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February 15, 2012



Wish I could! Still haven't gotten mine! :(


I can't wait for String Theory Colorworks, to come back.. but these are sure pretty!


Mel, you're not the only one still patiently waiting! It's been a busy time getting several hundred kits out. So glad there was so much interest!


You REALLY know how to tempt a customer. These look great especially AF Supersock Chocolate Rainbow. The colors are so tempting on these gray winter days.


Just opened my package yesterday, the yarn in the Valentine's kit is so yummy, too nice to wear on the feet me thinks. Love the sock pattern though. Thank you.

Leslie B. Fehr

Allison - I think that the sock pattern would look great paired with a solid color. And, if you want to get fancy, a simple scarf with the heard design running down the middle of it would be great also.
Baby girl pretty --- use the heart as a border around a blanket or sweater.


Oops sorry I just emailed before reading this, ignore my email! I am being patient, just bummed because V-Day is over. I'll still love it just the same whenever it does show up. I may need to stalk the mailman, I was SO sure it would come today, but it didn't.

Sandra Keithj

I loved the Valentine package sock pattern. Is it available for purchase without the yarn?


Sandra, e-mail me at

Lori Voorhis

I just received my order today, and the Abstract Fiber's Supersock was on top. Just beautiful! And the Van Gogh colors are marvelous.

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