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April 22, 2012



I would like to see Mansfield's Garden Party knitting up into my favorite pattern, Kai-Mei by Cookie A.


I'd knit Veil of Rosebuds ( with Whitewash. I've been wanting to knit this pattern since I've seen it.


I would choose birthday cake sock yarn....many friends have birthdays coming up....

Anne Marie

I would knit a pair of pure vanilla socks in the William Morris colorway for my sister. She's a huge WM fan, and I would want the socks to be all about the color and the color alone.

paula busbee

I would like to knit a pair of Berlin socks in the beautiful color of water lilly.


I would choose Mansfield's Garden Party knitted up in Circle Socks by Anne Campbell. This pattern is waiting patiently in my Ravelry queue.


Filigree would be awesome knit into knitty's spring forward socks. Those are my favorite!


I want to knit Windowpane into Cookie A's Marilinda socks.


I'd pick Jade and knit my usual, favorite stockinette socks. thanks for this chance to win!


I would knit Monkey socks by Cookie A.


I would choose Thyme and probably knit Cat Bordhi's Leaf and Tendril pattern with it. I've been wanting a spring green yarn lately.


I would knit BFF socks by Cookie A. in Flashdance---such beautiful colors!!


OMG - there are so many gorgeous colors of this yarn. I think I would pick mimosa for a pair of plain vanilla socks. I might even make them for myself for a change.

Yolande T.

I would choose Magnolia Leaf to knit the Cauchy sock pattern from the book Sock Innovation by cookie a.


I love the thyme color. I've long had Bayerische on my radar but have found it too intimidating to try.


I would like to knit the Skew socks with Mimosa!


Water lily or steam age for the color - I just can't decide. Your mention of the monkey socks reminded me that I wanted to try the no-purl monkey pattern.


I like the Cousteau for the color and Nukin pattern.


Mansfield Garden Party. Perhaps it's time to knit a pair of Monkeys as I have knit at least 4 pairs of No-Purl monkeys.


I want to use the Birthday cake for a pair of Dotty's or Monkeys.


I would use Magnolia Leaf to knit a plain vanilla sock. Love the colors in this yarn!!


I just saw the Nutkin pattern a few days ago, and I want to jump on the bandwagon and knit Nutkin in the Mimosa colorway. When I was a child, we had a mimosa tree in the yard that was the tree of choice for climbing, and this yarn reminds me so much of sitting in that tree!


Cousteau is beautiful and I have hankering to knit this pattern - Interrupting Cow Socks!

Of course, I also want to knot another Spectra scarf, and really like how it turns out using variegated sock yarn. But you asked for a sock pattern! Lately, I make more scarves out of sock yarn, than socks!


I would choose Mansfields Garden Party and knit the Spring Forward sck pattern.


i'd want to knit the staked socks by glenna c ( in scarlet. a close runner up would be the aquaphobia socks ( in earl grey. such a beautiful yarn!

Jill L

I would knit Nutkin using Whitewash!


Tomato in Cookie A's Sake pattern. A bold color calls for a bold sock!.

Leta Hansen

I would use Caravan to knit Fascine Braid socks.


I would chose Terrarium to make for my daughter for Christmas


I haven't knit Linda Welch's Spring Forward socks in a long time, and I really like that pattern. I would knit them in either Betty Draper Blues or Posy—both are such great colors.


I'd use White wash and Betty Draper Blues.


Mimosa for this pattern
I think Multies are fun to see knit up into patterns.

Rachel R.

I would choose Amaranth and knit Charade ( which has been in my queue forever!

Linda Grothe

I would use Oeuf Clair to knit a pair of socks using the monkey pattern. I think they would turn out just lovely. thank you


I'd knit Posy into either Hope Floats or Pink Ribbon socks and give them to a young woman undergoing treatment for breast cancer.


I've been wanting to try cookie a's Kai Mei in a purple. The Flashdance colorway looks perfect!


I'd use Boxwood for the Embossed Leaves pattern and give them to my mother in law. That's the perfect green for her - and the pattern is so pretty.

Nathanne Verner

Mansfield Garden would be perfect for a sock pattern I found in a German knitting magazine, but it didn't have a name. I made it from studying the picture, I couldn't read the pattern. It's a K3 P1 cuff and leg and instep pattern that has the look of stockinette with the elasticity of a rib. It shows off any runs of color in the yarn really well, much better than the usual K2 P2 rib.


I would love to knit a pair of Chevrolace in the Oeuf Clair!


Byzantine in Simple Skyp for sure


I would use Earl Grey to knit a pair of Embossed Leaves socks.

Ashley W

I've been dying to knit the Sign of Four socks (, and I think I would choose Scarlet (or possibly Thunderstorm).

kelly-ann (on ravelry)

I really love the Scarlet or Flashdance colors. And I have always wanted to knit the Kai-mei socks by Cookie A.

Leslie Fehr

I would love to knit Adrienne Ku's Simple Skyp in William Morris.


I would use Windowpane with Cookie A's Rick sock pattern from Sock Innovation because I would like to see how the yarn works with a mirror imaged diagonal twist sock.


I think you should use the Flashdance. In fact, I think I like that color so much, that's what I would choose, along with Nutkin. I'd have a Nutty Flashdance.

(I've only had Nutkin queued since Nov 2010! I need to do it already)

Kelley g

I would love to make a pair of Marie Antoinette sock by Ann Hanson in scarlet.


in Thunderstorm.....

or Nell in Steam Age
or Shur'gutal in Oeuf Clair

or ????
love this yarn


My choice would be Flashdance. I would most likely make a plain vanilla sock.


I'd use Steam age to make Leyburn...or maybe another pair of viper socks.


I'd use Tosh sock Posy to knit Sweetest Heart pattern.


Ampersand socks with the William Morris... loverly..


I would use Oeuf Clair to knit the Auquaphobia sock pattern. It would highlight the colors very nicely!


I would knit "Sapient Pearwood" (a Rachel Coopey design to be released May 1st on Ravelry)in "Filigree" for my daughter. She loves that shade of yellow-green and also the Disworld series.

emily cossins

I would knit honey badger socks out of the cove colorway.


Cousteau, for either Phloem (from the Knitty Spring/Summer 2012 issue), or a plain vanilla sock for my husband. :-)


I would like Wash or Caravan to knit
or perhaps


I'd love to do the honey badger socks in Candlewick!


I would choose large part due to the fact that my Bichon Frise's name is Miss Scarlett!! I would knit the pateern Sunday Swing Sock:

Mary Chrisman

I think I would make the Diagonal Lace Socks with Filigree. Very Spring-like!


I think the colorway Cousteau would look awesome done up in celtic triad pattern.


I would love to use Plaid blanket and make some rocking socks!


I like the filigree to make some leafy socks!

Jennifer Hope

Jennifer Hope hopes to win more yarn


I've been eyeing the Lichen color to do a pair of BFF socks.


I would use a skein of Oxblood to make Ysolda Teague's Orchid Thief Shawl
Both so gorgeous!!


I would use the green filigree color to make a pair of the Janel Laidman DNA socks.


Ohhhh I like Byzantine for socks for me :)


I am just finishing my first pair of Monkey Socks and need to work on another pair in Flashdance for my soon to be sister-in-law. Who wouldn't love purple socks?

Carol Cricco Barna

I would use Amaranth in Nutkin.

Cathy Mallernee

I would love to knit Hedera by Cookie A. out of the color Alizarin. I love that color!!

Emily Henry

I would love to make Vines on the Shore in Golden Hickory!!


Alizarin in f.pea's Wildflower socks


I'd choose Frida for a pair of Monkey socks!


I'd like to knit a wild Wedge by Cookie A in Birthday Cake


I would choose Oxblood to knit Victorian Swag socks designed by my sister Monica...they have been in my queue way too long.


I would pick up some Claudia Handpainted yarn (probably in Red Wagon or Kelly Girl) and knit some butterfly socks


I would pick Birthday Cake to knit into a pair of Monkeys for my Bff for her birthday to thank her for all she's done for me.

Linda Ivey Chain

Even though I crochet socks, I would love to see Amber Trinket worked up. From the photo it looks likes many muted colors and would make a beatiful pair of socks.


I would love to knit Birthday Cake and would use Knitspot Cherry pie as the pattern, then you could choose. Cake or pie? LOL

Debbie H

I would choose Scarlet and make the Daybreak shawl. thanks!

Cyndy Landers AKA the Yarnwitch

amaranth or birthday cake in a plain vanilla sock. the perfect way would be to buy one skein of each and do one sock out of each. Way Colorful!!!


I would love to knit a pair of Owlies in Caligraphy, with amber eyes. There are several sisters of mine who would love those!

Alison Badger

Alizarin! Scarlet! Tomato! Thyme!
Decisions decisions! I would like....
Alizarin. For....Hummingbird socks pattern in Clara Parkes book The Knitter's Book of Socks! It is perfect for that!


I would knit Mansfield's Garden in the Garden Socks pattern from Cherry Tree Hill.

Denise Russart

I would knit Tesserae in Steam Age -- this is my new favorite simple sock pattern - love the texture in the stitches. I've now made several pairs from this pattern.

Merry Fenton

I'd vote for Merrily socks from irishgirlieknits in Mimosa. Nice!


I would love to make a Sheldon and Leonard Shawl with the fabulous new color: Vintage Sari. It looks so yummy.


I would knit Darjeeling by Cat Bordhi in Caravan. Love the way the arch expansion in this pattern fits my high-arched foot!


I would love to try the "Square Feet" pattern (Knitter's-Spring 2012) with Birthday Cake.


Vintage sari would be my choice and pattern choice would be the Doublish shawlette

Hazel Blumberg-McKee

I would love to win a skein of Whitewash.

Hazel Blumberg-McKee

Sue F

I would do Cookie A's Kai-Mai in Terrarium. Have loved that pattern since I first saw it.

Patricia Carter

I would like to knit a pair of Glomerata socks from the MT Tosh Sock Birthday Cake. The Glomerata (free) pattern is by Lisa Grossman. See:

This yarn is gorgeous!

Patricia Carter

Marnie Heyn

I'd love the chance to make Ann Budd's basic toe-up sock in Vintage Sari!

Cathy S

I would knit a plain vanilla pair in Birthday Cake. My daughter would love it!


I would do the Peace Rose Garden socks from Ravelry with either the Flashdance or the Birthday cake colorway.


I would use THYME and knit up the Kai-mei sock from "Sock Innovation" by Cookie A.


I just learned to knit with beads to try the Beaded Socks in the latest issue of Vogue. I think Calligraphy or Creme de Menthe would look great with the beaded cuff.


I have few almost-solid colored yarns so I would love Dusk or Caravan and I would knit Twisted which appeared in Knitty Summer '10

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