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December 28, 2011



Santa looked tired too!!

Amy Samin

My gosh how did he get so grown up!? He is so handsome, too, even with that expression on his face, lol.


I know, Amy, he's such a little dude now. But always our baby!
Kathy, Santa looks asleep, doesn't he?

Betty Peterson

BIG hugs to replenish your energy in those busy days and start the year filled with new ideas. Your little boy is a dear. Both did look pretty worn out, lol. No wonder Santa needs a full year to recover, lol.


What a cutie!!
This will be a classic in the family album!!


Thank you for sharing all those beautiful things with us.


Such a little man now. I always enjoy the photos of your family and events. Hav ea blessed and Happy New Year. The upturned rectangular plates on your kitchen island are most interesting. A creation of you Joe's?


James is so beautiful! Santa were you in the egg nog?

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