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April 22, 2012


LN in TX

I like Amaranth for a try at the Wingspan pattern.

Terri Mountjoy-Pepka

I'd love to knit "Twinkle Twinkle Little Socks" (Ravelry)in the colorway "Steam Age"!


The color Scarlet is my first choice. I would like something RED for next winter. Thank you for the contest.

Angela Medina

I would use the scarlet colorway to knit a pattern of my choosing from the Socks a la Carte book.

Kathy in KS

I love the Amber Trinket color, and it'd make great little pumpkins (

Jessica Florence

Dusk, Flashdance, or Forestry would make a beautiful scarf... Like
Knitspot Hillflowers Scarf!! <3 <3 <3


I think I'd choose Windowpane and knit Gush ( I've yet to knit one of Yarnissima's patterns.

Karen Webb Johnston

Mine would be Elfin and I would make a pair of my own socks - Cuffed Brick Stitch Socks.


I'm not usually a "red" person, but Vintage Sari is calling me to knit something fabulous--a shawlette, socks, something to be treasured!

Rae Creedle

I'd make Lucy Neatby's Mermaid Socks,, in Vintage Sari.

carol fun

I would knit up a pair of RPM socks in Frida - love that colorway!


I would knit something from cookie a with the thunderstorm color way!

Lorraine Fleck

The monkey socks look really fun, but I might just stick to seed stitch socks. Actually I'm more of a shawl knitter, and the Oeuf Clair would make a gorgeous Summerflies shawl!

Lauta Speer

Amaranth would be a party for my toes!

Susan Giles

I would choose Birthday Cake. my birthday is coming up in May and what a great way to celebrate!

Christine Szewczyk

I would love to knit my Dad a pair of socks in William Morris, especially as he is in hospital recovering from burns and he will need them for this winter


I would use Caravan. Such a lovely summery color. I usually make up patterns, but it would be something lacy for spring and summer.

Ruth Kowalski

I can see a pair of beautiful socks knit in Wash and the pattern would be Thelonious by Cookie A. These would look great for Summer. I hope I win!


I like the idea Alison had for Bayeriche socks in Thyme. I've been craving green lately so Terrarium, Lichen, Filigree or Boxwood would work just as well! Thank you for the opportunity!


I would use Forestry and Windowpane for a pair of socks. Each sock would be the mirror image of the other using Forestry where Windowpane was, and Windowpane where Forestry was... But if I only had one skein to work with, Forestry, I'd use garter stitch where the design would be instead of a different color.


I would pick Boxwood and knit up a pair of new skate socks for my son! He loves handcrafted socks and we created our own pattern so he gets exactly the fit he wants everytime.


I would like to do a flash dance in the monkey sock! Love the purples.

Louise Mutterperl

I would use the Elfin color way to make a pair of Bremen Musters, which is a great pattern for multicolored yarn ! Ssyc you're the best !

Bette Lou Williams

I would like Betty Draper Blues Tosh sock
yarn to knit "V Junkie". This pattern
would go well with "jeans". Pattern is from
book Socktopus by Alice Yu

Bette Lou Williams


I need blue socks - I'd choose Betty Draper Blues for a pair of ribbed socks.


I would knit "Afshari" from Hunter Hammersen's book "Silk Road Socks" in the Amber Trinket colorway.


I'd pick Cousteau and make a pair of Embossed Leaves!


I would use the Tosh Sock Waterlily and knit Rib Fantastic from the book Knitting Socks with Handpainted Yarn.


I'm thinking Elfin would make a good pair of Aquaphobia socks.


I would like to use Mansfields G P used in Into the Green socks, which is a free Ravelry pattern. I really want to knit Howard (the dog), but will have to wait until you ask about Tosh Vintage perhaps...


It would be nice to make the Circle Socks by Anne Campbell found on Ravelry with the gorgeous color Oeuf Clair. : )

Ellen Hartley

What beautiful sock yarn. I'm addicted to knitting socks & would love to use Tosh in the Amaranth or Birthday Cake. Hard to choose with such beautiful yarn. Thanks for this possible opportunity to use such beautiful yarn.

A Facebook User

I would love to use "Wash" to knit April Showers socks!


I love windowpane and would like to make Ruched tee.


I would use Oxblood to knit the Blackrose Socks from Knitty, Winter 2008.


I would knit a plain sock to show off the colors of Flashdance.

Lori on Little Traverse Bay

So many lovely choices! I would use Twain for the tried-and-true Jaywalkers or Windowpane for Kalajoki, for something completely new.

See and

Celeste Culpepper

Earl Grey!


I would use Windowpane to knit socks for my SIL who absolutely loves handknits of all types. I'd let her pick the pattern.

linda a roller

I love Tosh sock Jade.I would knit the

Knitspot Chicklets Sock.Thank you for the contest.
rinebird on Rav


I would knit a pair of Breast Cancer socks with Posy. I am a Breast Cancer survivor of 11 years now and knitting got me through the treatments & hospitalizations. I have 3 daughters that I would love to knit the socks for.

Tracy Hite

I'm a fan of orange, so I'd knit up Amber Trinket into a simple pair of Hermione's Everyday Socks to let the yarn speak for itself.


I would knit a pair of Coralicious Socks by Paula McKeever in Posy!


I'd keep it in the kitchen and knit Artichoke ankle sock in colorway Thyme


I would choose Amber Trinket or Flashdance. Both are so pretty.

I would love to use Tosh Sock Amaranth and just do a simple K2/P2/K3/P2 basic rib knit to show off the pretty color striping.


I would choose Amaranth to knit Ulmus. The colors are so beautiful and cheerful: perfect for a summer shawl!

Marcey Allen

I would knit the Mermaid's Lagoon socks by Sadie Bellgarde in Tosh Sock's Cousteau.


I haven't knit monkey socks yet! So I would start with Oeuf Clair for spring.


I'd like to knit up Spring Forward sock in vintage sari...I don't usually knit such monotones but the little bobbles and open work would look quite nice.


I think Betty Draper Blues would look nice in Origami by Judy Sumner from Knitted Socks East and West.

Kathy at Knitting Off the Grid

Birthday Cake is the color I'd choose and probably would enjoy creating my own pattern. Thank you so much for the chance to win such yummy yarn.

Brenda Souders

I would love to win a skein of "Magnolia Leaf". I've been wanting to try the " "More Fun than Cables" sock pattern from Stitches of Violet.


I would choose Calligraphy to knit up a pair of Monkey socks or maybe Jaywalker's. I've been wanting to knit both patterns.

Maya (MayaMoonie)

I would use Byzantine to knit Charbon's Eyes ( How lovely would that be?

Kathy Gucciardi

I hope to be lucky and win a skein of the
Birthday color from Madeline Tosh. Just
think, it would be my birthday every time I
wore the socks!!!!!
thank you


Ah, I have a goal, I need to dress business Monday -Friday. I am working on a knitted supply of black socks! That brings me to color, Thunderstorm, and CHD Brickyard Joe Socks. Thanks for the contest!


Flashdance is totally speaking to me! I'd use it to make one of the shawlette patterns that I've accumulated for fingering-weight yarn.

Kathy R

I wouldn't do socks. I would knit Hitchhiker in Steam Age.

Kathryn Egan

The Smokey Orchid is gorgeous. The Zilboorg sock pattern on the Madelintosh site is really pretty for this color. Pattern is FREE!!!


Wow...I think Cookie A's Twisted Flower sock in Flashdance.


I would knit Spring Forward by Linda Welch from Knitty, Summer 2008. I would choose Water Lily. Yummy!

Kristi Podesta

I would use Frida, my grandmother's name, to knit No Purl Monkey socks. However, Amaranth is beautiful too.


I think Waterlily would be perfect for "Sure is Pretty".
What a great idea this contest is. Thanks for letting me play

Denise LeDuc

Wow! Lots of wonderful colors to choose from- I have several favorites, however, I would love to make a pair of socks with Thunderstorm

chris goudeau

I love the Cousteau colors and would make my favorite, the RPM pattern, from


Monkey socks in Birthday Cake


I would select Boxwood and use the Fox Fibre Lace and Rib Sock pattern. This is an older pattern that I to often, especially for gift socks.


I'm drawn more towards subtle color changes so I'm lusting Scarlett. Maybe the knitty pattern Falling Leaves pattern.


I think the pale turquoise Wash would be pretty in the Paulie's Socks pattern from KnitCircus

Stephanie V

I would love to knit up the Boxwood in Cookie A's Trystero pattern. I think the tonal greens would be lovely with those cables. Yum!

Mary T

I've been wanting to knit Hermione's Everyday Socks for a while and I think they would look good using Frida.


I want to knit something with Betty Draper Blues. Such a pretty blue.

Chris Mills

Betty Draper Blues has to be it . Can see socks under rolled up jeans legs ala the 1960's.

Lisa Soderman

Hi! Love all the colors but would knit the Turkish bed/ clog sock pattern from Churchmouse Yarns and Teas in the Oeauf Clair colorway. I love that it is only for Simply Socks and that you donate 10% to a food bank. I think I may order it anyway! Thanks!

Susan Smith

I'd use the Mimosa colorway and knit Nutkin.


I would use the Flashdance colorway to knit Trilobite Socks from Socks from the Toe Up by Wendy Johnson

Linda Buntin

I would knit Hedgerow socks in the Mare color. ..for a lighter color maybe cove.
Thanks for the contest!


Lately I have been a sockaholic! I just can't stop knitting them! I would love to make Antoinette by Drops Design in windowpane... Or possibly wash... It's so hard to choose!


Sorry. The link for Antoinette by drops design that I want to knit in window pane or wash:

Mary Anne Stailey

The MT Tosh Sock Cousteau is so beautiful. I am a beginner at socks, so I would make the Knitting Pure and Simple Beginners' Lightweight Pattern.


I'd knit The Cadence sock pattern in Betty Draper Blues. It would be the perfect thing to wear with jeans.

Deb Meyer

I would love the flashdance and would knit my own style socks.

susan harrell

I would love to use Vintage Sari to knit Calpurnia from Chrissy Gardiner's new book. I have pre-ordered and now have an e-copy to drool over.

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