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January 03, 2012



Your comment about huge cast-ons reminded me of a test-knit project. I had to cast on 1,996 sts. And I had to get the lace done in a week. Here's a picture of it:
It was supposed to be knit on a circular needle but I had to start over so many times that I eventually just knitted it flat.
So I feel your frustration and hope you make tons of progress soon!


Re-learn how to concentrate on one task, so I can de-clutter my house. I suppose that is similar to having the patience for a project with realllly long rows. If I de-clutter my house I can keep it clean and have my knitting group over to my house without total humiliation.


I hope I learn how to find balance. Between work, a personal life, working out and crafting, I often let one go for the other and I KNOW I should be able to fit it all in.


I understand about knitting over 400 stitches and feeling like you are getting nowhere. I cast on Caireen and the first row took FOREVER!!!!

Leslie Fehr

I hope to learn how to stick with a project until it's done! I end up with 3 - 4 projects at any one time because I just have to start that wonderful new pattern I found LOL They all get finished eventually - but it would be faster if I just stuck with one at home and one take-with project at a time.


I could use a little more patience too, lol. I haven't decided yet what new technique I'll learn will be for the new year. Last year I took a class on entrelac, love it! But haven't made much with it yet. Maybe this year I'll continue with the entrelac and make a few things so I get better at knitting backwards.


Remembering that the only thing normal in our house is the setting on the dryer :)

Kathy Latta

I know what you mean. I also, am knitting the same scarf and am trying to knit 3 rows each day. It's slow going. Thank goodness for the color changes to keep me engaged. Good luck!

Anne Marie

I hope to learn how to keep a tidy house. Can an old (40) new mom (#7) learn new tricks?!


Thanks for the word on patience. I will beginning a project in which I have to cast on 300 stitches. Patience and peserverance. I also have that new project model - just have to cast that new pattern on while the other 3 on needles wait for me to come back to them. So I have my work cut out for me in 2012. But I am working on completing a pair of socks before I pick up the sweater I started (there are 2 of them) lol.


I'd like to learn some new ways to knit toes and heels. Trying new things might be fun, but I always come back to "if it's not broken, don't fix it". I think I'd like to try though.


I'm continuing to strive for balance in my life. Work, family, hobbies, friends, and home are not always given equal or enough attention. Learning to say "no" is on my list for 2012.


Patience is a virture this knitter needs more of as well. I start too many projects and many times lose the patience needed to finish them. I am pushing myself to finish one right now. Not hard -lovely to look at but I just not excited about it right now. I started the 10 stitch blanket with the glorious "on sale" Rhythm Superwash. It gets a bit tedious after the 3rd ball of yarn. However, my "patience" has paid off- I am on the last ball in the bag. Should be finished before dark, and it gets dark early in Indiana right now.


Perseverance: "steady and continued action or belief, usually over a long period and especially despite difficulties or setbacks". The companion to patience in both knitting and life. Sigh!


I too have been trying to learn more patience. With that comes learning to love knitting projects that I know will require it. Right now I am working on the Rill Scarf, which is with lace weight yarn on size 1 needle. We are talking almost 800 yards of yarn. Patience needed.
I am excited to see how wonderful your scarf comes out, but I will be patient! :)


Maybe we are thinking of the same pattern since I am thinking.... 400 st's? But I want the cowl!

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