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March 15, 2012



I hate to say this but house cleaning usually helps get me out of a funk (& generally I HATE cleaning). I think it's the feeling of getting something done. Sewing & knitting work well too. I can't get over James - he almost looks like a teenager!


Put on a movie that you love and practically have memorized, stretch out on a sofa, and zone out. This usually ends as a nap. BTW, I love your music choice!


Ice cream is always a good mood setter!

Leslie B. Fehr

My best reversal of a poopy mood -- spend time talking with my kids and/or grandkids.

I love to grab a cup of coffee or glass of tea and sit in the sun -even if it is too bright--and have idle nonsensical conversation (grandkids are best for this).

Have James tell you a story of his own making--bet you're laughing in no time!!

BTW - if you've getting close to the last trimester - that explains the poopy mood!

Mary Ellen Litzinger

Schaefer Yarns are enough to put a smile on anyone's face. Thanks for replenishing your supply!


I completely agree, the only word for how my week is going is 'fail'. it feels as though forgetfulness has become a chronic disease lately. I have a plan to have the hubby make dinner and get the kids ready for bed while I curl up with a good book and hopefully drift off to sleep super early. daylight savings kicks my behind every.single.year. looking forward to some new yarn in my mailbox to make next week much better.


Eat chocolate and go online to order more "necessary" yarn from Simply Socks. What else could anyone need to fix a bad day or week. Time spent with a good book is also a go to when things aren't seeming to go the way you want them to.


I think you need a nap. (I know I do!)


I'm a walk taker when I need to improve the mood. Also....being by myself certainly helps.


Sounds like you are in a mood we call "And Everything".... this and that make you ticked "and everything" else does too. I have found that the only way to get over an "And Everything" mood is to go to bed and start a new day. As a temporary stop-gap to save our loved ones around us....icecream :) Hope tomorrow is better! :)


Just like a toddler, a foul mood for me can almost always be solved with a snack and/or a nap.


And I've talked to a lot of people (myself included) who are having a crappy week. I blame DST - it may be just an hour, but it has been kicking my behind all week.


Walking in this early spring weather, chocolate chips, and getting the new Opal sale yarn in the mail today - made me a happy camper.


Treatment is definitely multiphase-
Chocolate, bubble bath, shoe shopping, hanging with my ever effervesant knittster girl, Natalie and of course- buying new yarn!!!!!


I make a list of 10 problems I dont have and dont have to deal with

Meg Caulmare

My solution to shake that antsy, itching-powder-on-my-skin feeling combines a few of the above. Housework is great for that! I get instant results I can see, and it gets me MOVING.

Good movie: good idea! My favorite is Local Hero. It's funny, sweet, not at all what you think it's going to be, and it has the bonus of making you feel like you just have to cast on for something.

But most I remind myself of some footage I saw on the news years ago, shot in the Balkans, of an elderly woman in a wheelbarrow, her legs thrust over the front lip, holding a cooking pot. Her daughter grabbed the wheelbarrow handles, and off they went, fleeing the soldiers.

When times are bad, I remind myself that if I haven't had to throw my family in a wheelbarrow and run for the border, I've already had a better day than about half the planet.

You've got a lot going on, lovey. Be good to yourself. We need you!


I find exercise helps. It's not always the easiest thing, especially while pregnant, but just taking a walk around the block may help that sunshine feel more like normal.


Go to bed early, because things look better in the morning. I *know* what you mean about all that unrelenting sunshine, though - it is unnatural!

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