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March 02, 2012


Diane E.

The fairies are a bit much -maybe you can use some flower or spring time stickers to "censor" them. It would especially good to cover them up for women who bring their children with them. And good for you for speaking up!! Not many do anymore.

Diane E.

Will you be getting the Opal Handwork and Hobby or Show your Colors collections in?


Someone in Europe sent me "Gardener" from Handwork and Hobbies and I loved it. The series is really interesting.


I love opal 'nuff said.


Can't wait to see these in person!!


they use it to sell everything- They look lovely


It's surprising Opal doesn't know that sock knitters are in it for the yarn. We don't need anything except a pretty, detailed picture of the skein! 5521 and 5522 seem especially pretty to me.


Received the two skeins I ordered yesterday. I can totally overlook the bare-bum fairy on the poster because the colors in the actual YARN are so fantastic. As Bonnie said, all we really care about is the yarn and what it looks like.

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