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January 26, 2012



On the other hand, I was surprised at how much I like the Kollage needles since I am devoted to soft, flexible needles that tend to bend (bamboo & casein). I have had trouble with small sizes of wood needles (birch) snapping with use (& then there's the problem of sitting on them - but hardly the needle's fault). I think I am hard on the wood ones at gussets & toes. I made Austerman (my phone just wanted to change that to sister man -haha) Step socks for the grands & have just started a pair for myself but they've been backburnered because I started a pair with the Page Wood Farms yarn from the sock club (I think it was the artists series - maybe Jackson Pollack?) & it is so springy & squishy soft I can't knit anything else!


Love, Love both pair of socks...You have been a knitting machine!!

Allise Vicens

Will you be putting up the Valentine's kit and DIC Dream Club the same day? I don't want to miss either one, but would love to save shipping!


I'm planning on putting them up at the same time, so you should be able to purchase both on the same order.

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