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March 30, 2012



Looks like a good start! What pattern are you using to knit the socks?


i love my socks made from your yarn! the stitch definition is awesome!


They say (well, my mom used to say) that the best gift to give is the one you want to keep for yourself. Might have been a ploy to make us kids feel better when we had to give away cool gifts, though...


You are a delightful person. I think you should DEFINITELY knit yourself a pair as well.


Keep 'em....they will never know....make them something else :) Good luck with the server upgrade too!

Sue J

I agree........keep them! and knit another pair or something else for the person, esp since you don't know if they'll LOVE the socks like they should!

Kim B.

Only give them away if your are sure the person will love them. Knit that person something else. There is no reason for the, to go unworn. I'm sure they are gorgeous!

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