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February 13, 2012


Andrea Sandahl

I'd have to tell my husband "Like beer--they are social animals--you can never have just one set".

Kim B.

If he is a golfer ask him if he would putt with a driver or vice versa...

Linda W.

My husband asks the very same thing! He also asks "Don't you have one of those already?" I try to tell him about different size needles for different weights of yarn but of course that goes in one ear and out the other. He never thinks about all the gadgets he buys for his cycling (helmet, water bottles, shoes, etc. Think Lance Armstrong)!!!


I'm sure he has a lot of pottery and carpentry tools that look alike but serve different functions. ;-)


I've heard those questions before. When I'm in a particularly gracious mood, I explain that I do indeed need all the tools of my craft. Would you question how many brushes a painter needs? How many tubes of color?

Most of the time my answers are simply, "Yes. I do need them," and "No, that wouldn't work," best accompanied by a Look.


I would tell him you can never have too many needles and hooks. Actually when I decided to try knitting again I had no needles so I used skewers.


My Husband NEVER says anything about my fiber stash...all I would have to do is comment on how many fishing rods and reels HE has! LOL


Like Connie I have a partner who has a lot if "stuff" - thousands of CDs & records & even more books. He has more than one recording of several classical music works - by different artists. So he gets why I might want several sets of size 1 needles is various materials.


Depending on my mood, I might respond by buying a couple sets of Signature dpns!


Hahaha! I love the responses.
Joe's hobbies are much more costly than my knitting that he must really be joking. If I added together his beer and wine making, wood working, trains, ceramics, etc.... well, I could collect cashmere and qiviut as a hobby just to match it!

Susan Hill

Lady at my knitting group recently who is new to knitting made the comment that one set of needles should be sufficient for everything and buying needles was a racket. Don't think she'll last long as a knitter.

Anamaria seda

My husband doesnt say anything to me about my needles or my over flowing yarn stash cause his hobby is much more costly then mine he's into drag racing and collecting old cars so I consider myself lucky and if he slips up my favorite response is "do you want to eat dinner the rest of the week" lol

Leslie Fehr

My husband is a hunter - so questions like that don't surface often. I'd question his need for 4 different shotguns and other rifles LOL Of course you need more than one set of a certain size - there are times when I've got more than one project going at a time!


Oh, my - sounds like my double-point situation. . . . .

Elizabeth M.

Why do you have so many different screwdrivers, or glue or wrenches?


My husband never says anything along those line. If he did, his hobbies are much more expensive..Wine (lots of it plus a wine cellar) and Sailing (books, clothing, courses, and THE BOAT).


My response has been (note I have been there) Why do you have so many screw drivers and so many Hammers? Same reason, use the proper tool for the job!

Cyndy Landers AKA the Yarnwitch

He's a potter right? Ask him why he needs so many tools for that?? Clay, his hands, that's all he needs!


Have you ever responded:
why don't you just dig mud out of the yard instead of that special clay you use?
Same thing, right?



I point out that knitting needles are like screwdrivers, wrenches, and drill bits. You must have the best one for the job at hand, and quality cannot be overemphasized. He complains about my yarn stash taking over the house, but never complains about my "tools."

Susie Foreman

I'm so lucky, my Husband knows why I need so many, in fact when I snapped one of my Rosewood double points in half he took it out to his shop, repaired it SEAMLESSLY and refinished it! I really have a hard time telling which one of the five it was!

Lori Voorhis

Compare them to all of those screwdrivers in the garage. A different type for each "job."


It really is comical how we have all found a way to explain our hobby needs. In my house it is a like many of the comments I have read, my husband understands now but in the beginning many of these conversations could easily have been heard on any given day.


Even when I had to move back home, no one in my immediate family would ask that question, since Mum quilts and my Dad dabbles in wood work. However when people at work ask, I simply say yes I need them.

Of course, as someone who in a fit of unemployed desperation, has taken a pencil sharpener to bamboo chopsticks, I also have the option of saying: "They break."


First thing that came to mind is... the better to stab you with - of course said with a smile!


I will say one thing, if you can create a masterpiece with just some skewers, your welcome to try. I would love to see the outcome of it. There are actually more tools for men than there are for knitters.

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