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April 22, 2012


Mary Deneen

I'd love to use Mansfield's Waterlily in Gilleyweed Sock Pattern.



I would go with the color Oeuf Clair, the pattern would be Hermione's Everyday Sock. The pattern is brilliant with varigated colors and is just interesting enough.

Thank you!


I would love to use MT sock in windowpane to knit the Crusoe pattern. I love the sock pattern and have been wanting to knit them since I first saw the pattern.


I would love some Byzantine for this:

Judy Laquidara

I would choose Tomato and I think the pattern I would use would be Hourglass -


I'd use Thunderstorm to knit Efferversce socks. Beautiful!

Audra Daughtry

I have been wanting to knit Wingspan for quite sometime. Hope I win!


I've been looking for yarn to knit into a pair of Rivendell socks ...

I think I'd choose Thyme :)

Joyce Knapp-Hudson

I would knit in Boxwood or Cousteau the Sunday Swing Sock pattern.

Ruth in N.J.

I would LOVE to knit the Flashdance into Cookie A's Sunshine pattern. My Mom's maiden name was Sunshine, and I've been admiring the pattern for ages. And, of course purple is MY color...

Laura Jones

I love the freshness of creme de menthe and I think it would look lovely in any cookie a pattern, but probably monkey sock.

Sue J

the Tosh colors are so beautiful, it's hard to choose just one!
But COSMOS would knit up Bridget Socks

just beautifully!!

Elaine Chaffee

I would love to knit with "Birthday Cake" socks for both my granddaughters who love getting socks from Grandma. Both have birthdays in May....wouldn't that be a nice celebration for a 3 and 4 year old.


I would love to knit up a pair of Hermione's Everyday Socks in Birthday Cake. All those wonderful colors together just makes me smile =)


So many beautiful choices but I think I'd have to pick Birthday Cake and I'd make Shelves Upon Shelves by Erica Lueder.

Therese Servas

I would use Wiliam Morris to knit Summer Lovin Socks
by Knitting Nonstop (Dawn Matkovic)

Anne Bond

I'm a purple person and a sock-knitting addict but I've never made a pair of purple socks for myself. Flashdance would be my choice of yarn color and I'd love to give the Monkey Socks a try. Would be way cool!


I have yet to knit the Jaywalker and would love to do that with MadTosh Sock yarn. By the way, brilliant idea for a contest and such a great way to learn about patterns and yarn colors for socks!

Kerri K

Turquoise for Cat Bordhi's victorian birdcage socks with her new sweet tomato heel! My first pair to try this on...woohooo! I guess the spring sock bug has attacked!

Leenie Smith

Paraphernalia in Calligraphy!

Julie Bair

I'm a girly-girl, so Whisper Lace socks knit up in Posy would make my heart sing. :)


I'd like to knit a pair of Herringbone Rib socks in the Twain colorway.

Susan L Benzer

I think in Birthday Cake would be fun.

Cindy L Ferver

I would choose Birthday Cake and make the plain Vanilla socks found here to show off the colors:

limedrago :-: Harriet

Planning a new project, choosing the yarn and pattern, is always fun! I've had a hankering to make a new pair of socks with a slipped-stitch pattern. I think Plaid Blanket would work well with Harvest Dew. : )


I would knit Mockery socks in Creme de Menthe. Very sweet!

Fran Bott

Love the colorway called Windowpane. I crochet and would love to try it on a pattern in the booklet "You Can Crochet Socks" called Chocolate Covered Cherries. It has ripple cuff and I think it would show off Windowpane very well.

Eileen O'Connor

I would use the beautiful tones in Tosh Sock Alizarin and knit a pair of Peace socks in a Shell pattern

c porter

I would choose birthday cake to knit for my preschool grands! They love what bright colors do to a plain sock!


Still love the Jaywalker pattern. Amaranth would be spectacular and so much fun to knit.

Iva C

I would love to use POSEY to knit Jeanie Townsend's Lilac socks. I love that pattern and love the color pink.

Melissa Jackson

I would love to knit Melissa Morgan-Oakes 'Moon and Stars' in Byzantine.

Melissa B.

I would choose birthday cake! We just finished our family's season of birthdays, celebrating birthdays on March 20, 21, April 8, 9, and 21! We ended with a Lego party and the birthday cake yarn reminded me of all the Lego colors. I would work on matching birthday socks for my children...ages 1 and 6.

Sophia Clark

Thanks for the chance to win! I'd knit the Quo Vadis sock pattern, by Glenna C in the new Twist Collective. I think I'd use Caravan.


I would use CARAVAN and knit up Sping thaw Sock by Car Bordhi


I'd like to knit Stefanie Bold's Maeva with Scarlet. I've had it in my Ravelry favorites for over a year!

Penny Deotte

I would love to use Mansfield Garden to knit Flutter-By Socks by Shannon Robalino. Would be a pretty combo for spring and summer.


Mansfield Garden Party would be my choice for the Ahwahnee Sunset Scarf

Mary Kay Burgess

I would select "Creme de Menthe" using the
Wildhorse Farms Designs Rococo Sock Pattern. This reminds me of drinking a "Mint Julep" while attending the Kentucky Derby.
This combination would be a true "winner"


I would knit Elfiin into socks from the new Socktopus book.
I love this color combo, reminds me of my favorite dress from Kindergarten.


Wow, so hard to choose! After much umming and ahhing, I'd love to use "Forestry" to knit a pair of Alpha Socks by Tanis Lavallée.


Sunehine (from Sock Innovation) in Candlewick. Form meets color!


I would knit a pair of Fruit Loops Socks( 2008), out of the Birthday Cake colorway. Such a happy/fun colorway!!!

Andrea W.

"Water Lily" is calling out to me..."Hey Woman...let's knit up Wendy's Leonard and Sheldon! Come know it's next in your que!"


I can envision the Salto Socks in the Gingersnap colorway!

Bev Moon

I would knit the Glomerata Socks by Lisa Grossman--a free pattern on using the Dusk colorway of the yarn. This is a very lacy sock so using this lightly variegated yarn will show off the pattern.

Tam Peters

I would make some colorful yoga socks using Amaranth, and as the pattern perhaps. I need to be doing more gentle exercise and these colors make me happy!


Oh yes - SteamAge to knit V Junkie from Socktopus! Yummy!

Jeannine Bakriges

I would love to knit 'Cousteau' into Cookie A.'s 'Thelonious' sock pattern. There's something very watery about that pattern and the colors of that yarn would add to the theme. I would want to add some 'fish' and 'starfish' charms, as well.


I would knit Frida into a pair of basic socks. Probably a knit 3, purl 1 rib. The colors are too amazing to mix up with a pattern.


Good Golly! Trying to pick just one Tosh is near impossible. I'm reminded of that every time I 'accidentally' go too near my LYS.

But I think I'd love to try to design a pattern that would honor the William Morris. Oh boy, more research into some of my favorite art.


I seem to be in a purple phase right now. :)

I would choose "Flashdance" to knit the "Beaded Peacock Socks" (


Would love to make a Pamuya shawl (Alexandra Wiedmayer) with Flashdance. I think it would be great for summer wearing.

Barb Watkins

I would use Boxwood to make the chameleon scarf featured in the "Interweave Knits," Spring 2008.


I would like a skein of the THUNDERSTORM to do a pair of socks for my husband. I am a new knitter, and love making socks, but not sure about a pattern for a man. Would take advice as to the pattern!!

Amy  EM

I would choose Jade and try some Monkey Socks! (In the interest of honesty, I'll say that it will probably frustrate the heck out of me and I'll knit a shawl, probably a Spectra with a skein Molly Ringwald.)

Carrie Mc.

I would knit my son Paraphernalia in color way Terrarium

Beth Fulton

I would love to knit the Furled Leaf Socks again from winter/spring/10/knitscene with Amaranth!


I'd make Amaranth into Monkey Lace..I think tha's an "older" Cookie A pattern...the colors would lend itself well to the changes in the pattern....

Meg F.

I'd love to knit one of Wendy Johnson's intricate cabled socks in Wash - I've never used that color.


tosh sock jade worked into midsummer night's dream pattern from knitty, my fav pattern, is my choice!

Marianne Koller

All the colors are wonderful but if I have to pickone it would be Alizarin. Not sure what pattern I'd use...I would have to wait and see what the yarn says it would like to be!


I would love Thunderstorm. Will make it in a simple 2x2 rib for my Christmas box for 1 of the guys on my list.

Charlotte Woodward

I would use the MT Whitewash for the Carousel sock from Knitty Spring + Summer 2012. Looks like a very fun sock to do!


I would knit Alizarin in my favorite basic stockinette sock. thanks for offering this contest!

JoAnne Brown

I would love to make Monkey socks with Flashdance. They would be gorgeous


I'd like to make School Sock in MT Plaid Blanket.


I would knit the lingerie sock I saw in the deep fall issue of Knity


I would knit Nutkin pattern using Birthday Cake - very happy looking yarn. Denise


It's really hard to choose! But I love purple, so it has to be Flashdance, and I'm looking forward to knitting Embossed Leaves again (Interweave pattern, I think).

Cheryl Dumont

I love Birthday cake


I'd love to take scarlet and calligraphy to make Crosswired


I'm knitting a SOTM pattern that has seed stitch separated by ribbing and would love to knit it again in a lighter color so the pattern would be easier to see. So I would knit it in Candlewick if I was lucky enough to win. Thanks for the chance!

Sylvia Ady Potts

WindowPain would be my first choice but FlashDance is quite lovely too. I'd pull a pattern name out of a hat and let destiny decide.
~ Sylvia

Kathy O in GA

I love the idea of Mansfield Garden Party done up in the monkey sock! Just getting into sock knitting and having a ball!


I would love to knit Monkey socks with Mansfield's Garden Party. I may even keep them for myself!

Julie Davidson

The Amaranth colorway takes my breath away! I would knit a pair of toe-up socks in it. I just got another toe-up sock book and want to practice that style. For me, although I'm sure my daughter would want to wear them too.

Phyllis Oviatt

I love the "garden party" yarn and would make Nutkin.

A Facebook User

I would make my son a pair of socks with a basketweave pattern in Betty Draper Blues. His favorite color is blue and he just love to have mom knit socks.

Kris Peters

Since I love all things Arts and Crafts, it's William Morris for me! I see an elegant pair of muffatees....

Sheila Jones

I want to knit MT Steam Age into Wendy Johnson's Basket Case socks (from Toe-Up Socks for Every Body). I'm addicted to the toe-up method.

Denise Royal

I would use MT Tosh Sock Betty Draper Blues

to crochet a pair of socks. I use a toe up pattern I combined from a couple of different crochet patterns to get the look and feel I wanted for my crocheted socks.


Birthday cake, without a doubt. With that lovely colorway, even a basic stockinette sock would be fabulous!


Alizarin would look beautiful knit into Anne Hanson's Aria Delicato Scarf pattern (with some to spare for a pair of matching socks). :)


Looks like somebody likes green. So many greens from which to choose. I too love green, so It was hard to decide. But I think I'd choose Jade. It's such a lovely color. I'd prefer to make a little shawl from mine so I could see and touch the yarn all day when I wear it. I've been wanting to make "And So Your Are" for a while now, so I think I'd chose that pattern. Thanks much.

Nancy S

I would use Earl Gray, for criminally mindless socks. Love, love ,love madtosh sock, and really enjoy KAL's on ravelry. Thanks for a chance to win.


I would knit up a pair of Cookie A Django in Betty Draper Blues while watching my favorite show Mad Men.

Mary Ellen Lohr

I just discovered Stephen West. Love his shawl patterns. I'd use Thyme to knit Herbivore.

Susan Winter

I'd love to design my own pattern in the Jade colorway--love that color w/ a passion--so springy and happy!

Holly Waldrop

I'd love to try the Dragonfly sock ( in either Windowpane or Thyme. Yummmy...

Michelle N. McCrillis

I'd love to knit Amaranth or Birthday Cake, but into which pattern? I'm not sure, especially since I know my littlest one will want Birthday Cake socks for herself. A skein of this would make her knovice knitting self ecstatic.

Penelope Damore

I would choose Frida. My sister likes bright colors and has aready requested a pair of hand knit socks for her upcoming birthday. I think Frida would suit the request although I don't know (yet) what pattern I'd do.

Lucinda Scherting

I would pick Vintage Sari yarn and use Minuret Sock Pattern

Bonni Nechemias

'A Finer Peace' sock pattern would be my choice, by Wendy Johnson, in MT Tosh Sock 'TWAIN'. I can feel it already on my needles !! :)

Joyce Porter

I have already completed two wingspan scarf/shawl. I would like to make another soon. Soooo easy!


I'd love to use turquoise to knit Temperance


I would love to use Steam Age to knit the Zhen Zen socks from 'The Joy of Sox'.

Jeanne Lejon

I would love to knit a pair of Monkey socks with the Flashdance yarn. I LOVE purple!


I would love to knit this:

in MT TOSH SOCK White Wash..

Never did lace but it is just so beautiful, must start now!!!! lol


in Birthday Cake.. for the future Grandbaby I hope to have someday!!!!!


I fell in love with Twain colorway as soon as I saw it. I'd probably knit it into the Charade socks or maybe try something new (for me) like monkey socks.

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