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December 09, 2011



Like yours far too busy with far too little accomplished. Still have one size 6 sweater to knit, 2 pairs of socks and 1 shawl to finish before Christmas. That doesn't include the baking, wrapping and decorating! I always wonder why I think I'm superwoman every year at this time!


I know exactly how you feel, hopefully next week will be better.


I decided that with two weeks to go, the projects that aren't even started, I'm not going to try for. I'll make them, but the recipients will just get a little surprise in January, or February, or March......spread the Christmas goodness all over the year!


Cast on and frantically trying to schedule time to finish second sock for friend in Chicago....knit, knit, time for cleaning or laundry :)


This year I am making time for Christmas knitting that isn't already finished and gone.

The week has not been good, but I am blaming the Full Moon!


Knit, knit knit. So many projects and so little time. Seems like everyone I know is having a baby too. I am finishing up my 4th in a flight of 5 baby blankets in the last 5 weeks. My thumbs feel like lead.

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