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December 16, 2011


Cecilia David

These are beautiful colors. cd


DK weight socks this year? No, but you've just given me the idea for next year!

Anne Sadlemire

Thank you for a great sale. No, I haven't knit a sock in dk weight yarn yet.

Judy S-G

I haven't tried using DK weight yarn but I'd like to... a body can't have too many new yarny experiences! Thx for the GREAT contest and HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

Ruth Kowalski

I have not created any socks with dk weight yarn. But, next year will be the year.

Jess White

No, not yet. But I'm intrigued!!!

Karen Jacobs

What a great idea! I have not used this yarn but you never know. The New Year is just around the corner. Merry Christmas

Cathy Smith

I've worked with dk before and there is a time and place for it.


I just finished a pair of Solemate socks for my sister for Christmas - Nice yarn, and I'm hoping it works for hers. The DK sounds interesting, and faster for socks! I've knit one pair in a DK weight yarn - and they turned out nice.


I have never knit dk socks. It seems like they would be much too thick and heavy.


I made some stripey socks with the New Pathways Riverbed master pattern last December and I made some Estonian Mittens from another Nancy Bush class. (Although the DK yarn that I used for that was really probably more worsted weight.)


I haven't tried DK for socks because there really aren't many patterns for it and I don't seem to have the brain cells to adjust a fingering weight pattern. Faster and warmer sound like a good combo though!


Nothing with DK yet because I've always worried they would be too thick. But this might give me some incentive to try...


When SSYC had a sale a while back, I stocked up on Cascade Fixation in multis and stripes. I always have a pair of socks on #4 needles using a texture pattern called "Smorgasboard" from Green Mountain Spinnery. I never get tired of it and its a Creak from using fingering weight. Cant wait to try the new Lornas Laces!

Janine Webb

No, when I knit socks I want them to fit into regular shoes. DK weight yarn is great for knitting hats, though.

Debbie Huett

I have not tried DK weight as of yet. I only started knitting socks a year ago- but it's on my to-do list!


No-I worry they would be too thick but they would be awesome to wear around the house!


I have not; I am afraid they might be too thick. But I hope they'd be done faster!


Not yet, but I owe DH a pair of socks and DK weight would go so much faster!


No,I haven't used dk yarn for socks.


I have knit DK weight socks in the past. They make nice winter slippers.


I haven't knit any DK socks, because it isn't a yarn I normally buy. I think DH could use some thicker socks in this next year.


No DK weight socks this year, but now that the idea is stuck in my head it's quickly climbing of my New Year Knits list. :)


I have knit tons of socks and never done a DK weight. However, I bought some DK sock yarn from you and it's going to be one of my new projects in the new year!!


I knit several pairs this year in worsted weight more for 'house slippers' but none in DK.


I took a class this fall on toe-up socks on two circulars that used DK weight. I learned alot in the class and have already used some of the technique learned in other projects. Normally I use either worsted weight or fingering for top-down socks.


No, not yet... I love my sock yarn too much!


I have knit a couple of pair of just plain knit socks for children this year. They like to use them as skate socks on the hardwood floors.


I have knit numerous pairs of dk weight socks this year. They make great hunting and work socks and I love that thy get done just a little faster. I usually just k2p2 on the leg and stockinet the rest for a plain vanilla sock, but the guys I knit for love them.

Kim Baker

I haven't tried do yarn yet, but I would like to :).


I haven't knit any DK weight socks this year, or any that I can think of in any other year. I am not sure why. Maybe DK sock yarn isn't that common??


Most of the socks I knit are DK or worsted. My favorite is LL's worsted, I can get a pair out of one skein. I also really like Sweet paprika yarn, very cushy.

Meghan Routt

No I haven't tried DK socks yet, fairly new to knitting socks in general. This color is fantastic!


The heaviest I go is sport weight, but I haven't knit any of those this year, either, I don't think. No wonder I'm not generating as many pairs as I want to!

Shirley Beard

DK weight has not been on my sock radar. I think it would be nice for the men in my life, however.

Ruth Anne

I don't knit socks because I get hung up on the second one, but maybe with DK weight I could get through a pair because it will go faster!


I haven't knit any socks in DK weight because I haven't even knit any socks at all yet

Elizabeth Seager

I've enjoyed knitting socks using Knitcol by Adriafil. I love the quick satisfaction of knitting socks with a thicker yarn.

Jennifer cameron

Nope, no DK weight and no particular reason why. I just haven't used it yet. But I will someday.


Nope, just fingering weight.


DK weight socks? Well yes, but I really didn't mean to. I made them of handsput that was SUPPOSED to be fingering weight, but turned out closer to DK. They are really great socks, but since my feet are size 11, I don't much need the extra bulk. :)

Autumn Pilditch

I've started a pair in dk weight- I've just yet to finish them with all the Christmas presents this year. Maybe next year (says hopefully)


HandSPUN, not sput.

Mary Ann

I haven't tried DK weight, I think the socks would be to thick for my shoes!

Jeanne Bringley

I haven't tried a DK weight for socks but I bet my husband would like a pair. I still use a plain old sock patter with a ribbed cuff.


not yet this year!


I haven't used DK weight for socks, but it would be fun to try them. I do love knitting on my size 0 needles, though

Ruth viste

Six ply Regia, not quite DK, but knits up faster than fingering.


Have not used DK for socks yet.


I just can't take heavy socks on my feet - even in the winter while walking around my house! DK weight socks unfortunately won't be on my list of things to knit. But a DK weight hat, or a DK weight scarf, that's something I'd like to knit!


No, haven't knit DK weight socks yet. It would probably be faster, though.... Hmmmm, next on my list!


Nope, no DK weight socks this year. They don't fit inside my shoes (wide feet...sigh) and I already have a few pair for house socks.

Diane Eskritt

I have not knit socks in dk weight because I live in Southern California and I think dk would make the socks too heavy.


I have not used DK weight for socks.


No, I haven't tried DK for socks....but who knows...there is a brand new year coming up! Happy Holiday!


I have a project picked out to make socks for my sister-in-law using DK-weight yarn.

Mary Beth

I only began knitting socks this year! I have knit 6 pairs, but none out of DK weight yet. I would love to try!!


Haven't made any socks with DK but would love to try.

Kim B.

I haven't knit Dk wieght socks but might make a pair for inside boots. I knit a lot of socks and generally stick to fingering weight with a few sport weight for variety -- and quicker knitting.

Word Lily

No, I haven't knit any DK-weight socks yet this year. There's still time, though, I suppose! :) Mostly, I focus on socks that will fit in shoes, which means I'm stuck in fingering weight. I did knit a pair from sport-weight handspun this year, though.


Yes, lots, with a lot of frogging too. Been trying to knit knee-highs in DK for wellington boots, but find them difficult to fit properly. Most successful ones were in Sirdar Crofter and/or Country Style with Sirdar pattern 9338.


Nope, haven't knit a pair of DK weight socks but as cold as my feet are this fall, I'll be thinking about needing a little extra warmth soon.


I have not, but would LOVE to try it with this wonderful new yarn!


I just finished my first pair of DK weight socks; I wanted to knit a pair for a Christmas gift, and there was no way that a lighter weight pair would be done in time with all of the other projects that I have going! I'd looove to try this Solemate DK!


I hadn't knit any DK socks this year, but as it gets colder I've been thinking more about heavier-than-fingering socks to keep my frozen toes warmer!

Sharon Hurlbut

Yes, I'm working on some DK weight socks for my daughter right now and I love how quickly it knits up.


This sounds wonderful! I will definitely give DK weight a try. And who doesn't love Lorna's Laces?!?


DK socks are an awesome quick project! I made 6 pairs for my sisters and nieces for Christmas last year, and I've done one pair for me this year!


Yes I have, I love my hand knit socks!


I haven't done anything in DK yarn yet, I just haven't had any on hand to knit with.


New knitter here (I just learned how in April this year)! Since I'm so new to knitting I've been wanting to make my first pair of socks but I've been too scared to try. I'm mainly used to worsted weight so trying my hand at knitting with a DK weight would be awesome! And then I'd have no excuse NOT to try and make a pair of socks!


I've stuck with sock/fingering weight yarns. My first pair of socks I knit DK to have a larger yarn to work with.

Jana Shepard

I've made a couple pair out of the Zauberball 6-ply sock yarn by Schoppel-Wolle, and like the way they knit up. I hope my SIL likes them-she's always cold!


I am certainly intrigued by DK sock yarn. Would for certain be some warm socks. Thanks for sharing these yarns with us.


I've never knit any DK weight socks, but I'm planning to knit some. The Kalajoki socks are cute and have a different heel and toe than I've ever knit, so they'll be a nice challenge and learning experience. Thanks for the giveaway.


I haven't tried any with DK yet but I look forward to it.


I thought I had, but looking back thru my Ravlery projects, it's been over a year since I knit my husband his socks. I used some Rowan Cashsoft DK for his a few years ago. Since he has feet size 10.5 narrow, the foot part isn't bad, but he likes to wear knee length socks...and he has VERY LONG legs. The only way I'll knit him knee socks is to use heavier weight yarns!


I knit with DK Regia a pair of socks from the last Piecework mag. The pattern was by Ann Budd called Manx Loaghtan Boot Sock. Loved the pattern but not the yarn. I think it was more of a sport weight.
I LOVE LL Solemate in fingering. Would love to try the DK weight for socks. I like thicker socks in the winter.

Dana Berry

DK weight sounds perfect for men's socks. My husband wears through socks so quickly!


I strictly use fingering weight for socks but would love to use this for mittens.


I haven't knit with DK weight yarn for socks yet. Sometimes I get in a rut and don't think outside the box. That may be something I am going to give a try this year.

amy gullicksen

made my first socks just this month! did not make them out if dk though, worsted instead. only because the pattern (from living crafts!) told me to!
would love to try my next pair with dk, though! i want to win!

sharon ashleigh

Have not as of yet, but have a friend who is willing to teach me how. These yarns would make a great inspiration! Thanks!


No dk weight socks this year, but I think a slightly heavier Solemate would be great. I found I had to use size 0 needles for the foot of my Solemate socks, not so much fun. I'd buy your special in a minute, but am tired of collecting colors that are a challenge to use. So for me, if I can't choose, I'll pass on this bargain.

Helena Dias

No, I haven't knit a sock in dk weight yarn yet, but I'll give it a try.

Joanne Hale

i love dk weight yarn and have knitted afghans, pea coats, and other items, why havent i done any socks. well thats pretty simple, just havent thought about doing socks. with this yarn, i will certainly FINALLY make myself a nice project!


I have not knit and DK socks this year, because I haven't been focused enough on one project long enough to complete anything it seems!


I have knit baby booties with DK weight yarn, but not socks yet. Thanks for this contest, Allison! Merry Christmas!


I have not created any socks with DK weight yarn yet, its on my to-do list.

Gina D.

I usually use sock weight yarn, because it is less bulky in shoes, but I just cast on Manx Loaghtan Boot sock from the new Piecework magazine. I am using Life dk by stylecraft, that I got at my LYS. The look like they will be nice and cozy for my DH feet in his boots. We will see how he likes them. :D

Kristen E

Yes, I have! Well, sport weight anyway - Zauberball Starke 6. I'm making knee socks, since the yardage is so generous! :)


I used a rainbow Socks that Rock yarn this year. They turned out lovely. I was going to give them to my awesome aunt but I couldn't get them off my own feet.

Lois Doucet

No DK yarn for socks. I really think that fingering weight is heavy enough for me. I live in the south. Does not get very cold for a long period of time.

Carla in MT

no, not this year. a year ago I used Boomerang, which I thought acted like a Dk. I'll have to research patterns that use the DK...

Sarah Sigmon

I have not knit any socks yet. It is my goal, but I am more of a beginner. With each knitting project, I try to add in something new for me to learn. Eventually I will get to sock-making! :)


I haven't knit any DK socks in a long time, but I did recently finish a pair using two strands of Schaefer Yarns Anne, which came out very DK-like. I would like to make a pair with actual DK weight yarn next year, although I honestly have no clue what yarn I might end up using ;)


I am a loose knitter. I struggle to get all the stitches in one inch that a typical sock pattern requires, so I have to stick with 7 or 8 stitches to the inch........DK weight would require patterns for 6 stitches to the inch for me........ not too many of those, though I do have my eye on a couple of them! Solemate in DK sounds like a great idea! Can't wait to try it!

Rachel Steinberg

I haven't knit any DK socks, but use most of my sock yarn to knit hats - am looking forward to making my first pair of socks in 2012!

Janene Reeves

I have never tried knitting socks with the DK weight, because I'm not sure I'd like "thick" socks, and I love fingering weight. But I'd like to try.

Anne Bond

I have not used dk yarn for socks but am thinking about it, especially for socks for my son who lives in very cold area. I just prefer the fingering weight for myself and enjoy knitting with it. I will check into the Lorna Laces dk though. It looks yummy.

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