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April 18, 2012



Light Foxglove and Oxblood, to make these


Two colors - Vintage Sari and Wicked knitted as Wedgewood

Three colors - Add Ruby Slippers to make an Earth and Sky
Both are Stephen West designs. And it would be hard to choose the more desired combo.


Hard choice - I'd like to play with colors to make West's Boneyard Shawl:

I have two possible color combinations:
1. Plaid Blanket and Copper Penny
2. Seawash and Gossamer


I would chose Dahlia and Nostalgia to make this:


Opheilia, Nostalgia, Wicked and Curiosity would maybe work to make
unless you think otherwise.....

Jenny K

Colbalt and Opaline would make a pretty Seashore Shawl


I wouldn't swear to the color combination without someone looking at it live and in person (and I have called a far-away store to ask if colors x and y went together before I ordered) but I'd be tempted by combining Betty Draper's Blues, Dahlia and Molly Ringwald in a Color Affection -


TML is my favorite yarn. Thanks you so much for the opportunity to win some! I participated in the KAL for Stephen West's Earth & Sky, and i loved every minute of it. The finished product is gorgeous. I'd love to knit another one in William Morris, Opaline, and Denim.

Debbie H

Cobalt and Ruby slipper to make this:

Or any Stephen West pattern!
Debbie H
gussek on Ravelry


What about Romi's Taygete shawl with Betty Drapers and Cobalt?


Its two days before Earth Day. Of course I chose Thoreau and Nutmeg for a 4 row of each stripe pattern scarf. I love the Mistake Stitch rib that is in many knitting stitch dictionaries. Its reversible and behaves perfectly for a scarf. I would give it to my youngest daughter who is a grand knitter.

Robin F.

Tart and Smokestack for Faberge.
Those are my buckeye colors!

Leslie Mc Kenzie

Opalline and Wicked for either wingspan combo or a nice pair of socks.


I think Opaline and Smokestack would be pretty in Stephen West's Daybreak shawl.

Kristen Colton

dahlia and filagree for me. I love contrast


I'd combine Cobalt and Smokestack, and I'd love to knit Moonlight Lattice socks ( with them.


I really love the combo of Vintage Sari and Copper Penny, and I think I would want to do a Stripe Study ( but I think this stitch pattern is awfully pretty:


If/when I find some time, I would like to make the shawl Scalene out of Wicked and Thoreau.


I'd modify the Koigu Linen Stitch Scarf ( I'd use Seawash and Foxglove.

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