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February 06, 2012



I would say if you are happy with the double points, stick with them!! I knit socks magic loop and have tried the others and hated it.. so, I figure life is short, do what you enjoy!


If you found a way you like then don't waste time trying to make yourself like another method. I like magic loop and most of my friends use DPNS. I get laddering when I use DPNS. I have gone back and tried them again, but I really like magic loop. Life if too short, do what pleases you and move on. Now don't get me started on the toe-up, cuff down debate. I have made up my mind on this for me (cuff down) and if I give it any more thought I think I'm going to need therapy.

Janene Reeves

Just do what is best for you. I enjoy double pointed needles. Have tried the others (one pair each), and decided the DPNs are the way to go. Do what pleases YOU! Have fun. I LOVE knitting socks! ;-)
Especially self patterning yarn.....pleases me to no end.


I totally agree with the others posts. If you are happy with your method, look no further. I have tried all three methods and absolutely love the two circular method ... but that's me! I have probably made over 50 pairs of socks as gifts for friends and family. It is cheaper than therapy (usually) and makes me a happy person. ENJOY!!!!


I always recommend whichever way you feel the most comfortable with. There is no right or wrong way. The same with toe up or top down...whichever way you like the best. Myself I love the fact that I can do 2 at a time and have a pair made all at once. No second sock syndrome for me!!

Cathy Goldman

I agree....if it works for you....stick( double points) with it

Leslie B. Fehr

Go with what makes you happy! I use 9" circular needles for the cuff portion of my sock and switch to double points when it is time to start the heel flap. Then, it is double points all the way!


I agree with the others... if that technique is working for you, keep on using it!

I didn't like magic loop at all when I first tried it, so I stuck with DPNs for a couple of years. Then I tried toe-up socks for the first time, using Judy's Magic Cast-on. I discovered that was easier with magic loop. I still don't like ML with anything heavier than sock yarn, but who knows? Maybe I'll find some other situation where it works the best. I never say never about knitting any more!!

Renee Anne

If that's what works for you, that's what works for you :)

I, too, am a DPN sock knitter...though I haven't tried magic loop or two circulars (for socks - I've tried magic loop for other things).

However, it doesn't hurt to know how to do something differently...just in case :)

Kathy Sue

I use DPNs, I think it is fun. But if I was to try some really fancy lace or cable pattern that flowed better without the breaks between DPNs, I might just give the other methods a try. I have this concern that trying to keep control of 5 little needles AND a cable needle would be beyond my coordination!

I did my first top downs yesterday and actually kitchenered the toes. Wasn't totally perfect, but wasn't bad for a first try. I am totally proud!


I agree with all the others who encourage you to stick with what you know you like. I personally prefer 2 circs, and I really like knitting two at a time that way. I started on dpns and they just don't feel good in my hands. For the way I knit, circs are more ergonomic. The important thing is that you found a way to enjoy knitting socks! Welcome to the club!


I agree - you should knit the way you like to - it should be fun!


Welcome to sock knitting! I too think you should use whatever method you're comfortable with. I switch between DPNs and magic loop. I like them both and I like being able to switch my method. I will say if you're going to stick with DPNs and you want to treat yourself, invest in some DPNs from Signature Needle Arts. They are worth every penny! Very lightweight and they have just the slightest bit of 'tooth' at the ends so your knitting never falls off. :) No affiliation, just very happy with their needles!

Diane E.

It's the end result that really matters - not how you got there. I use DPNs - I did try other methods but I personally just enjoy DPNs for socks - I do use circular needles for other projects though.


I agree with the rest of the group, if you found something you like, then stick with it. I knit my socks with DPNs and I enjoy it. I have no desire (right now) to try anything different. I'll never rule out another method, but for me right now, DPNs rule!!! Besides, I'd rather be spending my time making socks than struggling with another method.


Adding my voice to the "stick with what you like best" choir. I say if you have given the other methods a try and knew right away you weren't comfortable with them, then by all means stick to the DPNs. I think we all have instincts about these things. Pay attention to it.


Do what is right for you. In everything in life. The end.


I say stick with the DPN's. I too have tried all the methods (except 2 straight needles which makes no sense to me - who wants a seam along the bottom of the foot of a sock?) & I still prefer DPN's. I do usually use magic loop for socks for the grands because then yoou can knit 2 at a time & have them come out exactly the same size. I also only knit socks top down. I have narrow heels & finally have found a formula for heel flaps that results in socks that fit my narrow heels well (if anyone else has the problem of socks feeling a bit loose & slipping down in your shoes even though they fit well everywhere else but the heel, it is the sock formula Cookie A uses for the Monkey sock - great for narrow heels). I keep saying I'm going to try toe up but haven't yet - mainly because I'm so happy with the fit using the revised heel flap formula.

BTW - Allison - MOST impressed with the speed of the delivery for the Valentine kits & DIC February color - especially knowing how many orders you must have had (took me a few tries to actually get to order the yarn - I'm pretty sure it was due to so many enthusiastic knitters all trying to order at the same time. And BOTH the kit & the DIC colorway are fantastic!


I will say that I learned on DPN's and loved that. I tried smaller circulars, didn't like that. Tried 2 circulars, didn't like that. I tried magic loop and loved it immediately, so I switched. Now I find that I can use either method and enjoy it.

My point is, if you don't love a new method as much as the one you are already doing pretty quickly, leave it behind. If you have to work too hard to love it, then do what you already love!

Kim B.

I love sock knitting top down with dans. If PDns work for you, then stick with them. No reason to change. Enjoy sock knitting! It is the best!!


Do what works for you!
That said, though, if YOU feel you haven't given the other options enough time to tell if you really like them or not, by all means, give them another shot... But don't beat yourself up if you don't like it!
I started on DPNs, but decided to try magic loop after a couple pairs. I finished the socks on magic loop, and went back to DPNs, only to find that I really didn't like having to push through the second sock syndrome.


You tried other methods and prefer DPNs. I see no reason to keep trying the other methods unless you really want to.


If you are happy with what your doing, then do it. I also tried the others and went back to double points. I know other knitters who think I am nuts because "their way is better" but they forget it is only better for them, not me. It is the same way with top down or toe up...I have my preference, tried the other and kept what works for me. After all is it YOUR knitting.


I go back and forth depending on the pattern. If I have a complicated pattern that is easier split into four repeats or whatever, then I use DPNs. If it's mindless knitting where I don't need to see pattern repeats, then I usually magic loop but I always switch to DPNs for the heel flap and gusset. For me it also depends on the yarn - some finer yarns don't like to travel over the cable join on a circular needle so I usually switch to DPNs. Other yarn doesn't like wooden needles so I switch to whatever metal needles I have available. I also find that switching between needles lessens hand fatigue for me. And finally, I usually have about a half dozen socks in progress so oftentimes my needle choice depends solely on what is available.


Knit what you like. I've also tried circs, but I prefer dpns. Since there's no wrong way to knit and this is my hobby, I knit with dpns.


Do what works, and if your bored try something new

tammy pell



I too say do what works for you but don't close mind to other methods. You may come acrossed a sock pattern that begs for a different method or you want to venture forth in a new direction.I fell in love with looping and it works so very well for me. Also no DPs for the dog to chew!

Susan Hill

Avid and prolific sock knitter and only top down, double points for me. Tried other methods and back to my tried and true DPs.

Self striping sock yarns are terrific, fun and addictive so have fun with your yarn and the knitting style that suits you and just enjoy!


Stick with what you like. I've been knitting top down socks on DPN's for more than 20 years. I tried both the 2 circs and magic loop method several times and hated it every time. Many sock pattern books will give you directions for all 3 methods and also how to convert a toe up sock pattern to a top down pattern so there's no need to frustrate yourself!


I am a double points girl myself. I tried and took classes with the other methods but found that I did not want to knit them and that they took way more time to knit than double points - so I gave all of my circulars to my sister who prefers that method and stuck to double points since and I am a happier and faster knitter! do what makes you happy!

Deedee Winters

I happen to really love my double points. I too have tried both two circs, and the magic loop, but I' m really happy with dpns. If you feel like you have given it a fair trial, and you still like the dons, then stop beating yourself up, and enjoy the sock knitting. Deedee Winters

Sandra Keithj

I learned on dp needles. I still use them on heels and the end of toes. However, when the 9" Addi Turbo came out I switched all my sock knitting to them. No ladders, no loops to mess with, just plain easy. Crystal Palace, Kollage, and Hiya Hiya all have sock circulars. I LOVE them.


Isn't it lovely that we have options? I say go with what works for you and enjoy. I'm a DPN sock knitter myself.


I LOVE my DPN' others I have tried all other methods..and styles...I ALWAYS revert back to my DPN'S...
And Signature needles are the BOMB!
Life is what you like or feel most comfortable with.


Have you tried just one little circular? And by little, I mean the teeny tiny 9" ones that clover sells? I start my socks on a long circ, since I go toe up (having tried a billion methods that made me crazy) and when I have my toe done and my final number of stitches, I pop them on my tiny circs and go. When I separate for the heel, I leave the instep stitches on the circ and use my DPN's for the heel. Hope this helps!

Sara Kist

I use to use dpns exclusively, and even refusing to learn something new. I decided to give the magic loop a chance, decided I hated it because I had ladders that I never got with my dpns. Well I tried magic loop again and gave it more than two rows on a sock. Once I gave it a chance and used 40 inch circs for more room, I was hooked! Now I rarely use dpns. You should use whatever works for you, but remember to have an open mind.

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