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March 26, 2012



Your vacation spot looks lovely! I was thinking for my vacation spot I'd like to rent the loft in your store. Ha!


A screened porch is an absolute MUST when renting a cabin IMHO. Not just for knitting either. I have so many pleasant childhood memories if playing cards or board games, reading or just quietly enjoying the view. One place we went to when I was young actually had a small sleeping porch that was entirely screened in. & that was on stilts over the lake. I would lie there at night & watch the moon shining on the gently lapping lake & listening to loons.


BTW, love the narrowly striped yarn of the test knit. Is it currently available? Will
It be in future?


Donna, that sounds just like the memories that I'd like to start building with James! I see this as a special time for the three of us before the new baby becomes the focus of the summer. The last time the three of us went away for a few days was when James was two, and that's far too long.
(and the test yarn should be available later this spring)

Vickie, The loft is FULL! But we can always find space for you!


Looks like a great place for a vacation---lots of opportunities for making memories!

LOVE that sock yarn!!

Sandra Keithj

I grew up in MN, where just about every house had a front porch. About ten years ago, we added a porch onto our house, albeit in the back as there was no room on the front. It is screened all around and has windows that can be closed if weather gets nasty. I LOVE having it. Reminds me so much of growing up in "porch" country. Porches aren't common in S. CA. But now I have one. You will love your rental porch. I bet you are seldom inside the house.


Can't wait for the test yarn to be available. Love James' haircut!


When did James get A big boy hair cut! He looks the part of "big brother" now! I am so jealous...I NEED A vacation!


Love Jan's Wingspan... ok what lake are you going to? We have so many around that we are very lucky indeed!! We are up at Pretty lake... it's beautiful up there, but we do not have that wonderful porch!!


I hope you really enjoy your va-ca. I am a bit envious but I know mine will come:)


James is really growing up!

The wingspan is beautiful -- wish I was THAT Jan!

Enjoy your vacation!!!

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