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December 20, 2011



33 for me. That's a little higher than normal, but I knitted a lot of gifts this year -- relatively small projects like mitts or neckwarmers.

Abby M

On ravelry I'm at 52, but sometimes I won't put gifts on there or charity items. In the last two months I know of one hat and 3 xmas ornaments that didn't get in there... I knit all the dang time.

Compared to 2010 - probably a little more because of a job change that doesn't mind my knitting at my desk. :). Thinking time actually works now.


I have completed about 13 projects, which consist of an assortment of sweaters/cardigan/shawl/scarves/hats/socks/dress, and currently have 4 on the needles. This is quite an achievement for me considering that I only picked up knitting in September 2010!

Cammy Cochrane

I've completed 33+ projects, of which there were 16 pair of socks... I don't really know if this is going ot be the norm as this has only been my 2nd year knitting...


I finished 23 projects in 2011, which is 7 more than I completed in 2010. I took early retirement from my job in March, so I now have much more knitting time. It will be interesting to see if a full year of retirement knitting in 2012 will result in even more completed projects a year from now.


I have given several gifts and some socks! So I would guess because I am a slow and not constant knitter I made 6 projects this year.

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