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February 08, 2012



If you can't find the time, make it! You deserve it.


You need an ottoman for that chair so you can put your feet up when you nap - and it is certainly a 'you need a nap!' chair. Congratulations - these are the best times of your life, enjoy every minute even when you're tired.


Congrats! Hope the baby brain & headaches disappear soon; I remember feeling that way (30+ yrs ago) and it's not fun. And yes, you need an ottoman for that beautiful chair!

Leslie B. Fehr

I love seeing the picture of the baby bump! And, that chair looks like it will be perfect afterwards for nursing and story time and even naps. I agree that you need an ottoman - one that is nice and wide so that James has a place to sit and visit while you nurse. Enjoy each day and the changes it brings!

Diane E.

Babys R Us has wood foot rests (angled) for when you nurse a baby (you have to ask where they are or really look for them - usually on a bottom shelf but my daughter's breast feeding advisor recommended them - takes the stress off your legs while holding the baby. My daughter used one since birth and it's almost a yr. later - she said it made a huge difference in her comfort. Your chair is absolutely beautiful! My daughter had "pregnancy headaches" for a bit - but they went away as the pregnancy progressed. Every pregnancy is so different. Enjoy while you can - children grow up SO fast. Am excited for you and your family.


A beautiful chair and a beautiful photo of you! I'm really happy for you.


Love the chair....definitely get a stool for your feet (or a James seat :) Are you sharing the baby gender yet?

Cathy Matthews

my heavens - the last one was 5 years ago - how time flies!!!!! Big congrat to you - continued health and if you screw up my order I will know why.


Robin F.

Don't forget a foot stool and an extra pillow to rest baby on while nursing.


Thank you for the memories. My children (adult boys) are four days apart - April 1 & April 4. They are close despite the age difference. The back-to-back b'day celebrations are special. Best wishes and continued good health.


Gorgeous chair! And, yes, every pregnancy is different. With my first my belly got very big very soon. We have pictures of me holding my newborn nephew on top of my belly & I was only 41/2 months along but looked 7 months preggers. With the 2nd one I gained only 7 lb & didn't look at all pregnant until I was almost 8 months along. But one thing you know for sure - no matter what your belly looks like - pregnancy puts a lot if extra demands on your body. So get as much rest as you can! And I've always found a small stool to be more comfy than an ottoman (with one I always end up hyper extending my knees). Don't stress about getting orders out. You do such a fantastic time overall that we can certainly understand if you do have a minor slip especially now.


Love that chair and I love the corner it's in. It looks like your house is as full of light as your shop!


WishI couldt take away some of your discomfort. Start a new project with lots of colors..stripes..and perhaps watching it grow as the days go by will help. Thanks for shareing your lives with us. You are taking part in a huge, natural, mystical event. Keep your focus on this and eat your veggies.

Kim B.

Love the photo of the baby! Take care of yourself. Oh you do need an ottoman! the chair is gorgeous. Naps are important.


Congratulations!! Yes, the second and following pregnancies can show sooner and each is different. I love the chair :)


Congratulations! Take care of yourself, love the picture. Lovely chair, definitely need an ottoman.


Such a pretty chair - where did you get it?

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