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December 19, 2011



I participated in a couple of kals on ravelry with different groups. It is always fun to see other peoples color choices on the same pattern.


I have done a KAL with my daughter twice this year and it was so much fun calling each other and emailing progress pictures back and forth. We live 100 miles apart.


I meet up with a knitting friend every month or so to get coffee, lunch, catch up and of course knit!!! We always have fun and it's nice to get together with others who enjoy the same things you do.


I participated in a knit a long. I loved meeting new people and getting to see other people that I had not seen in a while. The only drawback was not completing the project on time.

Carol Y

I've tried KAL, but I always fall behind. I used to go to my lys and knit, but stopped as I got too busy. I'd like to try going again - kipping with others is fun.


I generally don't do KALs, but I did happily participate in Wendy's mystery shawlette KAL this summer. I also used to knit (or rather, eat and talk about knitting with) two friends about once a month, but this August I moved from MN to NH, and I haven't found a new group.

Renee' Sawyer

I am a member of the Carefree Group and they do lots of KAL with Crystal Palace Yarn as their sponsor. I have also been participating with Knit Purl Hunter. She has wonderful how to videos - I think KAL motivate me to get my rear in gear....and you always learn something. Plus the chatting with other knitters is a lot of fun! I also knit a lot of socks with the 50 Socks 50 States group.


I signed up for a KAL once but my knitting time is sporadic & I didn't like feeling like I had to keep to a set schedule. I guess I'm just more of a loner knitter - maybe because for so many years, there just weren't that many knitters. It was even hard to find supplies.

Candice Hope

I've never participated in a knit-along online. The closest thing was trying to do the Knitting Olympics. Failed both times because I attempted projects that were WAY too big/time consuming. While also working full time and going to school.

Sue J

a local knitter started a group KNITZVAH (she's on ravelry)
Joan started teaching woman at her temple to knit, and they were knitting hats and scarves for the homeless
Joan reached out to her other knitting friends for help, and we meet at Gauge Knits in Austin Tx the second Sunday of the month
Volunteers from Temple Beth Shalom follow Mobile Loaves & Fishes the week of Christmas, and had out packaged gifts to the needy
The first year, (2007) she had 213 hand knit or crocheted items............last year there were 508!! She took extra childrens sized items to the local womans shelter, and Austin's Childrens Shelter.......who now look forward to her donations.

Constance Brewer

No KAL's, but we have a group that gets together quarterly and knits and spins together. It's great to be among like minded folks!


I have never done a KAL. I am a high school librarian and there are a couple of students who bring their knitting in the library. I enjoy talking to them about knitting.


Participated in a Self Imposed Sock Club (ala Yarn Harlot) on Ravelry. Bag up 12 stash sock yarns and randomly pick a bag for each month.
I almost made it - my September sock is still without a mate and I'm not sure I'll complete a December pair. I think I did pretty well!

Pam Butterfield

We have a group that meets every two weeks to knit, crochet or do some other hand work. Great time to get to know others better.

Mary Fox

Go to Stitches 'camp' with a friend; we sit and knit throughout. It's great..everyone knits all the time :)


I have a knitting group that I meet with every Wednesday night. As a SAHM this group is one of my few times to socialize with other adults.


I did my first ever kal - the summer mystery shawlette at the Wendy Knits blog. I love her lace shawl patterns, and sock yarn is perfect for them.


I've participated in a few online KALs on Ravelry this year. I'm not so good at the ones where everyone is using the same pattern, but I love the ones where there's a theme because it's fun to see how people interpret it.

hannah gaffney

i didn't participate this year. i do attend a knitting club every week, to offer and receive help and to simply chat i really enjoy it and hate to miss it


My group gets together to quilt not knit. But several of us knit shawls and hats to give away.

Betty Peterson

The country members of our knitting charity group meet in a daily web forum. Once a month we organise a week-end 'challenge' to top up a chosen item the stock is low on. It is a friendly competition to make as many as possible, exchanging ideas, patterns, photos. It gives us a sense of community despite the miles. It is our way to 'knit together'


I've never been part of a knitting group, but I've thought recently it might be enjoyable. My mother taught me to knit and it is a main topic of conversation during our weekly phone calls (we live some distance apart).
I'm about to visit for Christmas and I'm looking forward to our mornings and evenings of knitting together and discussing various projects.


I knit along for the first time starting this past Nov. It is a series of 5 months of different accessories. I have learned new technique in a lovely supported environment. And it is fun to see everyone else's choices on the different projects.

Suzanne Shattuck

My sister and my mom were my knitting group. Mom was in frail health and my sister and I both cared for her so not much time for an outside group so we made our own. I did follow the dishcloth KAL online.

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