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April 09, 2012


carol fun

Love the reviews but the part that Marianne didn't like - the white parts and the pooling are exactly what would attract me to this yarn. I'm always on the look out for yarns that pool or flash when done up in plain stockinette. It adds a dimension that I love. So what one person's negative is another person's positive!


I love yarns that pool on when I use them on my CSM. However when I want to do something more intricate than the CSM can handle I don't want pooling to take away from my pattern.I guess I like it both ways depending on the project.


I have to agree with Carol fun. I like the white. It adds interest esp. in a plain vanila sock. ALternating it with a solid white was a great way to lighten the colorway with little effort. It would make a great spring sock.

knee high socks

Would love to see a knee high sock made of that yarn.. Beautiful work!

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