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December 20, 2011



Wow...what a knitting year...I counted nearly 40 projects this year! That number is pretty amazing to me...I have been a knitting fool this year!!


I just completed my 28th project this year with hopes to finish one more before December 31. That number is pretty typical for me.

Jill Noblitt

I completed about 15 projects this year- mostly accessories and shawls. That is about average for me since no big intricate sweaters were in the mix!


I completed 8 projects, with several others pulled out and put aside while I contemplate a different direction for the yarn, or what went wrong with the pattern, or me!


WOW - Since I am apart of a prayer shawl and we have distributed shawls and scarfs besides gifts to family and friends - I am well over 50 projects. Don't forget the socks - I too decided to take time and make some for me. I just told my husband the other night I think I need to refresh the sock draw (smile).


My count is about 20 projects.. some were finishing projects and some were new projects. They ranged from socks, to a sweater for my 9 year old niece, to a beautiful wrap, to a shawlette, to a few hats.. wow. I am not sure how much I knit this year.


I haven't a clue how many projects I finished this year. In 2012 I plan to keep a count. A rough estimate, and I know it would be low is 75.

Lynn Beck

I only completed six projects in 2011, but since they were socks I guess I could say twelve!


I am guessing 75 or so, usually one to two items a week. That's pretty standard for me. I get up two hours earlier than I need to in order to get in some knitting time each morning. It keeps me sane, or sort of anyway. The number might have been higher but alas, I was without power for probably two weeks out of this year, and it's difficult to knit in the dark! Had I anticipated no power, I could have cast on more appropriate projects.


I'm going to have to guess, since I am constantly knitting and working on 4-5 projects at a time. But I think it would have to be 20 - 25 projects this year. I'd love to shoot for more next year, but i'm not sure my budget can handle it. :-)

I've knitted and crocheted more this year than any other. My projects varied and my skill as well, because I was trying to use the yarn and experiment with color work, and techniques. This is the first time this year that I really tried to consider what the yarn would be best for instead of what I wanted to make. That was kind of neat. Frankly, I think the yarn has been trying to 'talk' to me for some time now, but I just didn't get it. Still not sure I have, but I'm getting a little closer. And for that reason, I find my projects more fulfilling. Every one of them has a different style or technique, whether it be due to type of yarn, stitch, or pattern. Whether it be jackets, throws, socks, shawls or scarfs etc.... In fact, this year, I set up a booth to see what people would think of my projects, and I had several ladies ask if I could use a pattern and make clothes for them. I thought that was neat. Each project improves my skill.


I don't keep count. But feeling inadequate after reading Karen's 75 or so.


I am attempting my version of the 52-pair plunge. That means that I am knitting 104 items, in somewhat matched sets. Five shawls (have two others in progress to finish), twelve cowls, four scarves, two pairs of mittens, four pairs of socks (and here I had intended to spend the whole year knitting socks...), four hats, and something like 30-ish pairs of clogs. The clogs are saving my goal of pairs. I still have several pairs to do before Dec 31, but I have nursemaid duty the week between Christmas and New Year's, so I think I can do it.

Kim Deiro

This has been my busiest knitting year ever! I knit a pair of socks for everyone in my family, plus I knit prayer socks for people God lays on my heart. My cousin was diagnosed with ovarian cancer, so I knit her several chemo hats. My daughter had twins, so they needed blankets,hats, and socks. I knit a sweater for my sister that won 3rd place at the state fair. Looking back, I wonder, did I ever come up for air??? I LOVE to knit!!


I'm not really sure, but I'd say, maybe 20-25 projects. Most of them were gifts, shawls, socks, and the like.


I did not knit as much this year. I have been quite busy with work and we are expecting are first child in Feb. I may have gotten 2 or 3 things started or done.


I'm thinking somewhere around 20 projects. I usually have three on the needles at any one time (from challenging to simple and repetitive) and give many away as soon as they are completed. Socks are still my favorite, but there is the occasional scarf.


I haven't ever kept count, but its probably less than a dozen. A few baby blankets, hats, and still working on a ongoing block afghan. I aim to knit just enough to keep me sane without it taking over everything. Just started a scarf last night with a reversible pattern - that won't be done before the end of the year. Looking forward to finding some new projects to start over the holidays.

Renee' Sawyer

I think I made approx 33 things. Some bigger than others. In the one KAL you have to use at least 300 yards each month so I know I did that. The shawlettes I made were the most fun this year.... perfect for sock yarn! :)


Maybe about 10 finished knit projects...and some spinning!

Mary Chrisman

Since I've been improving my sock knitting skills this year I've focused mainly on socks, probably about a dozen pair. There were a few other items along the way too, baby gifts and fundraisers. I also have a few projects to finish before Christmas (may be wishful thinking), so the needles are flying these days.


Well, I completed a bunch of single socks and several pairs of socks. I think I did more sewing than knitting in the second half of 2011. I miss the knitting!

Beverly J. Killick

I have been knitting for less than 1,000 years. With that being said, I knit alot. For the past several years, its been Charity Knitting. I enjoy giving to Kids Closet Charity, baby blankets, baby sets, baby wash cloths. I received a beautiful Thank You from them. I appreciate hearing good news and happiness.

Beverly J. Killick

I have been knitting for less than 1,000 years. With that being said, I knit alot. For the past several years, its been Charity Knitting. I enjoy giving to Kids Closet Charity, baby blankets, baby sets, baby wash cloths. I received a beautiful Thank You from them. I appreciate hearing good news and happiness.


I have 12 done and at least one more will be finished before Christmas (I hope!). I was finishing at least one project a month until mid-summer and then this fall work just totally sucked up every ounce of energy (think falling asleep on the bus at midnight riding home from the office kind of tired). I had hoped for a dozen pairs of socks, but I'm about a season short on that front. Next year, I guess...


I knit about twenty projects this year.


I think around 15 or 20. 2 sweaters for me, shawls for gifts,a couple scarves, socks, for me and gifts, neck pillows for shut ins. This is my relaxing time. I don't want to keep count

Judy S-G

I've been churning out projects this year... probabably around 65 or so all told which is about average for me. They included shawls, socks, baby things, several afghans, squares for charity afghans, bears, dishcloths and some spinning with a drop spindle. Just can't sit still with my hands empty. Bring on 2012!!


I finished 12 pair of socks, 2 pair of fingerless mittens and a hat this year. I just went back to knitting last Dec when my husband was injured and I was spending a lot of time in hospital and waiting rooms. I am in the middle of a pair of socks that sad to say will not be finished before Christmas. I will be starting on next years Christmas presents probably next week.

Judy S-G

And I forgot! I just started the first pair in the "50 states" sock book....

Debbie Huett

I'm guessing about 15 projects- mostly socks and a few pair of fingerless mitts plus a couple of dish cloths and a shawlette. Very pleased and expect to do more this next year!


It's a surprise to me that so many people know exactly how many things they knit this year. I can only estimate maybe a dozen for me -- but that might be way off.


started some, continued some, finished some. didnt count. knitting should be fun and relaxine and not to be counted and catorigized.

Karen G.

I have 33 finished items in Ravelry from 2011. Some of those are little items that I made multiples of, so really there are more. I think it's about average for me.


I would say I have completed about 10 or so items. I have several things I have started and work on now and again. I am one of those knitters who likes having several projects going at a time!

Janene Reeves

I'd have to guess between knitting and crocheting, I've finished approximately 50 projects (some were small) ;-)


I think it completed 3 or 4 projects, but I have 3 more that are very close to completion. I'm a very slow knitter. Thanks for the giveaway. Happy holidays!

Kim Baker

Started 20 finished 16. I have one big project that will still take a few more months(!) to finish.


Wow! I didn't realize it but I completed 30 projects this year, four more than last year. So I guess it must be about average.
Eleven pairs of socks! Nine pairs of fingerless mitts. Three hats, six scarves, and one tea cozy. I guess I really could knit 12 pairs of socks in 12 months if I put my mind to it! Eleven of the items were gifts (a mixture of socks, hats, mitts, and scarves)


I probably completed 15-20 projects this year - including a couple of sweaters for myself and several gifts. But, still one more to finish for Christmas. Better go get knitting...

Rusty M.

Um...I'm over 50 projects, but alot were socks and fingerless gloves but did knit a huge Aran wrap and several shawls and finally finished this ufo from 6 years of lying around. That's the one I'm proudest of right now!


This is a complete guess, but I am going to say around 25. I would check Ravelry to confirm, but I don't always put up my plain Jane socks there, or other smaller projects.


I don't keep track, but I would put the total around 50 projects.

Liz Noyes

I think I have completed about 20-25 projects. One of these was a set of 24 little mittens to be used as a countdown to Christmas. After the room by room renovation of our house, do you think I can find them? NO! Maybe next December!


I'm afraid to count .... I think I have more started than finished!! Happy Holidays everyone!

Cathy Smith

35 projects; some were quite large as I knit each bridesmaid a wrap.


2011 was far from my norm. I completed only 4 pair of socks and a throw. My usual in a year would be at least a dozen socks plus a cowl or two and maybe some hats. 2011 was the year of some home improvements but I am back on track now. I've got some circle socks on my sticks as we speak.

Candice Hope

I had a baby in August so there was not much knitting in the 2nd half of the year. I tried to knit for the baby before she came, but I'm not sure I finished any projects in 2011! wow... I better make up for that in 2012!


This year I knit most of my Christmas presents. Many years I knit some gifts and cross stitch others. So this year I have complete over 40 projects and will probably finish another pair of socks before the end of the year.

Autumn Pilditch

I think that today I will finish 88 for the year and I hope to have another 3-4 projects done by Saturday. It's a little low for me ( I had trouble making sweaters this year.). I tend to like medium sized projects and then closer to Christmas make more one-skein projects.


This has been an exceptionally productive year, thanks to the Free Up Your Needles KAL in August -- 11 pairs of socks so far, among other projects. I'm hoping for lucky 13 before year end!


My best guess is that I finished somewhere around 21 items. This is a lot less than last year, when I knitted 31 dishcloths for Christmas on top of all of my usual knitting. Though I finished less this year, it made for a slightly saner time. My goal is to knit more in 2012!!


I have knit about 20 items this year, mostly socks, several vests and a few scarves. I think last year I knit more but starting a part time job has taken away some knitting time.

Mary Ann

I've probably knitted about 30 projects. I also have many UFO's from this year too!

Jess White

Alas, only 3. All socks! :)

Allise Vicens

I am most prolific during the summer (I'm a teacher) and finished the large Terra shawl and Guernsey wrap in Jared Flood's patterns. Counting in all the socks and little shawls, I'd say about 15 or so a year.It must be a lot because I have no room for everything.


My guesstimation is between 60 and 65. THis month alone the projects have caused my hands to resemble bird feet on a limb- all curled up. I would love to do the 50 states sock thing. gotta find out more about that.


I have knitted 2 projects! Started knitting only about 3 weeks ago, first a scarf and have now made socks. I am hooked now!


I started lots, but I think I only completed about 6. In fairness though one was my first lace shawl. What fun-done with sock yarn too.


Wow, this is hard. I would say 4 or more pairs of socks, 4-5 pairs of fingerless gloves, have 3 scarves on needles and one hat, also shawlette and shawl and one more pair of socks. Started many projects, some am rethinking, others will be picked up again. I move around a lot with my knitting to keep the monotony away, and I play with new techniques.

Cynthia Parker

Prrobably fourteen pairs of socks.

Kristine M.

I actually completed about 4 projects this year. It's been a rough year so I consider that quite an accomplishment.


I knit about 10 projects this year including survivors from second sock syndrome. I have been knitting smaller items rather than sweaters which in my size take forever. As usual, I bought yarn to make about 20 projects in addition to the stash I already have. I think I should call myself a yarn collector as my husband lovingly calls me.
" Oh yes she knits, but she mostly collects yarn."


I am not sure how many. I guess I could count. If I finish this last scarf, I will hit 15,000 yards of yarn knit this year though. I know that isn't as much as some people but it is mind boggling to me when I think about how long that really is.


I have kept a knitting journal this year to try to keep track of the knitting I've gotten done and to make sure I knew how many rows/rounds I needed to do for a second sock or whatever. Not counting the projects I still have on the needles and have to complete, I think I counted 59 projects done! It even surprises me how many items I have made this year and most of those projects were pairs of socks. Before Christmas gets here, I will be adding a couple more projects to that total.


In 2011 I completed 15 projects, mostly socks and shawls.

Ann Wagner

About 20 projects, mostly knit. Consisted of baby afghans, shawls, scarves, cowls, socks, hats and half done sweater. I hope to be more diligent in 2012 as my stash is overtaking the room it is stored in.


I knit more this year than ever (five years knitting). I remember eight things I finished and there are five on the needles. Maybe I finished more. Who can remember? But it was all good and I learned several new techniques, that's what really mattered to me this year.


I think I only did about 12 this year. Not as much as last year because I'm now dividing my time learning to quilt. :)


I knit at least 20 items, probably more........ I give so much of it away that it is difficult to count!!! It seems like more than last year, but I'm not sure......maybe I am enjoying it more????

Sue Bray

I finished about 12 projects this year. That is huge for me! I have a lot more still on needles! I'm a process person not a product person. OOOOO new yarn. OOOO more new yarn. Yup that me!


Oh my hope of coming up with a number! I knit every single day, so the number of projects I completed in 2011 is probably very close to last year. Maybe a little less....there were some new sweaters this year, and a rather large lace stole ( which took a little more time than usual!

Diane Dininsky

It depends on how you count. My guild does a charity project every year and this year it was mittens/ hats for a Head Start class - I did 4 or 5 but count them as one project. So about 14 things for me this year - feels like fewer than last but mot by a lot.

carol fun

It was a pretty productive year for me- I finished a least one pair of socks a month - so that's 12 projects - and a half dozen or more little shawls. And as always I have yarn I can't wait to cast on -- so many projects so little time but so much fun!


63 projects: 1 toy, 1 pair fingerless mitts, 2 cowls, 2 lapghans, 5 shawls, 8 pair of socks, and 44 scarves. I give all of my projects (except for the socks and a few gifts) to a local hospital for indigents. This is more than usual, although I usually average at least one project a week.


25 according to Ravelry this year, I did more last year, but as I'm now starting up a new business I've less time to knit!

Mind you as I make porcelain buttons then I guess I ought to be making more cardigans for the buttons :)


OK, a quick count on Ravelry makes 17, but there are multiples of Charity items and I don't post prayershawls .... so say 20some altogether.


I'd estimate about 20-25 projects this year.


Let's see.......8 scarfs as gifts, 2 vests, 4 shawls, 3 pair of socks (I think!) for a total of 17. Probably about normal - I just keep a project going at all times & I don't count the dish cloths that are constantly in progress next to my home computer due to our dial-up internet access.


I probably finished a dozen or so projects. My big accomplishment was knitting a full sweater!


I have completed 14 and 1 is almost finished. I just got back into knitting late last year and this is a lot more than I would have ever completed in the past.

Jeanne Bringley

I knit an afghan, a couple pairs of socks, have 2 sweaters just about done, 3 lace shawls, 1 cowl and half way through another. That's about normal I think as I try to do counted cross stitch also.


I completed 20 projects in 2011...way more than usual. Knitting and crocheting have been my stress relief.


It's great to be able to look up the answer on my Ravelry list. I completed 50 projects this year, but MANY of those were washcloths. This was much more productive than previous years as I have discovered online yarn purchasing and online patterns.

Ruth Anne

I would guess in the neighborhood of 20. I'm hoping for some snow days this winter to put in some serious knitting time!


I think I did something like 40 projects this year? I'm really terrible about keeping my ravelry projects update. There were a lot of small projects this year, but also some bigger ones, so I guess it was pretty typical. Although, I did learn to spin which cuts into knitting time!

Debbie H

I'm estimating about 12. One a month sounds about right. For a while I was knitting more often, now it's less because of family troubles. Debbie H


Hmm. I knitted 12 items for the 12 before 2012 group on Ravelry, and at least 10 more. That still sounds like too few; I'd say at least 35 items this year, some big some small. This is a lot more knitting for me than usual.


Only about a dozen projects this year and not all are finished. I've been in school full time the last few months so my knitting time has been cut dramatically. I'm hoping to catch up a bit before Spring term starts.


A guesstimate would be at least 52. At the same time I am making socks I knit up knit up a cowl, hat, shawlette or fingerless gloves.

Mary Fox

Counting little gifts like hats for family, I usually finish 3-5 projects per week x 52 so let's say about 175 to 200? It's usually 10-15 sweaters a year, 1-2 afghans, and the rest in socks, gloves and hats.


I'd say 30-40. Did you mean finished? LOL! That's about average for a year for me. I now have a wonderful supply of hand knit socks and I LOVE them!


I'm going to have to guesstimate around 20-25. That's not as many as I had hoped for, but a complicated sweater and shawl held me up! Thank-you for the contest, Allison! Christmas blessings to you and your family!


I am estimating but, I would say I knit between 25 and 30 projects. I've probably knit about my average this year.


A dozen, I would say, with an other half dozen dangling...


I knit or crocheted (and FINISHED!) about 25 projects this year. That's pretty typical for me. One of the projects was a worsted weight lap afghan, so I feel pretty good about my project list for 2011


Knit or FINISHED? I finished about 20 projects (so far), which is less than usual. About a third of them were socks, again a bit less than usual. I'm having some hand/wrist issues. :-(

hannah gaffney

id say i knit about twenty, nothing huge cowls hats mug hugs etc not that long knitting so not bad, i got a serious amount of spinning done tho now if i just had knitted it all lol


I don't even think I could begin to count, I'm going to guess about 50 with an average of 4+ a month. The end of the year is always the busiest. I'm not sure how Christmas keeps sneaking up on me after all these years.


Looking at my projects on Ravelry I count 28 projects done this year which is more than last but this year was my year of the knitted critter. I made 13 of those critters which in some cases does not take a lot of time where by the last year I did less but it was my year of the sock where I did 12 socks in 2010. want to get back more into the socks and scarves for 2012 so we will see what I can get done.

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