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January 18, 2012


Leslie B. Fehr

Allison -- I am going to have to join Yarn Stasher's Anonymous because of you! LOL!!

I couldn't resist the Van Gogh collection -- and now you have the Supersocke on the sale pages?? I hope my hubby likes PBJ sandwiches LOL

Seriously - keep up the good work on taking care of your customers.


OMG this yarn is more tempting than Girl Scout cookies and that is saying a lot.


Girl Scout cookies? OMG, in my single days, I would order *ahem* 10 boxes of Thin Mints alone, with the odd Samoa (Caramel DeLites?) and Trefoils boxes. They'd last me 'til April... usually.

And now I have to go look at the sales, and hunt for a cookie.


I just had my local girl scout over earlier this week. I ordered caramel delites,peanut butter patties, thin mints, and savanna smiles(lemon cookie).

Karen G.

Clearly the coconut caramel cookies are the best. Thanks for reminding me to track down someone with a Girl Scout cookie order form.
Now if I could only knit fast enough to justify buying some of these great OnLine sock colors... I'll see what I can do about that.


Mmmm, Thin Mints. I like them straight from the freezer, which is a shame since that means I can't freeze them to keep myself away from them like I can with other cookies! My mom, husband, and I are making a trek to your store on Saturday from Indy, and I can't wait!


Some great Online yarns there - including a nice dark green patterning one that will be perfect for my middle grand. I am helpless in the face of the lemon cookies & the peanut butter sandwich cookies.


I know I'm on a mission to knit some of my stash up before buying any new yarn, but I may just have to get a couple of skeins of this. It's just too tempting and my granddaughter already picked out the one she can't live without. Thin Mints are my weakness.


I think I could live off of the shortbread cookies. They don't have so much sugar that I would climb the walls. Second would be the Carmel Delights. I can hardly wait till this summer, I am planning to bring my mom to Ohio to visit her family and I am planning to come to your store for a visit.

LN in TX

I'm with you on the Carmel Delites and Thin Mints. Yummmmmm!


My daughter,also in "delicate" condition gave me the rest of her Carmel Delights,freeze them? Yea right they are long gone! They are also my favorite but I want to try the new lemon ones.

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