that new yarn & that color way is one of my favorites combos. I think my green loving grandson will like it too. Do you sell downloadable patterns? I greatly prefer them for a few reasons. First off, there's the instant gratification factor. But also, I already have way too many paper patterns (in one form or another) so I really appreciate a pattern I can store in iBooks that won't collect dust. Also, I like to be able to carry a bunch of patterns around with me in my phone in case the urge to knit a sock comes over me while I'm traveling. I can just hit the closest LYS & buy a ball of sock yarn & I'm good to go. But mostly, I see that pattern & visuali e how nice it would look in some Opal Petticoat & would love to be able tiger it right now, grab the Opal from my stash & get started.


Love that sock pattern: I'm off to get it!

I was at MDSW (I finally live in MD so I go almost every year now...) and picked up a Bosworth charkha, a Bosworth Journey Wheel (my dream, died-and-gone-to-heaven spinning machine) and, of course, some fiber to feed them. (Cuts into the sock knitting time but great fun!)


This was a light year at MDSW. Two skeins of sock yarn was it on the knitting front, but we also came home with garden plants, herbs, and honey. The sheepdog demonstration is always one of my favorite parts of the festival.


Oh I love that striping you're doing, I'm anxious to know more!


MDSW is less than an hour from my home and so doable every year. I love Cestari yarn, Tess yarns, Woolstock, Hunt Valley Cashmere where I buy a skein of their beautiful red every year and now have enough for a shawl, and So Much Else. MDSW is a festival and I am so lucky to be near it. I dont knit socks but right now I am knitting a garter stitch "doily" out of sock yarn for under a pottery bowl on my dining room table and I just love the fabric it is making. So squishy and rich-looking. Yay! Sock yarn.



Weather was nice last Sunday. Plants planted and patio furniture out now. Wish I lived close enough to go the fiber fest. Thinking about gooing to the one at Johnson County fairgrounds the beginning of June. ANyone been to that one? My BKFF and I are going to see the Yarn Harlot on Thursday. So excited.


Have to have this green/blue yarn! What is it? When can I get it? Please, please let me know ASAP! I'll order the same day!

Lucy Portland

I also like the Victoiran Swag pattern. I have many patterns in iBooks; it is so convenient. Is this a possibility?

Lucy Portland

I found it in Ravelry and downloaded it.

kim's!!!! can't wait to see it in my stash, I love dark blue & acid green so much, it matches almost everything I own :)

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