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March 19, 2012



Great! Life is too short to knit things we don't love.


Where is there a patter for a baby onesie?


Your socks are gorgeous. I have never knit myself a sweater and probably never will. I like the sense of completion and become bored with a knitting project -- even a pair of socks....which are my very favorite thing to knit (car license plate says knitsox. At the end of 2011 I frogged a few things...a shawl that I decided was going to be way too large to suit me and I probably would never finish it; some socks I decided I didn't like; and two hats. I don't have a lot of time to knit so am only going to knit what I truly love. I organized (which is a continual process) and know what yarn I have and what I am selling at a sale to benefit Golden Retriever Rescue. I am selective in the yarn I buy now ... someone had better quit offering such good deals on Opal!!! LOL I am making a short list for MD Sheep & Wool Festival and hoping to keep to it.

Jill L

I am like you -- maybe I just need to finish projects and something large is too much pressure for me. I have unraveled a few projects and knit them up into something I loved knitting. We are very brave, but you are right -- you should enjoy what you knit. Lovely socks BTW.

Leslie Fehr

I have knit a sweater or two and really enjoyed the whole process. But, as I get older I find that the one-skein projects like hats, socks, mitts and wrist warmers and the preferred project. The project bag is small and can be added to my purse when I want to take it with me. And it sits on the side table by my chair so well -- and just an available hour of time gives me progress that can be seen.
And the Opal yarn is addictive! Makes the greatest ski caps and socks that everyone loves!


I too like small projects. I have no qualms about ripping things out if they are not speaking to me. I have just ripped out a hat that I did too good a job of weaving in the ends!
I like Stephen West's patterns though but not the one you ripped out. I have knit Blue Whale and it is lovely. I also am going to knit Spectra which really appeals. They are on ravelry. Love the socks.

Susan Hill

Only knit small projects - socks, scarves, gloves, cowls, etc - which I absolutely love knitting. Am also an avid reader. There are too many beautiful yarns and good books to waste time reading/knitting something that I don't love doing. Once I became comfortable with that philosophy, I have no problem quitting a book or giving up a knitting project that I'm not enjoying.


I seriously think I have ADD when it comes to knitting a big project. I'm with you....I like to see fast progress. That's why knitting socks is so addictive. Each section of a sock progresses so quickly, and before you know it you are moving on to the next section.




Thank you, thank you, thank you! I just did the very same thing this weekend. Ripped out several half-done projects that had been just sitting around for far too long because I had lost interest and moved on. To know that others feel the same frustration empowers me to frog a few more. I just can't seem to finish anything larger than a pair of socks anymore, what with work, husband, etc. I find that what keeps me engaged is self-striping sock yarns like Noro, Opal, etc. I knit plain vanilla socks and totally get into just enjoying the color patterns and the texture of the stitches. I am nearly done with a pair of the Van Gogh Red Vineyard socks I'm knitting for a friend. And I bought every color for ME!

Diane E.

If something I'm working on "stops speaking to me" and I find myself thinking "just how LONG will it take me to finish" - I rip it out and re-wind the yarn. Knitting shouldn't feel like work to me. Love your Sunflower socks - I have yet to cast on my Van Gogh socks.Am trying to finish up a 2nd sock of a pair now :-)


I frogged a Stripe Study even though it was in the perfect colors for a good friend. I was not having any fun, so its gone. I never told her about it, so no one is waiting for it.


I agree - small projects are the way to go. Knitting is my fun and relaxing time - so even if it is a no fun small project I unravel to make something I like. I confess I still have 12 squares for an afghan that have needed to be put together for a year but the small projects call to me louder.


I agree/ I too prefer small projects. I've knit sweaters but the last adult size sweater I knit was a Wonderful Wallaby for my son in law before they had any children *& their oldest is now 10). The socks are gorgeous - a further illustration of just how bad the Opal pictures are. I think I may have to get some of the Sunflower yarn. Right now, I haven't done ANY knitting in over a week. I had been spending all my time on a Clapotis. Then when I got about half way thru the decrease rows, I realized I was probably 50 or 60 yards short of the amount needed to finish it. The yarn is 100PureWool which I bought years ago & they don't even offer the colorway now (haven't for a few years) So right now I'm mad at knitting. I realize I will have to either make one end VERY truncated which will look weird. Or frog several inches of it & make it shorter. I don't think I'd like it that much shorter (I'll have to double check). If I had realized how short of yarn I am, I would have made it narrower. Right now I am seriously thinking about frogging the whole thing & using it for a hat & mittens (the colors match my winter coats - why I got the colorway in the first place). I did wind a ball of Sea Coast Merino Tencel into a ball to start a pair of socks but it's been so hot I haven't been motivated to pick out a pattern. BTW this yarn is incredibly gorgeous & soft with the slight sheen from the tencel. It is more of a semi solid than patterned - incredibly gorgeous. If anyone has a suggestion for a top down pattern that will do it justice, I am open to suggestions.

Nathanne Verner

Good for you! Thank you for sharing your feelings about a project that fizzled out. This validates me because I used to feel the same way about some projects, and I'd leave them on the needles for 10 years because I felt like a slacker if I didn't pretend to think I'd finish them. I finally got over that. I frog projects when they go sour on me, and I use the yarn for something I like better. Plus it frees up my needles too. Socks and hats are so gratifying, they get done quickly, don't break the bank when you buy the yarn, and everyone loves them. The socks you made are really beautiful.

LN in TX

Oh, yes! Several times I've ripped something out because I lost interest. It felt wrong the first time, but once I started knitting something else with the yarn I loved, I forgot all about the time I had put into the original project that turned into something I wan't liking any more. Don't worry, you'll be glad you ripped!

Allise Vicens

Gorgeous!!! I'm halfway through my second Sunflower and they can't hold a candle to yours!


I will often do a small project during a larger on to "feel like I've accomplished something."


I too have had this problem- something I truly loved and couldn't wait to knit. THen the project itself becomes tedious or is just plain not fun to knit. I have decided that if it isn't fun- I am not knitting it.


Better to rewind than throw away - alas, that has happened to me a few too many times.


I like to knit sweaters also but I hate sewing them together. I think the bottom line is you have to knit what you like and what you feel like knitting. No harm in keeping a project in limbo as long as it doesn't haunt you. If it haunts you - bye bye :)
I especially love to knit socks, fingerless mitts, shawlettes and baby items.


I also am a short attention span knitter! I have only finished one sweater ever and it took forever and I didn't love it. Now I stick to scarves, hard, mittens, cowls, etc., and it's all (well, almost all- http:/ good.


While I do love to knit sweaters for my grandchildren,and I love the baby stuff,sometimes it is so satisfying to sit down and knit something pretty in A weekend! I agree,don't waste your life on something you do not enjoy!

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