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December 15, 2011


Marie Ricketts

Plan to try lace knitting this year.

Cecilia David

I would love to add this to my stash to use after the holidays. cd


I am going to try an adult sized sweater. I'm excited, and scared, but I'm ready!


Sweater knitting is top of my list for 2012. A technique I am wanting to learn, is the technique for finishing items. I have so many things on my needles, it is becoming rediculous! :)

Linda B

I'm really interested in knitting a lace shawl.


intarsia! i need to learn to knit with more colors


I'm going to try a sweater from the bottom up. I always knit them from the top down, so this will be something different for me.


My biggest challenge will just be trying to find the time to knit, let alone learn new things. But if time permits, I think I want to tackle intarsia. .

Cyndy Landers AKA the Yarnwitch

I plan to learn all types of color knitting and am tackling Shetland lace this year!!! whew!

Jess White

I'm going to try knitting on a sock loom! :)

Liz Noyes

I plan to knit 12 pairs of socks in 2012. Beyond that, well, let's just say I hope there's lots more!


I learned to tat this year. It would be nice to practice this and make an actual project...maybe a bookmark.


I plan to give double knitting and entrelac a go this year. I'm always curious to hear what others want to try, so I'm really glad you asked this question!


Hmmm. Haven't yet thought of trying something new. My goals typically involve finding projects that are relaxing yet interesting/challenging enough to keep my interest or some combination of relaxing and challenging. Then it is always good to try to find ways to use some of the stockpiled yarn.


I plan to try double knitting and learning the Contiguous method on Ravelry (top down sweater)and making socks for gifts all year so they are ready for next Christmas

Faith O'Hara

I've never knitted a garment before, so I'm signing up for a sweater class at my LYS next month.


Have started (about 2 inches) of a lace weight shawl....but first must get this second sock done before Christmas!


I want to keep improving my knitting abilities


Steeking! It terrifies me!


I would really like to try double knitting. It intrigues me.


I just learned to do entrelac and want to try something more complicated that a scarf


Definitely! For 2011, my challenges were felting and intarsia, and I've done (though not mastered) either. For 2012, my goals will be Fair Isle and to significantly improve my Intarsia skills so I can make my son's ABC Monkey Blanket!


Multi-color knitting. I'd also like to try some of Cookie A's more complicated sock patterns. They are beautiful!

Cathy Smith

I want to master short row heel socks!


Learn more Tunisian crochet stitches I love what I have learned this year and want learn more and maybe spinning


Socks! I know how to knit them, but they never fit right. I'm going to try knitting them on 0000s to get gauge! Something is not right with this picture!


I am doing a 12 month sock challenge - one pair a month and each month has a theme. I hope to tackle one pair of cookie a socks too!

Kim Baker

Maybe a sweater...


I'm very excited for the upcoming year. I've signed up for some classes at Stitches South; I've never been to an event like this before. I hope to polish up my short rows and learn some new sock techniques with JC Briar and meet my Ravelry friend of four years in person!!! Very exciting stuff!


I would like to learn a faster way of knitting so I can get more knitting done in my limited time. Love the Sweet Georgia yarn.

Janene Reeves

I'm going to be brave and learn cables!


I'm not usually scared to just jump in and try something when needed so I haven't thought of anything I plan to learn. Except for learning to spin on the wheel my hubby ordered yesterday!


Double knitting. Two socks at one time on double pointed needles. Read an article on kniity several years ago on this method. Have decide to take the leap in 2012. It is leap year after all.


I've done a little fair isle work but not in my sock knitting...I think that will be my new year reso(stitching)lution.

Kris Peters

Knitted my first lace shawl and definitely plan to knit more....perhaps with my own handspun from my own sheep!


I'd like to learn to crochet and get back into sweater knitting.


I can knit socks and can successfully knit one heel. For 2012 I would like to learn other aspects of knitting socks


I am going to knit at least one pair of socks or gloves that includes some Fair Isle type stranded colorwork in it!


I plan on doing 2 socks at one time, but with the magic loop method. But, my big project is learning how to spin on a wheel! Should be fun!


This year I expanded to sweaters and larger projects. Next year I plan to begin color stranded knitting, starting with folk mittens.


Hoping to try doubleknitting, have the yarn just need to get it going!!


I want to knit an entrelac scarf. I took a great class at Vogue Live ... and this yarn would be perfect!

Beverly J. Killick

I am old fashion knitter. I haven't taken the time to learn (new?) or (better?) or (faster?) ways. I am happy and content to do my Charity Knitting in the way I prefer. I knit usually my own patterns, especially the Barbie Doll Clothes. I am happy, but time will tell, I may change!

Beverly J. Killick

I am old fashion knitter. I haven't taken the time to learn (new?) or (better?) or (faster?) ways. I am happy and content to do my Charity Knitting in the way I prefer. I knit usually my own patterns, especially the Barbie Doll Clothes. I am happy, but time will tell, I may change!

trying to get knitting finished completly


I'd plan to refine the double knitting technique and knit a entrelac throw.


I want to learn how to do colorwork knitting. We will see if I get that done as it has been a goal for several years now!

Helen Minick

No, I'm not.


Two at a time, toe up socks for me!


My challenge to myself this year is not so much techniques as catching finishitis. I've heard you can catch it and get your multiple projects completed... so I'm looking to catch a case of it in 2012! :-)I've already caught startitis..


I'm hoping to give colorwork a go this coming year. I've been avoiding it. I'd also like to actually learn how to crochet. If I can find a 'learn to' class , I'd like to sign up.


I love thrum mittens! I am intrigued by their simple beauty and have several people in the northland that could use them. This technique has been on my back burner for too long!


Autumn Pilditch

I would like to learn new techniques in making crocheted socks

Lisa P

I think for 2012 I'd like to try some colorwork in my socks.

Amy Samin

One of these days I'd love to get double knitting right! Every time I try it I get mixed up, lol. Argyle socks are also on my list, and I know just where to get the solid colored yarn, too! ;-)


I see several people have already said what I am planning to learn - double knitting. It has intrigued me for quite some time, and I think 2012 is going to be The Year.


learning to read a chart, then making easy lace, then making easy lace in a sock top! (I have to take this in steps)


I would love to take a class that would help me learn to 'read' my knitting and fix mistakes. I enjoy knitting socks with lace type patterns, but have to rip out way too much when I make a mistake because I don't know how to find or fix the mistake


This year I'm going to learn to stranded knitting, in socks, of course. I would also like to make argyle socks. My mother says that when she was in college, everyone made these. It can't be THAT hard!


I would like to become so familiar with sock-making that I can knit a whole sock without looking at a pattern......then I would have truly take-along projects.......small, easy, and protable!!!!




I want to learn how to knit "picking" style (I'm a thrower).


I would like to try make a more complex lace shawl than I have in the past and maybe take on a cardigan with some detailing.

Judy S-G

I'm going to work on entrelac and brioche techniques and take a stab at designing patterns of my own. Also creating more yarn I want from my own spinning.


I took an Estonian Lace class with Nancy Bush and I have her book on the subject. In the class, we made a tiny sampler shawl. I'd like to try my hand at a full-sized version, nupps and all!

Or steeking. Eek!


Get better with Intarsia and/or Fair Isle.


Every new project brings a new challenge, but knitting stranded socks will be my first learning experience in 2011.

Helena Dias

I'm committed to getting better knitting fair isle.


I've never done stranded knitting before, so that's near the top of my 2012 Knitting Resolutions List. I also want to knit a skirt. Oh, and learn brioche.

Cathy B

I'm really interested in trying to steek a sweater, but maybe I'll start with a little practice piece first.


I plan on working on colorwork this next year. Fair Isle and brioche.

Lara Neel

I want to make some argyle socks.


I would like to do some color work and perhaps a bit of lace.


I'm going to knit a Gansey sweater.

Leslie B. Fehr

I would love to be able to be well versed in fair isle and also argyle --- they just both look like such fun! I also plan on taking an online sock class in the spring - I figure it's time to feel confident making socks with the sock yarn I purchase lol


Honestly, I'd just like to finish my first sweater. But I do hope to learn the Brioche stitch. I took a class a couple years ago when I was still rather new to knitting and I failed miserably. I'd like to give it another go. Thanks for the giveaway.


Toe up and two a a time sockks although I really like using banboo dps.


I'm going to try my first adult sweater this year. It's for me and the challenge is I have a petite length body and arms with an "average to large" width! So, for me, getting it to fit will be the challenge!


Not that I know everything, but my plan is to reduce my stash. A swirl coat might be my challenge in 2012.

Stephanie V

I'm always challenging myself. Tatting lace? I have tried and all I get is a mess. I had an aunt who was an expert tatter - didn't get those genes.
Stranded knitting is my nemesis so I will definitely try more this year.

Ruth Anne

I have never been able to manage Brioche - maybe this is the year!


I'd like to try some different heels and maybe some toe up socks, learn better ways to do stranded work, and finally get an actual sweater done! I haven't made one in many years and I think it's time!


I really want to try my hand at intarsia in the round. And double knitting. And Tunisian Crochet. And Continental knitting... the list goes on and on.


I'm declaring 2012 the year of colorwork, continued. I'm really wanting to take some intarsia classes this year.

Susan Benzer

I want to relearn double knitting and work harded on Continental knitting.

Betsy Kay

This year on my list of Challenging todo is o knit me a sweater (for me) that I can actually wear, as well a completing the 12 in 2012... Also I plan on knitting more lace, which I have recently realized that its really not as hard as I had thought:)

Kim B.

I'm going to do more cables. I probably still won't like knitting them but must (finally) admit that some items look great with the addition.


I just want to knit a sweater for myself and enjoy the process without being on a deadline.


I think in 2012 - I would like to finish all the projects I started and did not finish. For something new I would like to learn to knit socks on the circular needle two at a time.


I bought 2 skeins of Sweet Georgia's CashLuxe Fine yarn at your shop with money I got for my birthday. My goal is to knit the Clapotis shawl with it in 2012!

Thanks for the contest and Merry Christmas!


I would like to learn the magic loop way of making socks.


There are several knitting techniques that I want to try out this coming year. Knitting Brioche and Intarsia are a two on my list. The other is Anna Makarovna's Secret Stockings as mentioned in War and Peace. They are double-knitted socks, one inside the other.


I'd like to try knitting a lace scarf.

Sharon Hurlbut

I'd like to finally give toe-up socks a try!


I hope to make fair-isle socks for the first time, and use lace weight yarn for a lace project.

hannah gaffney

I'm definitely going to learn to knit fair isle and cables next year, they won't defeat me this time around!


I've been wanting to figure out how to make socks using modular techniques. 2012 might be the year. :-)

Debbie Huett

color work is on my list. i have a book- just need to find the time to try it. :) Also have many socks planned...


I would really like to do a steaked project, not because it scares me, but because it actually looks a bit fun and intriguing. I'd also like to actually finish a circular shawl and have it come out the way I want it to! Expanding my twined knitting skills is also in my top five skills, as well as making some knee-length socks and a big, huge kimono or blanket with that box of fuzzy novelty yarn I've had for years.


I'd like to try color work, also some new sock constructions.

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