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February 01, 2012


Kathleen B.

Dream Club already sold out?!?


Thanks to the crew, got my socks today, I have been patiently waiting and checking the blog everyday, I LOVE LOVE LOVE this yarn and pattern

Mun Yee

I hope neither are sold out. I can't even get onto the site. It keeps saying there's an error. Allison, is the Dream Club sold out already?


No, not sold out yet (as of 11am)- link stopped working, as is the website periodically due to the server being overloaded. We'll do our best to keep the website up on this busy day!

Mun Yee

Thanks Allison for the prompt reply! That is really great news that it's not sold out. I've been waiting for both. I'll keep checking the site and hopefully will get a chance to get on


First time I've been totally unable to resist one of your kits. Usually I dither until they are sold out, sigh and tell myself it was not meant to be. This time, I persevered through the 'server busy' stuff, and had to talk myself out of buying two. After all, that would mean someone else would be disappointed!


Got one.....when will I be a star on "Intervention" for yarn addiction? Can't wait to get the pattern! Thanks!

Leslie B. Fehr

Allison -- I caught your thought of "Baby Girl Sweater" -- are you trying to tell us something?


Ha! No, I don't know the gender of the baby. But girlie knits just seem so fun!

Leslie B. Fehr

I've got one neice that had twin girls a couple of months ago, another neice with a 5 & 2 year old little girl and a granddaughter --- yup--girlie knits are fun!


I would like to order the valentine sock kit
and the February Dream yarn. I do not seem to be able to get to a page to order.

Davida Hinton

Once again I just barely missed out on a fabulous kit! This time it was some mysterious PayPal glitch that had me believing I had paid for the order. Oh well! this lovely heart sock pattern going to be made available for those of us left out in the cold?!?!


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