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March 07, 2012



Ooooooh cant wait! I should finish knitting my first pair of opal graffiti socks tonight. They are so pretty!


Wow, they do know how to make an unappealing poster. I was hoping the Faerie thing was a fluke.

Kim B.

Oh boy...this is going to be expensive! Opal is always my alltime favorite sock yarn. Guess I'd better start stalking the sale page ....


Bonnie, you're comment made me laugh out loud! I probably looked like a fool sitting in my car in the preschool pick up line laughing like that, but it was worth it!
I think we might need to have a "Worst Opal Poster" contest sometime.

Leslie B. Fehr

Sale! On Opal!! Now, why would my husband shudder so when I tell him about it? I will be watching the sale pages like a hawk!

I love Opal - not only for socks, but the mittens and ski hats done in the self-striping are just wonderful!!


I think Opal sales would vastly improve if they improved their posters & photos. Don't think I've ever seen any photos that did the actual yarn justive. Opal Cotton is the only cotton wool blend that seems to not get board stiff after a few washings so I'll be looking to pick some up & maybe the sport & the 2993 & 2994 appeal also! I'll be on the look out.


hmmm time to order more sock yarn and feed my csm


Too tempting!!!!!

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