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April 20, 2012



Awww.. I remember those special mommy son mornings when my David (now 23) was your James' age! They are precious indeed! Wish I was in Ft Wayne this weekend..if I was I would stop in the shop. However, I WILL be back in Ft Wayne on June 9 for a wedding, and as you are open that day, you can bet I will be there!


Wish I could shop in person. As Homer Simpson once said, "Donuts. Is there anything they can't do?"


I fondly remember the day before my younger daughter was born. I had a scheduled c-section & the hospital called me & wanted me to come in early the day before. It was in the 70's, a brilliant blue day with a few fluffy clouds high in the sky & there was no way I was spending it in the hospital for no good reason. I took my older daughter to Lincoln Park Zoo where we visited all our favorite animals, ate hit dogs & bought helium balloons. That was 36 years ago yesterday. My "baby" is celebrating her 36th birth day today (& I can't believe she's that old & has 3 kids!).


Moms are always the best toys.....


what a lovely morning....Yea i know I take time off to be with my family and they ignore me too.

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