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December 21, 2011


Karen G.

I have various boxes and bags for my stash in my bedroom closet. It's not well organized, but it's contained! I just ordered some lavender flowers and will be adding some sachets soon (knitted of course!)
Love the VanGogh collection- I will have to knit myself some Starry Night socks!


My stash is all in one room, but the storage varies from open shelves, small plastic sets of drawers and an under-the-bed box. Well, then there is the yarn on the bed, the yarn on the desk, the yarn on the ironing board--you know.
Can't wait to see the Vincent collection. I'm sure there is room in my stash for a little more.

Kim Deiro

See thru containers downstairs. Project ready bags upstairs. No herbs or sachets.


My stash is stored in a cabinet in our TV room, we live in a 1926 Dutch Colonial that has a room the builder built with cabinets all around, I have commondered one for me


First, the yarn goes into elear plastic bags so the colors can be seen and appreciated. Then they are kept in either white office storage boxes or quilted duffels. I cant wait to add the Opal Graffiti and Vincent van Gogh to my collection!


I do store some yarn on an IKEA book shelves. I also bought some storage carts that stack. This will allow me to view my yarn.


All my skeins (and I have a lot!) are bagged and stored in open wire baskets in one closet. Others are staring at me from my chair side table as I think about the next project while finishing the one on the needles.


My yarn is all stored in see-through plastic containers and sorted as to weight (sock, wstd, bulky, etc.) I had purchased about 5 lbs of fresh lavendar and filled my own sachets to put in the containers and keep the yarn fresh. No problems keeping my yarn fresh and p.s. this is FL

Autumn Pilditch

A good portion is stored in an old dresser in my living room. Top drawer has sock yarn the next has dk weight and worsted. The bottom drawer holds my ball winder and swift and notions. Part of my stash is stored in bins like under the bed and the very special stuff is stored in a bin in my closet. I find it unwise to store it all together because then husband notices how much there really is and it worries him.

Debbie Huett

I'm not very organized with my stash yet... it's here and there usually in bags. Perhaps this next year I'll get it organized... :)


I am in the process of organizing my yarn - so will have a storage bins. Love the idea about homemade saceht with lavendar. Currently - they are in boxes and clear storage containers.


My stash is sorted by weight and type ie: wool/worsted; wool/sock, lace; wool/bulky and then in the bins (semi OCD person that I am) color solids or variegated.


My tiny stash is confined to a large basket by my couch.

Kristine M.

I have my yarn stashed in baskets, in boxes, in plastic storage bins & in bags I rarely use. I think I have yarn in every single room in the apartment.

Liz Noyes

First the skein goes into a ziploc bag and then it goes into a plastic tub in the closet.


I recently organized my stash, so its sorted by weight into Rubbermaid totes. UFO's are in project bags scattered about the house near places to sit. My son's knitting is even more scattered about so there is yarn on tables and floors.
Those Van Gogh colours look intriguing!

Cynthia Parker

I don't keep a lot on hand. Usually keep it in the original shipping bag.


My stash is organized among some drawers by type. I also have some baskets to display both my colorful and interesting yarns as well as by projects being staged.


I separate the handspuns from the other yarns and they are individually bagged up by fiber content; I also have the fibers separated by content more or less if I card fiber and it is mainly alpaca with mohair/ glitz / silk and merino if gets put with the Alpaca. I don't sort the handspuns so much by color as I do fiber and weight.

Cathy Smith

My stash is now in two bins waiting to go into three bins...


I have some of my stash in a basket on display in the living room. The rest is in ziploc bags in my closet. Along with some not so great projects that I hide in my closet and pretend they never existed.


Most of my stash is in Rubbermaid plastic bins in the spare bedroom closet. I will however admit to some bits of yarn around the house in other random places. I use ziploc bags but no herbs.

Allise Vicens

You are all so organized it makes me anxious! I have stash in a see through container in my basement and some stuffed into a container in my den, spare bedroom, (aka "the knitting room")


The 'good stuff' (ie anything from SSYC) goes in ziplock bags, then in one of those rolling plastic drawer stacks. Prayershawl and charity toque yarn goes in a large covered cube bin, and there is always random stuff in a big bag somewhere in my guest room which tends to be given away eventually, just before I find a use for it.

Susan Benzer

No organization to my stash whatsoever. My friends want me to organize it and get it onto Ravelry, but not ready to tackle it yet. I have bags of yarn in almost every room of the house (but not the bathrooms).

Diane Eskritt

I have it stashed in various closet, my son's closet (he doesn't live here so it's ok), and my newest is behind the couch.
I wonder if I could ever knit it all. Not much of a moth problem in this area so no scents.

Mary Chrisman

WHile my yarn is sorted by weight and stored in plastic bins, the bins are in various places throughout the house. The exception to the "rule" is my sock yarn, which is stored in a dresser in the guest/knitting room... the place of honor. I haven't been knitting socks for too long, so my stash isn't too huge YET.

Stephanie V

All yarn stashed in three wooden chests. I recently culled and donated extra to a thrift shop. Then I made a pledge to only knit with stash yarn for six months (time's up Dec 31). I haven't made a big dent, he, he.


I store my yarn in plastic bins. I know they are far from the best option, as plastic emits chemicals which can change the color and degrade yarn over time. But I can't afford conservation quality boxes. I guess I'd better learn to knit faster. Thanks for the giveaway. Happy holidays.


Storage? Several bookcases with assorted baskets and bins, unused upright freezer!

Mary Ann

Alas I feel organization takes away from my knitting time, so I too have some here and some there. Mostly in plastic bins. I feel collecting the yarn is as much fun as knitting it.


My stash is in one area, separated in bins by weight. I do a lot of felting, so wool is separate from blends and cotton. Not a huge stash, but I could definitely knit for awhile with what I have :)

Leslie B. Fehr

Yarn bought for a specific project is stored in a project bag along with the instructions, stash acquired because I just had to have that lovely skein is stored by weight in large totes, although my sock yarn is now in two big totes. And, the dozen or so skeins that I really have to knit up are in a pop-up laundry style hamper next to my chair so that I can gaze upon them and decide what they need to become.


I love Opal and am pleased about the new colorways. My yarn is stored in large Ziploc bags in plastic underbed totes. I do try to separate them by weight.


Until two months ago, I didn't have any stash because I bought only enough yarn for the project. In October, I picked up a ton of yarn from a rummage sale. Right now they are all in ziplock bags. I need to buy some plastic container and get some space to go with it.


I keep my stash in various baskets all in my craft room=)

Mary Ann

I feel these post have been the best so far! After reading them so far I'm happy to know I'm not alone with my obsession. Maybe a chapter of Yarn Stashers Anonymous is necessary. Go YSA!


Plastic bins stacked under the countertop in my laundry room is the "official" place where I keep my stash. THEN, there are the variety of cute totes located throughout my house filled with "to do" projects and projects in progress. I, too, am starting to think I won't be able to get through it all!


Funny you write that now because just last night I bought those IKEA shelving and bins for my yarn. I thought I would have to keep them in plastic bags to keep away moths, but if I could get away with just using lavender, I would much rather do that.


In two drawers.


Most of it is in plastic bins, separated by yarn weight. I've just started spinning, so I'm going to have to find more storage space in my house for that stash. I think it's time to sell my books.


I store my yarn in large see-through plastic bins in our walk-in clothes closet. And a little bit in a large Fresh Step kitty litter container.


My yarn is separated by weight in large see-through plastic tubs. I also have a small pile of skeins on my desk so I can think about what I want to do with them. I love looking at my stash!

Kim B.

My yarn is stored in clear plastic boxes with lids in two cabinets in a bedroom. I have it organized by vendor and weight, although most of what I purchase is fingering or sport weight. I do have some DK and a bit of worsted for wintertime knitting. Can't wait for the new Opal. It still remains my very favorite sock yarn.

Diane E.

I have 2 small plastic rolling carts with clear drawers and a large non see thru plastic bin. I sort by weight and sometimes keep certain colors together. The Van Gogh yarn is BEAUTIFUL. Will keep looking here to see when it's available - have my eye on 3 colors from that. I've knit with Opal yarn before (bought here) and like it very much - the socks last forever and the colors are very nice too!


I store it under my bed in plastic bins. Some I have in a basket, but those are usually in plastic bags. I'm paranoid about moths!


Open bins on open shelves form a wall of yarn.. Some of the bins have a few cedar blocks thrown in. Of course some of it migrates to baskets in a few other places too.


I don't have much of a "stash". The little bit I have that is unused is stored in a clear vinyl garment bag in the closet. Partial skeins are in plastic tubs sorted by fiber content.


I love reading the comments - my is just stored in bags - some in the closet and some behind the sofa where I can get at it easier.
Love the new Van Gogh colors.


I store my stash according to weight in plastic bags in a built-in cabinet. Yarn that has been part of a project and are leftovers go to another designated closet in a plastic bag mixed in weight.


I have been rethinking my current yarn storage situation which is under the bed plastic storage containers. I would love some nice wall shelves that displayed by yarn. I also have quite a few bags hanging around the house filled with yarn. :)


I have a section of the family room as my office area, and my yarn is stored in plastic bins on the shelves there. I also have a few skeins for upcoming sock projects wound into cakes and displayed in a pretty pottery bowl next to my desk.

Those Van Gogh colorways are gorgeous! I will definitely be be buying at least one when they become available.


Most of my stash is in Rubbermaid tubs in the closet of our spare bedroom.I should get it up on ravelry.

Linda Noss

I Use zip lock plastic and an old trunk. Been working off stashed yard for Christmas. Makes it a challenge to get what you want made using what you heve...


Mine is in a large Rubbermaid tote with the lace/sock overflow in cardboard boxes. The WIPs are all in another box, and some in bags.........


Stash all over the house! Under bed plastic bins, space bags in the dresser drawers, ziploc bags in the tv stand.


I use sweater shelves in my closet. They're basically cloth shelves that you hang from the closet rod. I'm lucky that since we have no children and three bedrooms I have a lot of space in closets. I've filled up one sweater shelf full and could really use a second, which I'll probably get after Christmas. Using this system I can store yarn on the shelf by weight. For example, my lace is on the top shelf, fingering on the second, sport and fingering on the third, dk and so on.


My stash is stored mostly in sealed plastic totes. Some in the top of the closet and some in our spare room. Also some skeins in plastic storage bags and project bags. It's always an adventure to open up one of the totes and see all the yarn.


My yarn stash is stored in large plastic tubs -- but then there's a basket in the living room too, and the basket in the bedroom, and the two bags in the spare closet, ... Yikes! It's in more places than I thought!

Judy S-G

I have to admit that I have enough stash to open my own store but we all know that it is a living entity that grows as we do...
Most is in plastic bins sorted by fiber content/weight/color & I do use lavender and pennyroyal since we also have the potential for fleas thanx to the 4 footed family members.


OMIGOSH - the yarn is everywhere! But mostly in drawers under my bed and in a "yarn room" aka The Disaster Area. Must clean that up soon!


I keep my most favourite yarns in a smallish clear plastic bin next to my dresser, I keep my unwound skeins in a small basket, my finished projects reside in a larger cloth basket, and the rest of my stash is stashed in four plastic boxes in the closet.


I store most of my yarn in the big plastic storage bins--one large one just for sock yarn, of course!
The overflow is in shopping bags in the same closet as the bins.


Baskets! Lovely large baskets and one awesome leather one for my faves that are soon to be knit.


The sock yarn is stored in tins that flavored popcorn came in a few yaers ago. My favorite has a pixture of a sow in a pumpkin patch, she looks so content. I love Opal sock yarn, the patterns are so interesting.


My sock yarn stash is stored in a five drawer, glass fronted display case/dresser. I love to look at it each time I enter the room. It is a decoration all by itself. And yes, it is full to overflowing and still I keep buying more yarn.


I like to use the flexible plastic containers that bed sheets come in. What would you call those things? Anyway, they sit nicely on a shelf and are small enough that I can put all the Lorna's Laces in one, Koigu in another, etc.

Renee Anne

Oh yarn I love and hate thee. I'd say around 90% of my yarn is stored in rubbermaid bins in a closet. I do have some in a basket and some in project bags (or larger bags) but most of it is shoved in bins in the closet.

I need to get my yarn under control...especially since it's not anywhere close to being organized.


Before moving, I kept my stash in plastic storage boxes. I have the ones from the Container Store. The under-bed and sweater boxes are my favorite. Since we have moved to our new home, I now have a cedar-lined window seat where most of my stash is kept. I also have a cedar chest. A few items are still in plastic boxes. Besides cedar, I have lavender sachets which I have made from my own home-grown lavender.


Most of my yarn is stored in plastic bins by size. I do have one really old cedar chest that belonged to my mother-in-law full of worsted weight. I put bags of home grown lavender in the cedar chest (because it's lost it's cedar smell and has gaps in the wood at the bottom).


My stash is in a cabinet, plastic bins, large carrier bags, and every place I can store it.

Elizabeth Seager

I have stash in plastic bins, but it is not all organized. I have multiple sock projects in progress on needles.


I keep my sock yarn stash in clear Sterilite bins. Sweater quantities are kept in the XL Ziploc bags. All of it is in the Stash Closet.


Giant ziplock bag or plastic containers. I use lavender sachets.


I keep my stash in a plastic tub in the closet. Nothing fancy here.


It's all stashed in one room. I've placed everything in plastic bins and plastic bags. I hope to clean my craft room soon,that way I can see what I have.


Wow, I am SOOOO excited about that Van Gogh collection. Already planning to get the entire collection.


2 plastic bins, a couple of boxes, and some bags from the LYS. I could stand an upgrade.


I don't treat my stash as nicely as I should. I have several wicker baskets and they are there in a spare bedroom closet. Storing this way doesn't allow viewing and I quickly forget what I have.


My stash is organized by type and stored in covered baskets.


I store my stashed yarn in a big plastic Container with a snap on lid. I had to go and buy a bigger one because the one I had before I could not get the lid on.....

Nathanne Verner

I use old printer paper boxes that I got for free from a print shop. Knitting Guild said that was better for the yarn. Not sure about that though since I did have some mouse problems with a couple of them. I taped a little piece of the yarns to the outside so I know what's in the box. After a while as my stash grew even more I started storing yarn in plastic bins from Walmart, and now I use the clear soft zipper bags you get for pillows and sheets, and I like them for yarn because they are flexible when I want to store them on shelves, or carry them around. I also use those giant ziplock storage bags I bought at the store which are see through, and have handles built into them.


My stash is spread out all over my guestroom; stored in plastic bags. When I have someone that wants to stay with me, i have to reply "I'm sorry, but I don't have room for you in my yarn room." It's all about the priorities.


I have yarn stored in various places in my home office. I have the Ikea cubes, but then use canvas bins in those cubes to keep the yarn in check. I have some lavender and other sachets, but should get some more.


I have no organizational system at all. Some are in plastic bins, some in the original bag I brought them home in, some in baskets sitting here and there. I am a bad yarn mommy.


My stash is kept in large plastic bins, by fiber....I've made lavender sachets to put in each bin (which makes the yarn smell really good when I knit!). This helps me when I want to knit something special, I can get my bin out and start planning.


i used to keep all of my koigu out in a bowl for enjoyment but then i m#*^hs so i now keep every thing in an old trunk in plastic bags and the overflow is in container store storage bags
i do bring it out to fondle often!


My stash is in large plastic bins, which are stored in various places around the house. The sock and other superwash yarns are under the guest bed in the loft; handspun yarns and sweater-worths of yarn each have own bin and are on shelves under the stairs; cotton yarns (not in use right now) and various "random balls" are in a bin under the eaves upstairs. There are a few work-baskets in the living room, and an open storage basket with yarn for WIPs and upcoming projects, also under the stairs.
I used to keep all my yarn in one place; I think I like having it spread out like this - less overwhelming! Though someday I'd love to have a glass-doored cabinet (or two!) to keep it all in, protected but visible.


I love the Van Gogh collection. I store my yarn in cubes but they aren't Ikea.


I have a pie chest in the living room that holds yarn. And a basket next to the couch. And several bags in the living room. And some WiPs hiding in my pants drawer. ::sigh::

Kim Baker

I store. My yarn in baskets.


My stash is in a rubbermaid container beside my bed that also doubles as my bed side table right now.


My yarn is all on shelves in my closet. First, it goes into Ziploc bags, then it goes into fabric cubes (or cardboard boxes because I've run out of cubes).


I found myself with an empty dresser after my daughter's boyfriend (now ex!) moved out of our house, so before anyone noticed I filled it with yarn! That's where my yarn stash is living now!

Beverly McCutcheon

I have plastic see through containers so I can stack them but still see everything.

Dana Berry

I've recently moved most of my stash into ikea woven cubes in our bookcase. It looks very nice, although I wouldn't mind being able to see the yarn through clear cubes. But however I store my yarn it has to be secure from the cats!


Lavender sachets are great for adding to my stash which I keep in large decorative boxes in a bookcase.


My yarn is not organized. More recent purchases are on a shelf in my office; older purchases are in two containers from Cost Plus. This works for me though.


Right now I stash yarn in see thru bins - I try to keep them organized, but I find myself still searching on occasion. I often dream of having a wall display like in the yarn stores ....
Just recently I introduced herbal sachets to the knitted items in my dresser, but I don't have them in the yarn bins.


I store my stash in three Rubbermaid plastic storage bins in the bottom of my closet. I have a few skeins out for decoration, but most of it is in the storage. One bin is jammed full of sock yarn. A second bin is all sweater yarn. The third is kind of a mix of odds and ends.

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