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December 19, 2011



I joined a knitting group shortly after I became employed. I looked on ravelry, and lo and behold, there was a group already meeting up once a week a street over from where I work! I've been going faithfully since June when I started working

Liz Noyes

I participated in a Sit and Knit at a lys and in the home of one of my mom's best friends. Both groups are wonderful in their own way!

Beverly J. Killick

Yes, I participate in several Knit Groups and I enjoy all. However, there is a Special Group I truly enjoy. The smallest group, because we all chit chat about our family and whats going on. Sometimes, when you are upset, the next one sitting next to you, has its worse. So count your blessings. Merry Christmas to all - - - -


I knit with two knitting groups on a regular basis. I use the groups as my "me time". I have never participated in a KAL.

Jean Folkerth

I have never done a KAL or spent time with knitting group but I have taken classes at my local yarn shop and enjoy my time spent with the other knitters.


I participated in the Six Socks in September challenge. It was so fun picking out patterns and yarn...then watching everyone get through their socks. It was really great for seeing a kinds of sock patterns and getting ideas for the next pair. Our knit group got together with another local knit group for Knit in Public Day and more recently, we had a "Monkey Sock Meetup" meeting where everyone (you guessed it) wore their monkey socks! You can see the pics here


I have never done one. Sounds like fun!


I've participated in quite a few KALs this year, the most recent being the Knit Girllls SAL/KAL.
I also started attending a knit night. I'm pretty shy, but I'm really glad I started going! It is a ton of fun.


I did several KALs this year. The most productive one for me was through Kirsten Kapur's Fans of Through the Loops group on Ravelry this summer. It was for any of her shawl patterns - knit a shawl, get an entry. I didn't even think I had time to participate, yet ended up making three shawls!!!


My LYS had a knit along/class for the Traveling Woman Shawl. We've had several "Hand - Dye Alongs." I loved them. We've also had classes (that have become a sort of KAL) for socks and several sweaters. There is a group of regulars that meet.

Betsy Kay

At the moment I am participating in Socktopus KAL where we knit our way through the book, and I recently finished a Advent KAL. I have been to a few Knit nights, but I find that driving the hour and 15 mins it takes to get get there I can use to knit and I usually either don't get anything done while I'm there or I have to rip what I did out when I get home bc I messed up... if I do participate in a sit and knit/ knit night, I over use lifelines to make sure I don't waste time!

Diana Follett

I have not joined a KAL. I am not motivated by online KAL and we do not have a LYS close by. I want to join a sock knitting club and I am looking into that.


My friend and I tried to get a KAL going but it fizzled out. I participated in a few swaps and attended a knitting group a few times. I like knitting groups for long stretches of straightforward knitting, since it helps the work go and the time pass.


My LYS had a class on fair isle; had a great time, but it's hard to manage a job and a class!


I love KALs and at least get started on several. In 2011 I did the KnitPurlHunter Skacel KALs as well as the 2011 KALendar and Sock Knitters Anonymous group KALs on
Ravelry. I also knit for charity as part of a church group.


Run and attend two at our jr high (47 members this last month) and one at our high school (20 members this last month) We make blanket squares for our local Linus project and help each other with personal projects as well. Our motto? "There is no knitting police!"

Rachel R.

Wow, that yarn is gorgeous!!! I guess I'm a pretty solitary knitter - I've never participated in a KAL, a knit-in, or a knitting group! Perhaps that should be one of my goals for the new year - get out and be a more social knitter!

Karen R

My first KAL was this year. It was the Stephen West Mystery shawl KAL. It was fun getting a clue every week,and watching the shawl take shape.


I did the Jimmy Beans KAL when they did the Larch shawl in Lorna's Laces. Didn't finish with the group, but I did finish! I am also in a knitting group that is mainly folks from our church and usually meets weekly.

Maya (MayaMoonie)

I have participated in a bunch of KALs. Many sock ones on Ravelry, but most notably the ones for the Barking Dog Yarns group. The people there are a blast, and fun to hang around with.


This past year I participated in an on-line KAL on Ravelry- Summer Mystery Shawl, by Wendy Johnson.
I get together with a group of knitting friends on Wednesday mornings.


I did a lot of KAL's all sock ones. They are very motivating. All of them at ravelry.


I didn't participate in an official KAL, but a friend & I did a cross-country MAL of sorts by each making blocks that we combined to make on baby blanket for a friend.


I have tried KALs before, but could never keep up with the group, until this summer. I participated in the KAL for Wendy Johnson's Summer Mystery Shawlette, and it was great! The clues came at a good pace and I ended up with a really pretty lace shawlette that I wear all the time.


I participated in three KAL's - one with knitpurlhunter, one with Knitting Daily (Interweave) and the third was one I found on Knitting Paradise with a lady that designs her own sweaters. All three were great fun and will be looking for other KALs to join in the upcoming year.


I've done KALs with online groups....I've got a Yahoo socknitting group, and also participate in some Ravelry groups where we knit the same thing...but I am NOT fond of the groups with rigid dates!

Theresa M

I did not participate in any knit-a-longs, but I did supervise a small group of high school students working On various projects. One made a scarf over thirty feet long!

Shirley Ryan

i did a couple of sock KAL' this year but I have a hard time finishing them. I do knit two at a time because I know I will never finish any other way.


I have not found yet a nice group to join.
I moved from Germany to Michigan and still try to find some knittig groups.

Ilisha Helfman

This is something I love about Madrona and also fiber festivals like Flock & Fiber which is in Oregon. Even though people aren't working on the same project or type of project there is such shared fiber love! It's wonderful to wander around and know that everyone around you is as into it as you are.


I've never done a KAL - just always seem to have too many projects in my queue, but I did attend the Interweave Knitting Lab in CA and took a class - lots of fun knitting with all these women!


I can't believe I forgot my KAL! It only took me all summer. One of my LYS held a Rock Island KAL:

and I am SO proud! I would not finished without it. I keep finding online KALs but about 1/3 of the way through the project. I'm a slow enough knitter, I don't need to start with that kind of time handicap.

My enabling knitting friend (everyone has one, right?) lives in Indiana; I go to her knit night more than I can manage in town.


Yes, I've been in 2 online KALs this year, both for Foxfire Fibre. I also have a knitting group that meets at the local library every Monday night. Tonight's our Christmas cookie exchange and Yankee swap, so off to the party!

Diane E.

My first KAL was this year - a Larch Shawlette KAL. Had fun - was my 1st shawlette too

Martha from Ohio

No KALs this year but I do have a group of friends to knit and stitch with.

Today's yarn offering is gorgeous! Thank you for such wonderful holiday offers!


My friends meet as often as possible to knit at the Firefly Coffeehouse in Fort Wayne. Last summer we had a small, but faithful group who knitted together each week. One friend was knitting for her daughters, another started a beautiful sweater, one knitter was planning to donate hats and gloves to charity and I was just doing small fun projects that allowed me to enjoy the conversation!


I knit once a week with a group of friends at church which is a wonderful break for a mom of four who homeschools!


i sometimes have great intentions for the KAL's but not great follow thru. I do teach several knitting classes a week so I get to sit and knit with my students (most times on their projects) weekly! It is often the highlight of the week.. We often have projects that go viral--one student starts some thing and we all follow along when we see how great it looks, latifa


I did my first KAL this year - 2011 Summer Mystery Shawlette by WendyKnits. It was definitely a challenge for me. I was very happy with the results.


No KALs for me. I guess I'm a solitary knitter!!

Lucy Portland

I started a knit-along, but with wok, I couldn't keep up with the schedule. I with finish the project sometime.


i don't really get involved with KALs. I do have a LYS whose thursday knit night is one of few things i missed about canada when i was in england. so awesome. i love everyone there, they are all so nice and have totally shaped me as a knitter. now i'm a regular! it makes me so happy.


I participated my LYS KAL for the Feb Lady Sweater. And I just returned from a knitting cruise in which we had a sit-n-knit every day.


I did not participate in a knit-along or in a sit and knit this year. I live in a small town where there is no LYS, or knit groups. I wish that there were though it would give me a reason to get out of the house.

Kathi Conwell

Haven't participated in a KAL, but have taken 3 classes with renowned instructer, Beth Brown Reinsel, on thrummed mittens, swedish twined fingerless mitts, and Latvian fingerless mitts.
Also just attended a two day workshop in Harrisville, NH with world famous, Jared Flood, otherwise known as 'Brooklyn Tweed'; this young man will blow you away with his design and knitting knowledge!!!


I actually participated in my first two KAL's this year. One was Summer Wind by IrishGirlKnits and the second was the Summer Mystery Shawlette by WendyKnits.

The summer wind has become a favorite and I've knit 2 since then. The Summer Shawlette was given to my Grandmother who thought it was beautiful!

Donna Wingfield

I participated in an online KAL with the Knitting Pipeline podcast group on Ravelry. We made the Estelle Cardigan by Melissa LeBarre. It was fun to post pictures of our progress, and get suggestions and answers to questions.

Ruth g

I do a lot of knitting for the charity group Mittens 4 Akkol, a group that sends knitted items to Kazakhstan. I don't know any of the knitters in real life, but we still seem like a family as we knit for the kids.


I didn't participate in a KAL, but I went to a world wide knit in public event at my local library. It was a lot of fun!


I have been a lone wolf knitter up until now, but I hope to change that in the new year.


I did not participate in any KALs this year. If I can find the right one at the right time in 2012, I'd love to join in!


Currently I'm knitting the Advent Calendar's fun to watch everyone's scarves coming along!


I participated in a KAL for a cardigan with a steek. I didn't think I could cut the knitting but I did and it's the best sweater I've ever made.

Lynn Z

I participated in the Summer Mystery Shawlette KAL and have started to organize meet ups with some of my local online knitting and spinning friends. I have met some wonderful people through knitting and spinning.


I used to participate in a once a month knitting group with my LYS, but they've not done it in a while. I have shared my love of knitting through teaching three sessions at a community education class. Fun! Fun! Fun!

Marjorie Dewey

I participated in the November KAL with Knit Purl Hunter making "Repeat Performance" socks -- for me the first two-at-a-time-toe-up socks using the magic loop. Earlier this year I knit Kate Elsa's Multnomah shawl and just after I had finished it, I saw on a knitting blog that someone else was knitting that same scarf and was having a problem with the pattern. I was able to walk her through the lace part stitch by stitch and later received a note from her that she had finished the shawl and appreciated my assistance. It was an interesting experience to try to help someone without actually talking to them or seeing what they were doing! I was really glad to know that something like this can be done remotely.


I've participated in a knitting group for several years, and recently started hosting an occasional craft night at work. I'm in the midst of playing in a Fronkenshteek KAL, at least I was until holiday knitting got in the way. I'm also part of a shawl KAL that is taking a bit longer than expected, but I love the pattern so I am trying to be patient. I want to KNIT ALL OF THE THINGS!!


I have not joined a knit-a-long or a group this year. I would like to try a KAL and will look on ravelry for one that suits my needs.


Nope, I knit in front of TV while hubby watches sports. We're together in the same room and he's still alive because I concentrate on my project and don't flinch when he channel surfs!

Ashley W

Ooh, what a lovely color! I didn't participate in an official knitalong, but I did do two things that were close - 1) joined two clubs (one yarn/pattern, the other pattern) and hung out on the Ravelry forums working through the project with other knitters and 2) I knit my husband a sweater for NaKniSweMo.


I didn't do a KAL this year, and I don't attend my LYS sit and knit nights (way too crowded for me) But I do attend sock club about 6 times a year. Love it, seeing how the same yarn works up differently for everyone.
PS the yarn is lovely, and wants to be socks for my momma.


I've KALed 11 patterns from with a group on Ravelry. It's been great. I also KALed the Estelle sweater and the Wendy Johnson Summer shawlette.


I didn't do a sock Kal this year but I did learn how to use my CSM to make everyone in our fiber group socks.

carol fun

I haven't done a KAL but there is a nice sit and knit group at my local shop that I attend from time to time. I find I need to bring an easy project- usually stockinette socks -so I can talk and not totally mess up- LOL!

Sue Bray

I'm currently in my first KAL. I found an Advent Scarf KAL on Ravelry! I'm really enjoying it - learning new techniques. I'm a few days behind but really enjoying it! :)

Cindy Kuipers

I did not participate in the knit along. I don't knit in a group because I don't know anyone else who knits! :( However, I recently have helped to young ladies get started knitting! :)

Anamaria seda

I taught a group of girls from my son's school the basic of knitting it was a lot of fun I'm thinking of doing it again


I meet with a group of women to knit Chemo caps for a local charity once a week. It is so nice to get together with a variety of ages and professions with a common bond of charity.


I am going to participate in a KAL after the first of the year. I am looking forward to the challenge.


No, no groups for me at least not yet. I can't talk and knit. I enjoy my quiet knitting time. I have recently purchased two knitting classes online with the ability to chat with the teacher. I haven't started them yet so I don't know if I will participate in the chats. I really do enjoy searching my small personal knitting library and searching the web for any questions that arise during a project.


My only group knitting was with my mom the several times we were in the same place this year. I haven't found a knitting group that fits me and this past year found me in a mid-life crisis career change. (I know teach 8th grade science and love it! But first year of teaching leaves very little time for knitting. )


I did lots of KALs online what started as chat about interesting pattern, ending up everyone making one. It was great experience, what inspired me to sit down with friend of mine and do real life KAL. I wish i had more time, then i would love to have more real life KALs, but at the moment i would need to travel pretty far for meeting.

Michelle N. McCrillis

I do some KALs each year--at my own pace. I have too much to knit to do any of these in a 4 to 6 week period, especially since I work full-time and supervise a 4 generation household that ranges in age from 94 to 7. I also spend one night a week at my LYS's knitting class--something a haven't really needed in far too many years to think about--and give a hand to the novice knitters, be it picking up dropped stitches, picking a mistake back, or showing them how to read their patterns. It's fun for me, and lets the LYSO deal with someone or something else at the same time. Some nights my days have been so bad that I wind everyone else's yarn for a couple of hours, just to let the day go and relieve the stress.

Jenny K

I do a weekly sit and knit with a friend at various cafes. It's fun to catch up and show each other what we're doing.


I joined a Kal this year for a shawl. I have knitted other shawls by this person and I was really looking forward to it.

After week one I was not as sure, but thought Id see what people came up with on week two.
I decided it was not for me, so passed on the rest of it.

It was a shame, but there might be another one along that will suit me better.


I did at least one mystery KAL on Ravelry this year. I belong to two local knitting groups. The ladies (and gent) are great. They are very supportive and encouraging, a great source of ideas and to help out with a knitting dilemma. We've been meeting for almost 3 years and have become very close. We have frequent group road trips to the LYS and do annual things like a cookie exchange.

Mary Beth

I participated in the Plurk Podcaster Challenge KAL and did the Scathatch's Hat with Katie from Knittin on the Fly. It was quick and easy for my first KAL. Looking into more this year since I am a bit more confident in my knitting skills.

Vasiliki Starborn

I am participating in the Sock Knitters Anonymous group. I have also made a point of trying to use up some stash yarn.


KAL sound fun but I find out about them too late. I found knitting at the LYS fun but intimidating their so advanced that was awhile ago maybe I'll give it another try. In the meantime I did like the idea so found a friend who wanted to learn to knit, so started teaching her it's been great fun talking about future projects and yarns.

LN in TX

I've never knit with others, but I do like sharing what I've knit once I've completed an item.


I didn't do any KAL's but I meet every Thursday with a group for knitting. They're the best - we also travelled to Stitches in Chicago for the third year and had a blast. My knitting friends are a great blessing!


I participated in four KAL's, all for shawls. Funny thing is, I always got sidetracked and never finished.


Never have been in a LYS has a sit and knit group every Thursday night. It's really fun to get together with other knitters, see what they're working on, get help with questions....alot of fun!

Robin F.

I went to a 3 day knitting retreat where we knit constantly. I also joined 3 friends to knit a Quercus sweater. I belong to 3 knitting groups that meet during the month so that I have lots of company for my knitting.


I am not really a group knitter, but maybe if the right one came around I would want to join in.


My LYS has a social/knit night (SSK--sit, sip & knit) every Tuesday I try to make at least one per month. The friends I've made because of knitting it the most amazing part of a fantastic craft.

marimariknit, marialyce weideman

I have a wonderful group that meets almost every Friday night. one of my friends and i were looking for something to knit, and both said i have always wanted to make an aeolian. We both finished them and had great fun togehter, looking at beads and talking about our yarn.


I have thought about doing A KAL, but I knit to relax and the thought of getting behind on A KAL is NOT relaxing....maybe someday! A sit and knit I would be all for!


I guess I am not a joiner! If there was a knitting group nearby, I would consider trying it out. Thanks for making me think about finding a group.

Abby M

I have done soooooo many KAL's this year I don't know where to start. I've done ALL of knitpurlhunter's KAL's with skacel. I've done some with local yarn shops. I've done one with a friend. I've done the mystery shawl kal with Stephen west. Dang. I got knit items all over the place!!


I tried a local knitting group but the talk was non-stop health issues. I'll stick with my online buddies. If there is an online sock KAL, I've probably participated. Suffering from chronic startitis, I'd NEVER complete anything without the deadlines.


I've had a knitting club at my school where another teacher and I taught students how to knit. We knit dish cloths - rectangular in shape, but we ended up with many polygons!

Patty McD

No KAL's this year but the "Ladies of the Night" meet here on the 1st and 3rd Thursday to knit. It's actually the night meeting of our knitting guild and especially for our members who work. We talk about anything and everything, all the time knitting away, and have a blast!

Cathy k.

We have a small group at te office and while we all work different types of projects, the companionship makes our fingers fly!


I participated in a on-line knitting camp and it was allot of fun. Allot of us knit Stephen West Daybreak and I loved it. We posted pictured and shared with everyone. Several years I did a KAL with Lion Brand

Marie Ricketts

I did the Skacel KAL from Knitpurlhunter


hoping to start one this Jan, just sit and knit and yak.


No KALs, and no Sit-N-Knits.
I work evenings, m-f. That makes it hard to get to anything during the week.


Yes, I participated in a KAL for a Spud and Chloe sweater and I also participated in the Summer Mystery Shawlette by Wendy Johnson. Both were fun and I enjoyed seeing what other people made.


Our spinning guild is doing a SAL/KAL. We are all making LaLa's Simple Shawl- We'll be displaying them next year at our fiber festival in September. Several people already have one and even two or three spun up and knitted. It's amazing to see how different they all look, even though we're all using the same pattern.

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