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March 05, 2012



Yay for little boys! Maybe you could get chickens to up the female ante. :) The sweater is wonderful!


I am partial to boys also...grew up with 3 brothers and I have 2 boys of my own, but I do understand the need for another female in the house. I made sure we got a female dog to help even things out! :) Love the sweater too!


I've always loved the name Jesse. No one in the family has ever used it. Although, I did have a great uncle who was named Jesse....such a sweet, gentle man. Guess that's why I love that name so much!


so very happy for all of you


My very favorite boy's name is David. I also really like Hugh -- I don't know if your last name is the family last name, but if so, it would sound good.


Wonderful news! Thanks for sharing. The sweater is so cute. How about Matthew or Nathan? I'm sure whatever name you agree on will fit your little guy.


Congrats! Didn't even notice the messy play room in the background, that sweater is so cute!


Congrats!! How about Taylor for a first name and for the middle name, use a favorite relative's name (dad, uncle, etc.)?



Playrooms are supposed to be a mess!


Adorable sweater. My daughter was the only female in the house with her husband & 2 boys until she had the youngest. I was concerned about how to relate to a boy because I have 3 sisters & only 1 brother & 2 daughters. Turns out they're not that different. But Neither my daughter or I were ever girly girls (she majored in Chem E - always wanted "boy" toys as a kid which I was happy to provide). You've already used my favorite boy's name. I've always loved the names Luke & Zachary. And traditional names like Michael, Matthew, Thomas, Benjamin, Nathanial.


Okay, we didn't use this name because it turned out that we needed "Claire," but what about Roger? I know it's not trendy right now, but for us that was part of its charm...


I'm thrilled for you! I'm the lucky mother of two sons, 18 and 21. We have occasionally suffered from TMT (too much testosterone) syndrome since I'm also the only female in the household, but it's been wonderful and I wouldn't have had it any other way. My sons are named Ryan and Justin if either of those names appeals to you.




Susan Hill

Love little boys. They're my favorite. How about Conner. My grandson's name.

Nathanne Verner

Congratulations on another little boy. That's so nice. It's hard agreeing on a baby name. In some families the wife names the sons, and the husband names the daughters. I have a really long name, 8 letters, so my kids all had short names to make it easier to put their names on their papers in school. I named my son Eric, and he was happy with it.


Oh Honey; 2 little boys are wonderful! They are super easy to dress - tee shirts, pants, socks and sneakers (notice I didn't say they're easy to keep clean). They don't have crying fits and (if you can survive the cars, the music and the girls they bring home) they grow up to be really wonderful people with girlfriends you adore.

I have put in a request for five granddaughters though. ; - )


How exciting! And Lara's sweater is darling. My favorite boy's names are David (my husband's name) and Jonathan.

Leslie Fehr

The sweater is so cute - and perfect for a little boy! How about Luke for the newest addition? I like the way it sounds with your last name - and since I'm more Biblical in my name choices - it fits well with James.

In Iceland all boys start knitting at an early grade in school - before they graduate, they can make their own sock, mittens, sweaters and hats! Something to consider passing on to the boys.


The sweater is great. I love the color combinations. As for a proper name. I am so unconventional that I would be afraid to offer anything. However you could try something crazy and the hubs may agree with your original idea lol

Diane E.

Congratulations - another boy is wonderful. Once he's older. James and the baby will be the best of life long friends & playmates. My grandson's name (will be one year old TODAY!) Is Richard - but everyone calls him Richy. The ob/gyn who delivered him nicknamed him "King Richard the Lion Hearted" - don't know why -but he's wonderful and loves playing with my yarn scraps (he tangles the yarn too much to let him near the new skeins :-)


As the mother of two boys, and sister of two brothers, I am completely excited for you! My sons' dad named our first son - Tanner - and for some reason as soon as I found out I was pregnant with the second I knew it was a boy and his name was Ben. So I'm not much help with names, I think - I'd love to know what your idea was though...


I like either Conner or Ronan. I too would like to know what name Joe said NO to!


I used to teach high school, and when we were trying to find a name for our last-born son, there were very few names left that did not have some association with a student! So, minutes before we left the hospital, we named our boy. You have plenty of time to find the perfect name. And you can always use your choice as a middle name.


Ooo, I like the previous suggestion of Ronan! I think I have a thing for "R" names, though, my son's name starts with R, and I was going to suggest Rory.


Many blessings on the little man clever enough to choose such an awesome family! Any family names you could tag on to for middle names?


OK ,I wanted my newest grandson to be named after Sam from Lord of the Rings,becuse he was A true friend and loving man!My daughter said ,maybe if I ever have another son.


Checked out a little boy the other day named Gage...that might be the perfect name for a knitting mama.... :)
I vote for Micah

Cathy S

I've no real suggestions, but as a teacher my only advice is pick a name that people can pronounce and spell easily. Also, look for a name that has some staying power i.e., not one that is a short term fad. Think about him having the name as a grown man.

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