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December 20, 2011



hmmm...lots. but not nearly as much as I would have liked. I keep telling people I need to quit work because I have way too much knitting to do!


Not as many as I'd like, but more than I expected. Maybe a couple dozen - I don't really remember.


I'm guessing 25 - 30, but that is a complete guess. I've made quite a few scarves that I haven't put on Ravelry.


i have finished about 25 projcets this year.
Mostly scarfs, baby hats and some crochet owls.
I have never made so many as this year.


I knit like a madwoman this year, between projects for myself and making hats and toys to sell at our church Pumpkin Patch. I would guess around twenty-five - oops, didn't add in all the crochet snowflakes which take very little time!


Haha! I can probably count on one hand the number that I "finished." The ones I "started" is a whole other matter. It's probably a little less than I usually do, but not by much.


I think I finished about 25 projects - mostly accessories. I have a new niece to knit for too, so that's been fun.

Lucy Portland

I've knit three pair of socks and a hat. I have a vet, a sweater, an two pair of socks started.


At least 20-25 projects this year. Socks, scarves, baby sweaters
Never without knitting


I knit way more this year. Lots of small easy projects.


I have absolutely no idea but I know I didn't knit much for myself this year--two hats that I can think of and a pair of fingerless mitts. For presents, I remember a baby blanket and booties, a shawl,and a pair of fingerless mitts (which I am almost finished). I did a decent amount of knitting for charity--six baby hats, five stump socks, and three scarfs. It sure doesn't look like I've done much yet I always seem to be knitting.:-(


I've probably done about 7 or 8 items this year, and I think they were all baby projects, so definitely less knitting than usual. Not surprising since I have a baby. I'm guessing next year will be more of the same.


This year I knit 16 projects, 2 were sock projects and the other 14 were non-sock projects. I did a lot of weaving and spinning too this year in between the knitting.


Right around 40. It was the Year of the Hat for me. I finished 12 hats and I am also counting all the WIP's I kicked out this year.

I'm in the Ravelry Star Trek Fiber Arts Corp and the motivation of points and promotions has really helped!

Lori Beth

I finished only 4 projects, but with a difficult downsizing move this Fall, my knitting plans for holiday gift-giving did not happen. But the yarn is purchased and the patterns selected for NEXT year's projects.


I completed between 25 - 30 projects this year, although with Christmas knitting it might be closer to 35, which is probably more than usual for me. I wanted to keep myself busy, and found that having my hands moving and playing with soft stuff was one of the best balms for a sad heart.

Here's to a happier 2012 for everyone!


My knitting was down this year because I quit my job to stay home and be a foster Mom and homeschool the children in my care. I did finish about 30 items though, and taught one of my girls to knit!

Mary Beth

I knit more than 30 projects in 2011!! This is the most I have ever knit, mostly because I began knitting socks. And I am finally getting confident enough to give my knitting as gifts! I hope to continue to grow in my skills and make more time to knit even more!!

Judi Schaffer

My 2011 knitting count was pretty low, only 21 finished projects. This includes some really big projects, 2 afghans and several sweaters along with socks and a few hats. I'm hoping 2012 will find more knitting time.

Ashley W

I probably knit about a dozen project this year. That's probably more than normal for me. I like wearing handknit socks, but they take me a while (small needles, lots of stitches!), so I added some variety with a lace shawl, man's sweater, and hat/mitts combo. I'm currently working on a pair of socks that have been abandoned since last January!

Patricia Richardson

I completed 15 projects in 2011 which is way more than 2010. Four babies were born in 2011, including my great-grandson in Oct. I crocheted 3 ABC Baby blankets, 2 mitered square baby blankets, 4 charity squares, and a purse. I knit a hat, cowl, capelet and 2 moebius scarves. Projects that I started this year but are still WIPs include a knitted moebius, shawlette and socks and a crocheted afghan. I'm still hoping to complete one or two of the WIPs before the new year.


Probably 5 or so. Not nearly as many as I thought about doing...


I think I knit a bit more than my usual slow knitting ie not very much to show for it. I can think of 2 pairs of socks, a shawl, a scarf started yrs ago, but finished, fingerless mitts, headbands, and a couple of hats.


I think I have less than 10 projects this year. My baby was born in February and learning to take care of an infant, a toddler, and a household was challenging. Hopefully next year will be better!


I'm always knitting something each day. This year i have finished more things on my needles then last year. I plan on knitting more socks for me next year!


I've completed 28 projects this year, mostly socks and shawls, which is about what I did last year. We'll see if I can add to that total before the year ends :)

Nancy H

I don't really count projects. In fact, I want to start keeping a list so I can at least remember what I've knit for whom. Mostly socks, hats, mittens. Probably 25 - 30 altogether this year. My new norm, I guess.


I made 5 pairs of socks this year! I also found 2 socks with no partner. Will have to finish them next year!


I only got 9 projects done this year (and a few of them still need a little finishing work.) And hopefully I will have one more done before Christmas!

Karen R

Oh, tough question...2small shawls, several hats, several pairs of fingerless mitts, one summer sweater and two cowls....

Lisa P

Gosh, I'd guess at least 10 pairs of socks, and I knit my first sweater in 20 years :)
I think it's more knitting than in the past.

Judy W

My count for 2011 is currently at 14. May be possible to finish the second sock which is now at the heel, but started a beautiful sweater on Sunday and that is holding my interest. (Never mind that I have a family dinner to prepare, packages to wrap, etc.)

Diane E.

I'm recalling 20 projects completed with another on my needles now. More than usual - would like to have knit more. That may be my one and only resolution in 2012 - to knit more :-)


Finished around 20 projects this year. I like small projects - fingerless mittens, hats, small shawls and of course socks. This was the first year I tried the sock club and the yarns were great - knit them up right away. That inspired me to do a few more projects than usual this year.


I have knit about 15 projects this year. This doesn't count all the wip's I've started. Lol.


I'm not sure how many items that I knitted this year......maybe about eight. (This more than I completed in 2010.) The really neat thing is that I can make personalized gifts for friends.


Congratulations on your beautiful store.
2011 was a year I put effort into finishing projects, and you can guess, many of them were second socks! I can say most of the socks became pairs, and the lace shawls got finished. But the sweaters? They briefly made it out of the cupboard, and sadly are back in there. I too should stick to socks.


Looks like I have about 18 projects. (And hopefully a few more before the end of the year.) I am knitting more than I did last year!


I knitted 23 projects this year. That's more than 2010 (16) but I started knitting in November 2009 so as the years go on, I have learned to knit faster!


I only finished about 10 items this with 4 unfinished in bags. I mostly knitted childrens scarves and socks and adult socks. Working on a sweater not.


Gee - I had to go to Ravelry and count! I've completed 26 projects to date. I have a second sock I need to complete - but most of my projects have been shawls from sock yarn. I've made two Guernsey Wraps, a tweed sweater for my daughter for Christmas, 3 Fair Isle hats, and a bundle of shawls - most of which were given away. I can't wait to see what I learn next year!


If I can count each afghan square as a project I doubled my finished projects from 2010 to 2011.

I hope to finish the afghan edge then get back to knitting shawls in 2012.


This year I have only finished knitting a set of booties socks for a new grandchild. Both of my parents passed away this year, and I have had trouble concentrating on anything for very long. I have started several shawls and ripped them out.


This was a light year for me with probably only 6-10 projects. I'm hoping nest year is better.


A couple dozen or more. I always have several on the needles at one time. Socks and shawls are my favorites.


I've knit about 12 items. Work seems to get in the way!


I knitted around 20, maybe...did a lot of little projects & finished last years' Christmas items! It seemed like a lot less than I would normally do - certainly a lot less knitting than I would have liked to have done!


I did 26! There are four still in progress, so I finished 22 in 2011. Less socks than I usually do, but way more neck-warmers. So it all balances out, I guess.


I think I did about 10 projects this year. Most socks or smaller things, but I did manage to knit one sweater for my husband.


This was a huge year for knitting for me as I discovered so many great on-line resources. Also, I got the 'bright' idea to knit for my kids and the cousins twice this year and the number kept expanding as I found that more were coming. 25?


I was far more successful in the beginning of the year. I think I've completed less than a dozen projects. Overwhelmed with work I've only been able to finish one project in the last month. Here's hoping 2012 is more productive.


I've complete about 12 projects - that is significantly less than usual. Here's to more in 2012!


Probably 20-25 finished. Always have a few on needles in the wings.
Best wishes to all for a properous knitting new year!


I will finish around 15 projects. I knit more yardage than I did last year!


not as many as I thought about! about a dozen,(more or less....)


I have to guess about 25. I am in awe of knitters who chronicle every FO on Ravelry, but that's not me.


Hmm. About 25 or more. And my first socks this year!


I've completed 13 projects from sweaters to booties. Right now, I have 4 hats underway and 3 sets of mittens to finish for Christmas plus a set of longies and socks underway. I don't think I have forgotten any :-) I'd have more done but my arthritic elbow has been complaining and slowing me down:-(


I completed 20 projects and have another underway. One of them was the contribution of 150 squares to a charity project producing blankets for the fistula hospital in Ethiopia. It also included 13 pairs of socks and the first cardigan I have ever made. And I have a growing pile of squares made from leftover sock yarn which is growing slowly. I'm halfway through number 21 which I expect will be finished before the end of the year. Great sense of accomplishment!

Cindy Kuipers

Well, I won't count dishclothes because I am constantly working on those for people who ask for them. And, how do I count the projects that I started, then ripped out, and then restarted? :)

Betty Peterson

OMG I did not realise I made over 60 items this year, most for charity, ranging from scarves and socks to jumper and even an afghan. I will definitely have to tally them next year :)


My total project count for 2011 is somewhere in the 50s. I knit more small things this year, so it sounds like more than it really is!

Constance Brewer

About 10 completed projects - not as many socks knit this year as I wanted to knit...


I'm not at all sure, but I'll say 10, less than normal.

Ilisha Helfman

Hard to say. I knit small projects that could be complete in themselves but sometimes I combine them together into larger projects. Case in point: 5 peacocks, an octopus and a couple of starfish all ended up making one garment.


By the end of this year, it'll be around 20. Less than I'd like, probably more than I have before. Half of that number are pairs of socks and another few pairs of mittens, so really, shouldn't the number be higher? ;D I look forward to doing more every year!

Marjorie Dewey

I finished 13 projects this year: 5 scarves, 2 cowls, 3 pairs of socks, 2 shawls, and 1 vest. My normal average is less than 3 projects per year, but this year I decided to try new techniques and finish 1 UFO when 1 new project was finished, so that "encouraged" me to get even more accomplished!


I have knit 25 projects this year-which is down for me. I developed tendonitis and inflamed muscles in my right arm so I had to knit less or not knit at all. I was knitting TOO much.


I knit about 10 things this year. Mostly socks, but I did a circular shawl for a friends wedding.


29 projects finished.
I lost at least 2 months to a repetitive stress injury in my hands, probably close to 3 months lost.
Most of those 29 projects are simple hats for the Ships Project.

Donna Wingfield

I think I finished 18 projects this year-- some large and some small. This was about average for my yearly knitting production.


I don't keep formal count so I'm guessing: 15 pair socks, 3 scarves, 6 hats, 2 adult sweaters. This is less than I usually knit because I've been having physical therapy on my shoulders and they hurt from the exercises. Hopefully I'll end up stronger and able to knit more than ever.

Cathy k.

Between 20 and 25. At least tree more I fly off the hook before the end of the week.


I knit a pitiful 15 or so projects, and here are my excuses - I crocheted bunches of snowflakes, painted several rooms, and sadly, had to go to work too much!


Let me see....I think 20 or so. Lot's of baby things ,Barbie doll clothes,hats,scarfs,socks,etc!


Not sure, less than 10----have more UFOs, tho. I should take pics of finished projects and then I'd have a record. Going to a cabin for the month of January---should be able to get off to a good start on knitting projects for 2012!!


I've knit around 30 things. Some were socks, shawls, hats and scarves. I never get tired of knitting. Thanks for the give-away! Love Fleece Artist!


I have completed about a dozen projects this year. Those are completed. I also have finished knitting pieces for sweaters, etc. that still have to be put together. I mainly knit shawls, socks, and scarves.


I finished knitting about 10 projects. There are a few more started but not finished.


According to Ravelry I've finished 20 projects so far in 2011. I hope to finish two more before the end of the year. One of which will be my first crochet project.


Wow, I'm going to have to say around 20. I usually don't get much done in the summer and I was a spinning fiend after getting my new wheel in february so knitting was put on hold for a bit=)

Nancy Sprissler

I only knit about 8 items this year, mostly
socks. This is less than usual but it was a
busy year in other way. I hope to get some
of the ones I couldn't finish this year done
in 2012. I need to pare down the stash a little.


I think I did about 30 or more projects. this year. Wow what a great year for knitting.

Jill Love


Michelle N McCrillis

Probably twenty to thirty which is probably more than average. It has been a challenging year for me between work and family.


I knit less this year because I started weaving & spinning this year. Wish I had more fiber time... That darn work stuff gets in the way of all of the fun stuff I want to do:-)


What ever I did not, it was not nearly enough to compensate for my yarn stash that is beyond this life.............


I did 10 pair of booties for gifts in the last 2 moths.


Ironically I was just going through my projects to see how productive 2011 was for me. I knit/crocheted 26 items. For some reason it sounds like a small amount, but when I break it down it is about 2 projects a month. Which is kind of ok by me. :)
Half of those projects were socks. I made a goal to finish a pair a month. I came out with 14 new pairs of socks this year. Yeah!


I don't even want to try to count, but I know it'w WAAAAAAAY less than I did last year. 2011 brought me a new baby in April, and I already had a new baby from 2010! That brought our household to a total of 5 boys, and that meant Mom got very little time to knit. That's ok though - this is a season, and while there wasn't a lot of extra time in 2011, there will come a year when I have all the time I want to knit, and no boys in the house, and I know I'll miss them.


I'm going to say 30-something. I had a dry spell in the spring b/c don't knit a lot when I'm marathon training b/c I go to bed early and obviously spend a lot of my free time running! and stretching and making sure I'm eating well :)


Unfortunately,I completed only a handful of projects. Moving takes time and energy.

Vasiliki Starborn

I only knit 12 projects so far in 2011. I fell into a knitting funk and didn't knit anything from March until August.

Kathy Sue

I think I did 12 projects this year. At least 12.


I completed about two dozen projects this year as I like to focus on socks, shawls, cowls, scarfs, gloves and knitting for my grandchildren.


Looking at my projects on Ravelry and the one I just finished but haven't posted yet, it looks like my total is four. That's way less than usual - I seem to be having trouble finishing things this year (no trouble starting them, though).

There are also a few dish cloths, but I don't really count them.


I knit 28 projects this year. It seems like I knit less projects because I knit a lot of sweaters. Normally I knit more lace pieces.


20 pr 25 projects, mainly socks? It was a bit less than normal, due to a cross-country move.


my count is about 27. Less than last year, but a few larger projects.

Kay L

So far I've completed 56 pairs of socks, 6 shawls and 4 afghans. Oh, and two baby sweaters. I should get at least two more pairs of socks done before the end of the month. I did more knitting all together this year than I did last year. My goal on the socks was to knit 52 pairs and I surpassed that so I'm happy!

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