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December 20, 2011



I knit a record-breaking (for me, anyway) 36 items, ranging from socks (of course) to blankets.


I have 50 project pages, however one of these projects has 50 projects inside. (I knit 50 monsters and took them to Haiti.) I know there are a few that didn't get put on ravelry so I'm going to say 115 projects. This was A LOT more than 2010.


I am a pretty slow knitter, but this year I finished 13 pairs of socks and that is more than I have done in the last several years.

Kathleen B.

Ravelry shows about 35 completed not counting a couple dozen hats. This is much more than the norm but really enjoying knotting these days.

Leslie B. Fehr

I think I've finished 25 projects this year - from a sweater for me to a bunch of hats for myself and friends and some baby items. I think it is the most I've completed in the last several years. We'll see how it goes for next year - I'm going to keep a journal of projects this time around.


I have completed about 15 projects this year. I have been in transition for over a year, living with my parents and then in an apartment while we waited for our house to sell - which it finally did in November. I found knitting to be a good way to deal with all of the stress. I am not a fast knitter, though. But I did try some Shawls this year out of sock yarn - they are addictive!


Depending on the project from small (socks) to large (queen size blanket), I'd say I do about 30-40 or more per year. I'm starting to really love doing socks and finding new ways of doing toes, heel and patterns.


19 this year, but that doesn't count 10 headbands that I knit for my DD's Irish Dance school. Need to knit more of those too. Lots of babies coming this year, so that will add more too!


I have knit more in 2011 than in 2010, but that is because I am a much better knitter in 2011. I have learned many new skills to help me with my knitting. I would have to say that I knit about 15 items this past year, two of which were adult sweaters and 1 baby sweater for my new grandson...hoping to knit more in 2012. Socks are my favorite knitting project, and I love your yarn.

Meghan Routt

I've knitted about 10 year there will be more!


I completed 20 projects this past year, more than 2010, but abt right for 2009.

Mary T

I finished at least 20 projects (that I can remember).


I didn't keep track. I knitted several scarfs and also several pairs of socks. I didn't get my shawl finished this year and am still working on a pair of socks.


According to my list, 42 and counting (still have to finish the socks on my needles)! Less impressive than it sounds because a lot of these were hats for charity, which knit up quickly.

Beverly McCutcheon

It was a slow year for me. I think I did around 12 projects including 2 sweaters. My goal is to work down my Ravelry que list with my stash.......and a few fun purchases.


I have knitted around 12 projects this year, 4 of them being sweaters. I did knit more this year than the past years since I wanted to try more challenging projects this year.


About 35 projects this year. This was higher than normal because I had to have surgery and had a long recovery. I'm better now but I am still cranking them out.


I went out to Ravelry and I have 9 rows of 5 projects, so 45 projects!! WOW! Thanks for the opportunity to win!


I counted up 52 and anticipate finishing 1-2 more before the end of the year.


Far less than usual. I was very busy working full time and going to school part time. I do see 15 projects on Ravelry though (mostly small ones) and I have another large shawl that will be complete before the end of the year.


LOL! I kept a scorecard...


Guess what New Year's Resolution is going to be?????


I knitted/felted approx. 36 flowers for my wedding, 2 shawls, 2 pairs of socks, 5 sets of mittens...a sawtooth scarf. How about an estimate of 46 projects?


I'd guess about 12 projects? Fascinated by lace knitting, but thin yarn, and small needles...these projects take a while! I haven't tried socks yet, but soon I'll try a pair. I have used the "sock yarns" but for scarves and a couple with beads added. I have probably 6 or 8 projects to finish, hopefully over the holidays, and then ready for a new adventure!


This was the year of finishing random projects. not sure how many. Several were projects I had on the needles for years.

Cathy Patterson

24 projects

Carla in MT

4 pairs socks, 2 baby sweaters, 3 hats, 2 mittens, 1 pair leggings, shawlette, 2 cowls, ..... about the same as last year. Hope to get more shawls knit this year, and to finally finish a sweater that is waiting for blocking/seaming.

Denise Royal

Not totally sure how many I finished but I know I had 26 unfinished at the beginning of the year and finished 11 of those plus several new projects.


I a few baby blankets, 2 hats, 4 pairs of socks, not much. I got a puppy so its so hard to say no to her when she lays her head on my knitting and looks up with those big brown eyes wanting to go for a walk or to play!


I think about 20-25 projects; I would have to look at my journal for the exact number. Since some are pairs, like socks and mittens, it is actually more individual items.


Probably a couple dozen, mostly socks. Includes one shawlette that I frogged several times and an afghan for the couch. So a couple of larger projects and many small ones.

Susan Hill

It's impossible for me to say how many completed projects since I am constantly finishing and then immediately start a pair of socks. I finished two lace shawls of which I'm very proud and am finally learning to knit hats in the round of which I've done about 4. Then there are the many scarves I knit. Knitting is definitely my passion and my love.


I know for sure that I knit over 5,000 yards. I hope to do more sweaters in the new year!


Oh, gosh, I totally lost count. I know there were at least a dozen adult-size hats and well over 50 preemie hats for the NICU. A handful of baby sweaters, a pair of wristwarmers, and four and a half socks (or maybe more than that? Like I said, I lost count!). And that's not counting the dishcloths.


I completed 37 projects in 2011. That may be an increase because I retired this year. The big majority are socks, but I also knit a scarf, a sweater, and a lot of Christmas balls.


2011 was a great Craft Year for me! Lots and lots of knitting (socks, shawls, hats and fingerless mittens, pillow covers, baby sweaters and hats), finishing up some projects started long ago, and even some crocheting! I'm starting to sew and get back to embroidery too. My yarn is all categorized and I have a Knit Next list on my desktop, so I'm ready for anything!


this year i knit about 14 projects... i think that's more for me than usual, as last year i knit 7 projects... i'm improving as a knitter as time goes on so i get faster / more prolific. :)

thanks for sharing!

Ann Austerman

This year was most unusual. I work at a local winery and as part of the "Wine Trail" marketing program, there is an annual holiday event which involves giving a Christmas ornament to go on a wreath. This event covers two weekends and over 2000 tickets are sold for the two weekends. Since it was the 25th anniversary of the wine trail, my employer wanted to do a handmade ornament. We decided on crochet wreaths. Starting in January of 2010, I did about 2600 wreaths. Some of the other workers helped with adding ribbon as finishing. As far a personal projects, I have knit 10 pairs of socks and am working on 2 more pair. I have also crocheted 4 quick cowls.


6 plus 4 works in progress. Pretty normal for me (I'm slow & don't get to knit as much as I'd like)

Rachel R.

This has been kind of a slow knitting year for me - I changed jobs and have had a lot of family issues, so knitting time has been at a bit of a premium. I haven't even updated my Ravelry with everything I'm completed, so my best guess is about 8 - 10!


I probably finished about 20 projects with 11 shawls of various size included I also knitted my first cowl, some scarves and mittens and socks. This might be a project or two more than 2010 but not by much.


Since I started knitting hats for my daughter and all of her college friends this year, I would estimate that I made about 20 hats plus about 20 other projects. This is likely more than I did in 2010, and I anticipate even more in 2012 as my hat business heats up!


Around 10? I'm very happy with what I accomplished as I tried a number of new techniques this year. I think I've done more stash acquiring than actual knitting, haha...

Betsy Kay

I finished at least 25 projects, but I am carrying over 4 projects into 2012.


Yikes. I started and completed six projects and started without completing an additional seven. Eek! I'm thinking the beginning of 2012 needs to be devoted to finishing WIPs.


I finished about 20 projects this year, with most of it being Christmas gifts. My favorite was a pair of socks made from Claudia's Handpainted.

Nathanne Verner

I didn't count my projects, but I think I knit at least 25 projects in 2011. I knit several pairs of socks, lots of scarves and shawls, and some really big projects that took longer than normal. I am hoping to learn to speed up my knitting so I can get things done more quickly, but then that often leads to making mistakes that take time to fix, and so I plod along anyway.

Cynthia  in NC

I have no idea. For me it is the knitting process and the beauty of the yarn that I love! Thank you for the contest. This colorway is beautiful! Wishing you and your family a Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year!


I'm guessing about 8-10 and it ranged from a couple of vests to socks to a scarf or two to, I forget what else. And I am in the middle of a shrug and a sweater but don't know if I'll get both done before the year ends.


Maybe 10. That's more than some years, and less than others.


Lets see 8 holiday scarves, 4 baby sweaters, 4 sweaters for me, 6 shawlettes so that is about 22 so far this year. I may finish another sweater before the stroke of midnight New Years so I may hit 23 finished objects in 2011!


Hmmm - I think about 20-25 which I think is typical. A lot of scarves and socks, some charity knitting, and a couple of sweaters


Only about 10 this year, but as I retired a couple of months ago, I hope to do far more next year.

Donna Gerber

I'm not sure I actually completed any projects, but have started a few and worked on others already started. I'm determined to finish something by the end of the year, especially since I started knitting something a couple weeks ago for a Christmas gift. Sure hope I get it done. Am planning on having a better knitting year in 2012!


I knit socks all the time and have probably finished 50 pair this year...I also have a project on the go of knitting or crocheting 55 scarves for the Special Olympics Team BC going to Nationals in Banff Alberta. I have completed 35 so far. I have probably completed 40 or so other projects this year also. My needles seldom stop.

Amy G

Finished: very few! Started: way too many! Working on finishing a Christmas sweater in literally record time - 4 weeks. I always have a sock in the purse, just not always a second sock.


I had a slow knitting year, just 8 projects finished. Hopefully I'll have time for more in 2012.


So far this year, I've completed 48 projects!
This is way more than usual... In fact, it's more than double the total amount of projects I've completed up until the start of the year... and I've been knitting for 7 years!
I think what really pushed me to go at it this year is the combination of discovering hand-dyed yarn, and a good online community complete with fiber friends.
Of course, my stash has grown to 10x's the amount I had prior to this year, too...


Big and little projects counted together is probably 50.


You mean we are suppose to keep count??!! I know I did 4 pairs of mittens, 8 pairs of socks, several shawletts/scarves a group of hats for the High School color guard team - my daughter was the captain and a few odd ball things. The majority of these out of sock yarn. You know sock yarn does not count as stash.

Kathy B

I am guessing may 20-25. Decided this year to attack the myriad of wool single skeins in my stash and make up hats and mittens for the shelter. Lots of socks started; no pair quite completed...yet

Kim B.

I probably did 15 projects. My goal for next year is to complete 12 each month plus knit other things.


I probably knit around 10 projects. I have already challenged myself to knit more in 2012!

Jody Beutler

I knitted about 20 projects this year, and have 3 others on needles. I usually slow down during the week before Christmas - too many activities going on.


Scanning my Ravelry page, I completed 26 projects of various sizes, contributed to several group blankets, and made pretty good progress on a big blanket of my own. Not too shabby!


I think I completed somewhere around 30 projects. Probably more - I have been bad at keeping ravelry up to date!


If I count my WIPs, I am at 28, which is appropriate because it is also my age. I think it's been a pretty standard year for me. I usually knit more socks, though! This year I focused on sweaters.


Just checked my knitting notebook and I count 14 including a crib-size log cabin blanket and one sweater. This doesn't include all the cotton washrags I knit when I want a quick project or get frustrated with my other knitting.
I knit everyday but am not an exceptionally fast knitter....I was surprised I only had 14 projects!


As of tonight, I'll have finished 15 projects. A very busy year and happy year.

Sharon B

I haven't knit as much as I wanted to do , but I'll say at least 12. With the busy schedule my kids keep us at, it's hard to get it in. I will try more this year!!

Ruth g

I did about a normal amount for me. Lots of socks this year as I spent a lot of time at soccer games.

Renee Anne

I know I've knit 7 or 8 hats, finished two pairs of socks (one pair was started in 2010)....I think that's about it. I have a bunch of WIPs, though :)

I could have sworn that I had more done than that...I guess that's the new mommy brain failing me again. Oh well.


I've completed at least 20 projects this year but some of them were very easy scarves for the holidays. I won't admit to how many UFO's there on the needles .......


About a dozen this year. I've had a hard time focusing and keeping with a project, so I have lots of UFOs.


Not as many knitted projects as I would have liked. I got involved with some quilting projects this year but hope to get back to knitting in 2012.


wow! I DID not count but it is a great idea for 2012. I used to keep a journal of every thing I knit, but I would rather spend the time knitting. I will estimate 24--lots of small things and no sweaters.

Sue J

good night! how much did I knit? hmmmmmmmmmmm
finished 1 shawl, knit about 8 scarves, probably 10pairs of socks, at least 20 hats, and started at least 20more projects!!! LOL!


I learned to knit socks on small circular needles - I love it!!!

Elizabeth Seager

About 1/2 dozen socks, a sweater, and a 1/3 completed sweater. Yummy sock yarn is always tempting!


I finished 8 projects. I started many more :-)I wanted to expand beyond socks this year and have knit two vests and a cardigan. Sweaters take much longer!


I've probably completed about 10 or 12 projects this year, most of those being socks and shawls. Since I never really keep track of how many things I finish, I can't say for sure if that's more or less than normal, but I think it's pretty good, seeing that I almost remember frogging things more than finishing them :/


I just roughly counted about 50 knit/crochet projects. That's probably pretty typical. I do a lot of little instant gratification projects mixed in with the larger projects.


I checked Ravelry and I completed 20 knitting projects this year and have only 1 on the needles right now. I think it's a little less than what I've done in the past because I'm spinning more now.

Helena Dias

I completed in 2011 about 18 knitted projects.

Jennifer Cameron

Gosh, I might have finished through to completion maybe 5 or 6 projects? Not sure...I'm very good at starting. Not so good at finishing. HA!


If I finish the WIPs currently on the needles before the new year (which is not an unreasonable goal) I will have completed 18 projects in 2011, 5 of them adult-sized sweaters (!!!) So I guess 2011 is my Year of the Sweater.
I definitely knit more in 2011 than I did in 2010 or 2009... but those were the first years after my divorce, my transition from Housewife Extraordinaire to Working Overtime Woman. I'm very happy that I found time to enhance my life with yarn this year; hopefully 2012 will be even more knitterly!

Sandra Keithj

I knitted only about eight projects this year. My husband died suddenly 18 months ago and I always sat by him and knitted and have been unable to knit again until recently. I'm glad to be back to a favorite hobby.


I knit about 15 projects this year. I'm not sure what is normal as I have only been knitting for a couple of years now.

jenna m

including dishcloths/washcloths around 103 items. all knitting.


I'm horrible, horrible, horrible about photographing and keeping records of my projects. I have a feeling I knitted more than in 2010, but I have no way of knowing how much more. I know I finished three sweaters this year, along with 6 or 8 shawls/scarves, several pairs of mittens/fingerless gloves, a few hats. Shoot, I don't know. I honestly don't think I managed to complete a single pair of socks, though. Perhaps that should be one of my 2012 goals...back to the socks!

Margaret Marquis

I fell short of what I normally knit. I did finish three sweaters and four sock monkeys, a hat, a scarf and nothing else that I can remember - so about 9. That is way off for me. I picked up running this year and that is where I have been.


I do quite a bit of Christmas knitting this year, and it is usually last minute. I decided to make my (adult) daughter a sweater about ten days ago, and I am finishing it up today. Luckily, she wears an XS.

Cheryl Ellis

How many projects?? Since I knit and crochet and sew it's hard to say - but I really enjoy the time I spend with each project - and yarn! I too am more of a process person, I love all the colorways and the feel of the wonderful yarns that are available and inspire me so. I am so thankful my mother shared her enthusiasm for knitting.


I've completed a bit more than last year -- a large laceweight shawl, a couple shawlettes, a some cowls. Hoping to do more next year.

Maya (MayaMoonie)

I'm up to 37 projects, with a few more to come. Most of the 38 are socks, and I'm counting the 14 mini-socks as one project, so not all 37 are created equal. What a fun year!


maybe 7? i have babies.


I think I must have made about 15 items this year: socks, hats, and scarves

Dana Berry

I think I've made about 18 FOs in 2011 for myself or family/friends. But I've made many more than that for my Etsy shop. Men's fingerless gloves are hot this Christmas!


45 projects this year. Maybe a few more, I don't always put my projects on Ravelry, so I counted those up and added 3 more. I'm hoping to add at least two more before the year is over.


This is definitely an estimate, but I was going for about one a month until November, but have been knitting about one a week to get ready for Christmas presents. May be knitting all night these next few nights to get finished!


I completed about 10 projects, would have like to have done more, but an injured thumb got in the way!

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