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March 28, 2012



Carry two projects, one that is mindless stockinette or garter, or a pattern that you have memorized, and a project that you like to do but requires a little more attention. Go ahead and pack your knitting bag with the projects and think them through - what will I need if I finish this? Pack a little zip bag with scissors, tapestry needle, crochet hook, pattern directions, etc. And unless you're way out in the piney woods, forgetting something crucial means you have to look for a LYS. What a terrible thing to have to do!!!


I read through the pattern a couple of times and make sure I have all the items needed if I should finish. Then I pick one/two mindless projects and put all those items together, depending on how long I will be away just in case.


I am also looking forward to a long car trip soon. I'm going to take advantage of the relative ease of packing for car travel by taking lots of projects so I'll have some choice. I put them in individual bags so I can tuck them into corners of the trunk. I like to take projects that are already well under way, so I'm sure I have everything I need. I'll also take my basic sock pattern and spare needles in case I am attacked by some sock yarn along the way. ;)


What I have learned - you'll not get thru all the knitting you pack, but that's ok. Pack the knitting first, then your clothes, etc. Don't forget the all important cables/chargers. As for what kind of knitting, the women above my comment have covered that quite nicely. Have fun, and travel safe!

Sandra Keithj

When I go on vacation, I'm on vacation all the way. I don't knit or do cross stitch or any other kind of craft. I will take a book, but that is the end of it unless you count my camera as I'm always on the watch for good outdoor pix. I use the downtime for enjoying hubby and kid(s), doing things together, taking a hike, watching wildlife, etc. If I wanted to count stitches and follow a pattern, I'd stay home.


First getting ready for a vacation was to go out and get some new yarn in lots of colors. My project was always patchwork blocks in mmindless stitches about 8" square which I would assemble when I got home. Always used a 16" circular needle. Straighht needles are a safety issue in the car. The patchwork design would allow and encourage me to stop at yarn shops along the way and add colors to the design.


I pack a sock with pretty easy pattern repeats for the car, and I pack something larger and more complicated for the porch. I've found that I need more than a plain sock if there's no TV to provide a distraction! I have a little zippered bag that has my scissors, yarn needles, stitch markers, etc., and I make sure to pack that. I don't typically pack spare needles. I certainly throw in an extra skein of wound sock yarn and a pattern, even if I know there's no way I'll get to them. The horror of running out of knitting is too strong to ignore. Have a great trip!

Leslie B. Fehr

You'll not get it all done - but do take several types of projects - but, not the ones that require extra attention. Brains go on vacation, too! I try to make sure that each project bag oontains measuring tape and scissors - and I'll put an extra copy of the instructions in a zippie in there also. If there's a possibilty of an excursion to LYS - bring extra needles - they don't take up much room.


Aha! I knew 42 was the answer, and now I see what the question is!

Seriously, though, I pack way too many projects when traveling for fear yarn might become extinct while I'm away or with hopes that I will become the Usain Bolt of knitting. I'd suggest two -- one that's portable and one that's a little larger. And one of those should be mindless knitting -- stockinette stitch or garter is preferable, but you know your own mind best.


I usually take minimal knitting with me - I am either visiting family, which means a combo of minimal time and multiple requests for things; or playing tourist, which means just minimal time. For your situation, I'd take a small project or 2 for car knitting/mindless knitting - perhaps you might be able to track down a skein or two of sock yarn? - and one more major project for porch knitting. Take a little more than you think you can finish, since it's better to haul it home than to sit there and twiddle your thumbs.

Elise McKee

I bring a simple WIP and a new project to work on when Im finished with the first project! I'm always too optimistic but that's OK. I'd rather have too much than not enough.


I would pack ,an easy stitch Project.An difficult one for quiet hours and last but not least extra yarn & needles assortments as well as some new Pattern Ideas just for Playing around......


I usually knit small projects- socks usually & always take too much yarn with. I just have about an inch done on one sock & I'm still taking another ball of sock yarn. I find that Tom Bihn accessory bags with the clear fronts ( come in very handy. They are a good size for knit notions & even extra needles & I love that you can see through them& easily get what you want out. I also have one that I use for pencils, pencil sharpeners, & small Sudoku books. They are almost a necessity when flying but also help keep things neatly packed when driving. I got some 9" circular Clover bamboo needles to try (I love knitting with DPNs but every car we've ever owned has ended up with a collection of DPN's under the console that I can never find). So far I'm not loving them but I may just try to get used to them for car knitting on long trips.


I knit almost every evening at home, but when I'm away I like to read. But I'll always tuck in a mindless pair of socks (like a self-patterning opal with those wonderful cubic dpns')


We just got back from our spring break, and of course I overpacked my projects. One biggish project, one sock in progress (that I didn't touch) and new sock yarn w/DPNs (that I got half way down the leg on). I never know which project I'll be struck to knit, so I take a variety if I can. Since we drove, I had the room to take a big project, and I ran into a problem with it & started on some new socks.

I will say, remember your pattern. Seems obvious, no?


You should take one project. And when it's finished, call me and I'll bring you another. :)


Happy Spring Break!! Glad that you are getting to enjoy some down time!!
I also worry that I will not have enough projects/yarn/needles when I am away from home. I usually pack a sock project for sure, something new I want to try and then projects I haven't finished ( ah, yes there are many).. because I figure if I get the other two done, it will help (make) me finsh these :-)


With a car trip, you have the luxury of a little more space for knitting projects. Still, I'd take a sock for the car (nothing too complicated, and don't forget the tape measure and darning needle; I like magic loop because I'm notorious for dropping DPNs). For the porch, you can take something a little bit bigger, but unless you're positive the light on the porch will be terrific, I wouldn't make it anything tremendously complex. And, as others have said, bring yarn ready to go for another sock project, once you finish the first one. And if you don't, oh well!


I always pack way more than I'm going to do, but I do check the pattern(s) to make sure I have all the necessary needles, tape measure, markers ect. I just came back from vacation and finished one sock and started another. It was good to be able to knit on the plane. I like small projects (socks) when traveling. Have a great vacation!


Always too much!! But the very, very basic list (you don't say how long you'll be gone, and that's a crucial factor, too): socks in progress, yarn for 2 additional pairs of socks, to start when SIPs are finished, random balls of yarn for afghan squares (for when imagination fails, but you just HAVE to be knitting, right now), and sometimes a sweater -- depends on destination, weather forecast, and presence or absence of air conditioning if in warm weather.


I always take enough yarn for two pairs of socks (1 for going, 1 for returning)with both pairs requiring the same needle size. I take both DPNs and two circulars in that size - so this way I have options depending on my mood and the pattern. That is usually enough to knitting for the entire trip, but I always take along an additional project for the "stay" part of the vacation just in case. For my last trip that was a shawl, and it is still packed as I never had time to start it. We try to travel light, so I keep the projects simple and only take my small notions bag with small scissors, 6" ruler, stitch markers (only if doing lace) and a crochet hook.


No matter how little time I think I might have for knitting-I always take a pair of socks in progress, yarn for the next pair I intend to knit and always a "spare" cake of wound yarn in case I'm particularly productive. (or tire of the work in progress and want something new to do). Of course always a spare set of DPN's-I live in fear that some over zealous security person at the airport will decide my little wood DPN's are a lethal weapon-I put the spare needles in my checked luggage figuring I can always pick up stitches if I have to. (also means I can cast on a new project before the current one is finished!). You can never take too much yarn on vacation!!


I usually take about 3 or 4 projects which is usually more than I need but that is ok. Definitely take something simple so you do not have to think about what you are knitting as you visit with your family or you have to stop quickly. Then a more complicated project just in case and don't forget those books you've been wanting to look at!...and extra needles...Have a wonderful trip!!!


I pack one or two projects,easy patterns for the car.You would be surprised to know if you drop A ball of yarn on A plane how many nice people will pass it back to you!

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