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April 18, 2012



Magnolia Leaf and Nutmeg for Lara's Bold and Blended wrap


I would love to make Carina Spencer's Whippoorwil shawl,, combining the colors of Copper Penny and Ox Blood. I think that would make and extremely eye catching shawl.

And I adore the name Henry. My girlfiend just named her son Henry and it is the perfect name to bring back for sweet little baby boys.


I'd love to use Wicked, Curiosity, Nostalgia, Opaline and Calligraphy to make the Aranami Shawl:

Kate S

I want to make these mittens:
with Opaline and Cobalt!

A Facebook User

I would love to make the Double Heelix pattern in Copper Penny and Cobalt!

Richelle Chambers Krotts

I'd like to make Chevry ( out of Plaid Blanket and Copper Penny. :)


I love westknit's designs for 2-color shawls! I'd combine Oxblood and Smokestack in the Daybreak pattern


Cobalt and Foxglove, in the soft changing waves intermingled with the red/blue multi combinations. It would be a cool evening stable that I'd have to be selfish and keep for me, I think! So gorgeous!


Copper Penney and Filagree for me.


I would use Tart and Foxglove in the Double Helix pattern.


this is the best way to do a giveaway! i love TML, and I have soooo many ideas. :)

but one i really love would be the mystery + manners mittens ( in flashdance and smokestack. so. pretty.


Vintage Sari and Flashdance to make a pair of Endpaper Mitts ( or perhaps a pair of Spilly Jane mittens.


I bought the Color Affection pattern several weeks ago, but haven't purchased yarn for it yet.

I'd love to use Copper Penny, Filigree and Fawn. There are so many gorgeous colors I could easily choose several sets of colors. Thanks for a terrific giveaway!


Light Cobalt and Light Denim

for my friends first baby

Lisa Viviano

Calligraphy and lt. denim would make a great go to pairing.


Copper Penny and Filigree along with a teal from my stash for the Color Affection shawl (

Henry is a great name. I have a very sweet 9 yo nephew with that name. : )


A friend of mine recently made a baby boy hat using colors similar to Nutmeg and Denim. It was an amazing color combo! I'd love to have a pair of mittens or a pair of socks with those colors. You can view the baby hat at

Kim B.

I adore Stephen West designs and currently am hooked on Daybreak shawl...

I would combine the colors of Dahlia and Gossamer.

Lynn Wilk

FLASHDANCE and RUBY SLIPPERS for some summer VERY BERRY SOCKS! Great idea for a contest :)


Flashdsnce and Gossamer for a Study Stripe Shawl. I love off white neutrals and bright saturated colours together!


Oh! It's a single ply! Lovely. I would choose a three color pattern - Northampton Neckerchief:

colors (all right next to each other on the page): Glazed Pecan, Gossamer and Magnolia Leaf.


Another vote for Magnolia Leaf and Nutmeg. The two colored shawl pattern that I have in my queue but don't have yarn for yet is

Maya (MayaMoonie)

I would use Oxblood and Thoreau for Carina Spencer's Catkin (


How ironic! I totally have the Roxborough Dolman sweater queued and plan to use Madelinetosh Merino Light!

Here's the pattern link:

The colors I plan to use are:
Nostalgia & Dahlia


Flashdance and nutmeg for a lazy girl shawl. :)


I would use calligraphy, copper penny, and magnolia leaf. What a wonderful fall combination that will make! As for the pattern...Veera's color affection.


I would knit a Strip Study
in TML Opaline and Wicked

Thanks for the opportunity to win, I love TML!


my next stranded colorwork project will be the Garden Gnome Hat by Betsy Farquhar ( which would be perfect in tosh merino light.

there are so many great possible color combos but i think i would go with tart and smokestack.

Andrea W.

Iwould use Nectar and Magnolia Leaf. Love both colorways!


I like copper penny and calligraphy. I'm not sure what I would make.


I want to make this cardigan:

I would use 4 colors beginning at the top with Gossamer, followed by Nectar, then Vintage Sari and finishing up with Tart.


I'd like to make Dream Stripes out of Betty Draper's Blues and Denim, with Betty Draper's Blues as the border color.

A very safe color choice, but I do love blue!

Anne Ormsby

so many hard to decide. I love the cobalt and Ophelia but would not combine them. I guess I need to fondle them, lay them along side each other.....


I would use Oxblood and Ruby Slippers, alternating them to knit Michaela Moores "Boscbel" from Knitty spring 2012.

Leslie B. Fehr

I really like the Noro Wave scarf - link in the upper left corner of this blog---

But, I'd like to knit it in Wm Morris and in Calligraphy - but not with a set number of rows between color changes. I'd have to play with the math and come up with a pleasing pattern of widths.


Perhaps cobalt, denim, and calligraphy for

Anne Marie

Molly Ringwald and Flashdance - great '80s names! - for a pair of Barb Brown's knee highs such as Flora.


I would use Alizarin as the outer color and William Morris as the inside color in the Spectra pattern by Stephen West on Ravelry here:

Erin O'Connor

I like Copper Penny and Filigree together, too. I've been itching to do one of Veera Välimäki's stripe shawls for a while--maybe Different Lines with this pair.

Erin O'Connor

Oops, forgot the link:


Alizarin and Cobalt for

Merry Fenton

I'd like to use copper penny and plaid blanket to make colorwork mittens. Is that allowed with yarn from Simply Sock? : )

I'm currently wanting to make these -

Jannett Ammons

I love the colors that Madeline Tosh produces! But I would love to use "Seawash" with "Gossamer" to make:

I would use the gossamer for the lace and stripes then the seawash for the alternating stripes. . .


Linda Grothe

Being new to sock knitting I would love to some how combine Ruby Slippers and Molly Ringwald together.

Leta Hansen

I would combine Glazed Pecan and Nutmeg to make Socks for Aidan by Melissa Morgon-Oakes.


I would like to do Stripe Study in Tart and Filagree.

BTW--I like Henry, too.

Kathy Beaumont

Gossamer, nostalgia and wicked all together. Don't know how to link, so will say I would use them for Color Affection. Http://

Mary T

I would use Betty Draper's Blues and Denim for the My Wish Shawl.


I think Gossamer and Molly Ringwald. I would love to make a striped sweater!


I would use Gossamar and Oxblood to make a daybreak.

Dana Berry

I'm currently designing a cardigan with Iris and I love it! I would love to work with Copper Penny and Denim to do a striped version of this:
I can never resist Madelinetosh colors!


So many color combinations that would work. I like to mix a variegated with a semi-solid. Like MT Merino Light Ophelia and Ruby Slippers. I'm still thinking about the pattern, but possibly Cladonia.

Donna R

Tart and William Morris (hey you could use that name!)

Sue J

Copper Penny & Filigree
it would knit a beautiful DAYBREAK by Stephen West

love his patterns

Allise Vicens

I am currently doing the Seashore cowl in Madtosh ML in Cove with Rowan kidsilk haze. But it would sure look gorgeous in Molly Ringwald and Teddy Bear.


I think the 5 color version of Jerod Flood's Quill is beautiful! I would love to do it in a combination of browns and blues, such as Dust Bowl, Antique Lace, Betine, Well Water and Stove Pipe or Mica.


this might be a terrible idea that wouldn't work if I saw the colors in person, but I'd like to make something with Magnolia Leaf and Thoreau. I don't have a pattern in mind but would want to come up with my own pattern inspired by woods in the springtime.
thanks for this chance to win!


I think that Glazed Pecan and Filagree would look lovely together in Thendara by Stephen West.

linda a roller

Dahlia & Magnolia.I would make this shawl patterns (Multnomah) from Ravelry.

Leslie Taylor

I love the Copper Penney and if my computer monitor is showing things in "real" color I think Dried Rose would make a lovely Stephen West scarf.


I would like to use Vintage Sari and Nostalgia to make Dream Stripes Shawl


One of my cats is named Henry. He is very well-mannered. He is also very shiny because he likes to be combed at least three times per day.

Prince Harry's real name is Henry.

The name has a lot to recommend it, I think.


Nostalgia and Wicked to make a shawl by Romi Hill - she has several that use two colors and I can't decide at this moment.


Alizarin and William Morris. Anything William Morris works for me.


I would put Lt. Plaid Blanket and Copper Penny to make a Stephen West Shawl.

Rachel R.

I've been eying striped shawls for a while, and I really love Andrea's Shawl by Kristen Kapur ( Colors - so hard to pick!! But I think (right now anyway), Dahlia and Smokestack.


So many beautiful colors,it is so hard to pick just two ,but I love Ophelia and Ruby Slippers,Hummingbird,from The Knitter's Book of Socks would be pretty in those colors!


I like Light Denim and Calligraphy together. I've been wanting to make Laika with short sleeves and maybe different colored trim. (Light Denim for the main body and Calligraphy for the trim)


Oh, this is dangerous. The pattern is easy:

The colors? Wow. So many combinations, and I'm picking all the pink ones! I can narrow it down to two: Opaline and Oxblood, or Ophelia and Dahlia.

Ashley W

I'd actually love to knit Grellow ( out of Oxblood and Smokestack.

Candice Hope

I love Curiosity and Calligraphy together. I'd use them for this sweater with the seed stitch part in the oatmeal color and the stockinette in the purple.

LN in TX

Cobalt & Flashdance.

Dana Lovitt

I'd love to make ayano in Ophelia and Dahlia--such gorgeous colors!


Tart and Vintage Sari look beautiful together.


I like the combo of Demin and Filigree - And the brick road cowl is perfect for a two color selection.
SareBearKnits on ravelry

Pat Humphrey

I would use Thoreau and Molly Ringwald for the Dancing Grannies mittens in the book Norwegian Mittens and Gloves by Annemor Sundbo. How fun


I love the Molly Ringwald and Gossamer combination, although there are so many others that I love, too. I've been wanting to make the for my granddaughter before she's too big for it and this yarn would be perfect for it, I think. Thanks for the give-away opportunity.


Smokestack and Cobalt. I think it would be interesting to see the two together.


I was thinking that Plaid Blanket and Necter would look great with socks for little witches made adult size of course.

Sara Lee

I would use DENIM, NECTAR, and SEAWASH for the Koigu Linen Stitch Scarf :

how snazzy for when the snow flies again up north here in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan !


I love the Wicked and Curiosity - who am I kidding, I love all of them! I would love to do a shawlette or socks or mittens. There are some GREAT ideas in the comments. Thank you all!

Natalie I would do this pattern with Nutmeg and Plaid blanket... ohhh so loverly


Cobalt and Ruby Slippers to make Ming Mittens with openings for fingers and thumbs


Right back to the 1980s with Flashdance and Molly Ringwals, in (or the small version of

christine weideman

I would combine the mt merino light foxglove and mt merino light gossamer.

[email protected]

christine weideman

I would try this pattern, this is my first knitting project for socks so I'm really excited.


It has been fun looking at different color combos. I have been struck by the blended wrap since you linked to it last week-
I think my color combo would be Gossamer,Glazed Pecan, Magnolia Leaf and Nectar.


So, um...yeah. I have two=)
In the Calligraphy and Filigree

In the Curiosity and Copper Penny

kelly-ann (ravelry)

This is actually an easy choice for me....

Betty Draper Blues and William Morris for a Daybreak Shawl.


I'd like to try the Beynac socks in Molly Ringwald and Betty Drapers...

or Grandma's Mittens in Cobalt and Molly Ringwald. Can you tell I'm smitten with Molly Ringwald?


Been really wanting to cast on the whippoorwill shawl in smokestack and denim.

Lila B

Flashdance and Molly Ringwald for the Anemoi Mittens (


Hi Allison - I love Foxglove with Molly Ringwald in the Sundance Sock I pattern. The Foxglove reminds me of a tree trunk and the Molly Ringwalk are the pink tree blossoms like a Dogwood Tree in Spring. I love the name Henry and I have a cat named Henry. He is a great cat, loves everyone, and all our friends usually greet him by name when they come over as he is the most friendly little guy and usually joins in the fun. Usually have to chase him off the table as he thinks he is a person - I guess that is my fault.


I already knit "Different Lines" but I've been WANTING to knit "Color Affection" by Veera Välimäki, which requires 3 colors. Madelinetosh would be a lovely choice for this shawl. How about:
Glazed Pecan

Pattern link:


I would do colorwork mittens in William Morris and Smokestack. How could you not knit floral with a name like William Morris?
Pattern link to chrysanthemum mittens:

Yolande T.

I would love to knit the Inspira Cowl with the Molly Ringwald and the Ruby Slippers colors.


I also have been admiring the Whippoorwill pattern on Ravelry by Carina Spencer. I would use the Calligraphy and Ophelia.


Wow, so many beautiful possibilities! I would combine oxblood and glazed pecan in the Stephen West Daybreak pattern that has been sitting in my queue.

Ann W.

Betty Drapers, Cobalt and Denim - anything Stephen West/Westknits. Love ALL of his patterns.

Penelope Damore

I've been eyeing Wingspan and think that I'd like it in Betty Draper's Blues & Denim

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