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April 16, 2012


Leslie B. Fehr

Anything but SUE (Johnny Cash)

Sometimes you don't know until they show up and then you figure out what they're supposed to be named.



Cute pics! How about Kevin Tyler?

Kathy Beaumont

If my girl had been a boy, his name would have been Kyle. Love the chocolate ice cream face!


Oh those eyes on James!

How about Tiberius? :)


How about David! James looks like really enjoyed that ice cream. LOL


Hmmm. So I'm guessing none of the suggestions last time around hit you as the right one. . .let me think some more, because I already gave you my two favorites :)

Cynthia Parker

How about another J - as in Jonathan??


Not that you should use this one but my husband keeps telling me if we have a boy we will name him Rufus. We have three girls so far. I always liked Josiah but we already have a Josephine so I don't think we will use that one.

Patty McD

What about Jacob? James and Jacob Van Zandt!


What a big boy hair cut! We haven't cut our little one's hair yet, he's 2 1/2. I'm in denial that he's growing older. ;)

Our decoy boy name for our first child was Cedric.

Renee Anne

Hmmmm..........I don't think I would go with James. Just sayin'.

Sometimes, you just don't know until baby makes their appearance. We never did pick a girl name...but luckily Little Man was a boy.

Mel Cherney

Liam, or Nicholas or Greyson. Hey, I liked them all so my son has three names. ;)


I like Jacob, Aidan, & Liam. My ex & I never could agree on a boy's name (that should have told me something, huh?). Lucky thin I had 2 girls.


my favorite boy name is clayton. that would have been my name if i had been born a boy!


I happen to be very partial to biblical names. My sons got two of my favorites. Either of which I think would make a great choice: Daniel and Joseph. Have some fun choosing.

LN in TX



How about William, Robert or Anthony? We chose William for our first because it was classic and a strong name. I also really like David. But it's hard to decide until you meet the little one.


In keeping with the current y-chromosome "J" names - how about Justin? Or Joshua? I do like a previous suggestion of Liam.


Anything easy to spell and pronounce( can you tell I work in a school) Too many kids with chips in their shoulders from the wacky spelled names they were gifted. That being said, you most give him a kick butt middle name. Hmmm

Jennifer in NC

My then 4-year-old wanted his new brother to be Moses or Clark (after Clark Kent). He ended up as Owen (the son of Grace O'Malley, the Pirate Queen, a book we had been reading).


I love the the name Tucker... I also like Logan and Christopher. What fun to think about baby names again!! My three are named Troy, Elsa and Adam...


If you would prefer not to have the most popular boys name of the last
7 years don't choose Aidan. The social security administration tracks first names and lets you search the popularity of the names you are considering. How about Henry?


Any family names you could use? Good luck and have fun choosing!!! My other suggestion is to see what sounds best whe you yell out the back door complete with middle name included :)


Well my brother in law is James Walker and my husband is Kevin Paul but I like Kevin Michael.

Lisa Soderman

Hi there! I have a Daniel so am partial to that but also loooove the name Harrison. Whatever you decide, he will be happy. Good luck with everything!

Juli Melton

My first son is named Walker and I have always liked it - not too unusual and not too common.


I wanted to name my only sone Michael, but chickened out because I absolutely abhor Mike or, or worse yet, Mikey. So I named him Mick, which fits him perfectly, but I still kinda wish if I had it to do over I would have gone with Michael, because it is my all-time favorite male name. It's traditional,timeless, yet fun, modern, and a bit Irish. I highly recommend Michael! Goes good with James, too.


I like Alexander Daniel Van Zandt.

Barb R

Christopher Thomas Van Zandt.


I like Ezekiel, Joel, Benjamin.


I LOVE the name Julian,James is so beautiful!


Ok, so I'm late on this.

Some of these are cool!

Sue Keiser

Some names that you may want to entertain...if I'm not TOO LATE posting!!!
#2) CORBIN ?
#3) SCOTT ?
#4) SKYLAR ?


Better late than never... I have a great nephew whose name is Weston. Are there any of those in James' class?

Elise McKee

How about Henry Van Zandt

Elise McKee

Oh sorry-I posted the above before I read your post! I'm glad you like it too Allison!


I'm late to the party, but how about Lucas (or Luke), Cameron, Hugh, Lachlan, Aiden, or Angus?


Normal, every day names are very nice...I worked in an elementary school library for nine years...I grew to love the names Michael, Thomas, Peter, David, Alan. Think names that the kid will be able to find on a keychain in the gift shop one day! :) Of course, you could always go with a name that fits with the Dutch last Piet, etc.

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