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March 08, 2012



wow.......all that yarny goodness just busting out to be put on the shelves!!!!

Leslie B. Fehr

Those socks are just WOW! And, do double check those big boxes if you start missing Mary!
I'm having fun with the new Opals are they are put up in the sale section


OMG those are awesome socks! I especially love the solid color heel turn. Great socks with a sense of humor.

Lara Neel

Thanks, Allison! It is so sweet of you to write about my work. It means a lot to me to have all of that yarny goodness just around the corner from my home.


I would go bankrupt if SSYC was around the corner from my home!


Love those socks.May have to make them even though they are toe up!


I'd love to dive into those boxes filled with sock yarn!! Whoo Hoo!!


I had just briefly looked at the new Knitty earlier today (while dealing with the washer repair guy) & Lara's shawl
Just jumped right out at me. All of her patterns are very appealing.


I love the design of those socks!


Those are great socks. They are on my to make list after I finish the Opal purchases!

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