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December 19, 2011


Jess White

I live in a small town. My boss actually got me into knitting and I loved it! So I decided to start a knitting group. We get together once a month and it has been a blast. I have learned so much!


I didn't do a sit and knit or a KAL, but I did teach a class on two at a time toe up socks to a group of weavers.


I have my own ideas and own pace, so don't join knitting groups (I talk too much and get distracted).I do have a good friend who is a knitter and we exchange ideas and help each other and always take our "sticks and string" when we go out to dinner together with our husbands.


I have not participated in a KAL. Maybe in the new year. I also had the unfortunate closing of my LYS so no more sit-and-knits either. :(


I've done my own version of a KAL---I'm teaching my friend how to knit her very first sweater! We get together and "knit along"---but just on different projects!


I'm not a group knitter at all!


I have not done a KAL this year, although I was tempted by some things on Ravelry! Hoping to do more next year.


I participated in a Rock Island KAL at my local yarn in the summer--fun!


I have participated a couple of times during the last year in a knitting group. It is a lot of fun but I don't seem to make the time. I want to do it more next year!


There are no knitting groups within driving distance. A few years back I taught knitting weekly to a group of knitters and enjoyed the experience.


I joined a couple of online KAL's in Ravelry. Made a lace shawl that I wore to my company's Christmas Party this past weekend. (first KAL listed here)


I have not participated in a knitting group. I enjoy knitting socks in the evening while watching tv.


I participated in 2 KAL's this year, a first for me. One was the Stephen West Earth & Sky Mystery Shawl KAL, and the other was a sock KAL with the NummaNumma group. I completed both, and it was great having the support of others.


I participated in both a KAL and a SAL (spinning) this year with my LYS and the knitspot subscription club. It was nice to have motivation to finish.


I did not particpate in a KAL - the pressure makes me not want to continue! I do belong to not one but two knitting groups!


I participated in a Shaelyn KAL on Ravelry with the Knitting Pipeline group and also the Stephen West Earth & Sky Mystery KAL. They were both great fun.


No KALs yet, but am thinking about joining one on Ravelry.


No KAL's yet but I'm thinking of joining one for the Ringwraith pattern by Susan Pandorf once she publishes it.

Cathy Smith

No, I didn't participate in a KAL; really don't know why not.


I knit a shawl as part of a KAL, and it was so fun! I'd like to do another.


I didn't do either in 2011. I do miss the knitting group I had before moving.


I participated in several KAL this year. And, sit and knit with several groups including the Linus group and a group from Ravelry.


No knitting club near to me, but A KAL on Ravelry inspired me to knit The Garter Ruffles Scarf, which is lovely.


My knitting group meets every Sunday. I don't knwo what I'd do without those people!


This yarn is gorgeous! I did participate in a KAL this year for the first time. Everyone chose their own project to make for a felting party. The incentive to have it done for a certain date really worked. I like the *idea* of virtual KALs, but I think RL ones are for me!


No KAL, but a group of us get together about once a week to knit, drink hot beverages, and chat about everything fibery and not-fibery.


I love the sock KALs on Ravelry! They help me use the stash that I just can't seem to stop buying...


No - I knit when I got the opportunity, in fits and starts! Often that doesn't fit a club or knitalong.

Mamie Rudd

don't do KALs, but I love our Sit & Knit on Wednesday evenings.


There isn't a knitting group near where I am, nor is there a yarn shop. I did a couple of shawl KALs this year, and I enjoyed them very much. I made some new on-line friends and really, isn't that what knitting is all about?

Autumn Pilditch

The closest I've come to a crochet along is helping two of my friends learn to crochet. I now have people to talk yarn to and while helping them we've kinda done the same projects.


I have signed up to do my first KAL in Jan and do a sit/stitch at my lys quite a bit...... great ladies and fun times


No KAL and no knitting groups. I knit at odd times of the day and on multiple projects at once so neither option really works for me. I am highly tempted to join a sock club this year, but feel that I should try to get my current stash under control first. So many projects, so little time!


Mostly I find knitting a solitary pastime. However, I do love the time spent with several friends as we gather to knit prayershawls. Lots of good conversation, occasional tears and much laughter are a part of this special time.

Cynthia Parker

I knit in the evening in front of the TV(idle hands etc.!) But I have two daughters and we exchange ideas.

Ann Wagner

I participate in a sit and knit almost weekly. You learn from other knitters as to technique, uses of different yarns, try patterns you never would otherwise. I love it - plus the knitting friends that you make.


I have not in the past done this, however, a opportunity came up for after Christmas this year that a group wants to get together and share. I'm looking forward to it.


I have not participated in any KALs or CALs this year. I am not a group knitter or crocheter, too easily distracted.

Carla in MT

I did the Summer Mystery Shawlette by wendyknits. It was a fast project, and I gave it to my college-age niece. She was the envy of her dorm!!


Been in a knitting group for at least 8 yrs. It is really great to get together with a group to knit, chat, and eat. Plus we go on road trips.
We meet twice a month. The group got too large-so they set up another knit group.
So they meet on a different day and they also go twice a month.

Helena Dias

No knitting club for me yet. The ladies at the local library have a get together every Thrusday. Sometimes I show up.

Kim B.

I coordinate a knitting group that now meets three times a month. Also, I organize an annual fiber festival bus trip. I did not do a KAL but rather knit at my own pace and what interests me. The knitting group is a fun place to knit.


I have started knit-a-alongs and for some reason can never finish my project until a year later. But I do meet monthly with a prayer shawl group - where we knit and crochet. I happen to weave as well.

Stephanie V

I can't get enough of blue sock yarn. I'd love to win this one...KAL's are quite fun. I've never done one for socks, tho'. Don't need any incentive ti knit those!


MY LYS has a weekly group knitting night that I like to go to. I also did the 2011 Summer Mystery Shawlette by WendyKnits.

Kim Deiro

I have never been part of a knitting group. I guess I am a loner.

Kathleen B.

My LYS has multiple groups who sit and knit or crochet together and often has a KAL going as well. I have yet to make the Friday night group but usually attend on Sunday afternoons. It is great for learning new techniques and tricks without the structure of a class. Also provides a weekly opportunity to increase my stash!


My knitting group is k1g2 (knit one, give two)We chat over out personal knitting projects and our outreach projects.


I started a KAL but unfortunately never finished it. I did attend Stitches West, so did some sit and knit and would have gone to Interweave's first Knitters Lab if I hadn't been in the hospital!


I didn't do a knit along this year but, I did participate in an awesome sock knitting class with Lucy Neatby. We learned some new techniques as a group and practised them as a group.


I participated in a KAL with a Ravelry group. We made a Traveling Woman. I really want to get involved in a local group. I have a couple to try out, just need to find the time!

Ann Austerman

Did not participate in any Knit Alongs. My LYS does offer classes, which I would like to take in the upcoming year, if my work schedule will permit.

Jeanne Bringley

About 10 friends got together on Labor Day and we all started the February Lady sweater. Since then we get together once a month for a show and tell and on Valentine's Day we are going to wear our sweaters and have a group picture taken.

Davilyn Parker

Didn't participate in a kal this year. Hope to find time for more knitting friends in the next year!


By best bud, Natalie meet to knit and share our newest knit finds and FOs. We do go to a local UFO night that meets once a month for the company of other knitters.These are no pressure knitting situations just fun.
We tried to do our own KAL- alas- the project is still a UFO. There is always next year.


I did a couple of KAL's for shawls, and a really great one that was a 4 part class for a colorwork sweater.

Janene Reeves

I'm just not into group doings anymore. Did that with quilting and got burned out quickly.....sure don't want to mess with the knitting mojo I have going on right now!
Maybe some day.....


I joined a knitting group this year, and they couldn't be a nicer bunch of ladies. I don't make it every week, but when I do, I always have fun and I learn about some new yarn, pattern, or technique. :)


wish i could, but with two babies, my time doesn't belong to me, and I can only knit late at night


I didn't do a KAL this year. I always have a project or two in mind myself. I haven't knit many sweaters and would do a KAL for one for help with troubleshooting along the way. Everyone always has similar questions, so that would be fun.


I am part of two weekly knitting groups, one on Tuesday and one on Sunday. They are very different in size and personalties, but I love being a part of both.

I've participated in two online KALs this year. I finished one, and the other is languishing. My Tuesday knitting group has had two KALs this past year, and I finished both of those. Maybe seeing each other every week provides more of an incentive to finish.


No KAL's but we have a knitting group that meets every week in our local bookstore. Great group!


I participated in a summer KAL in which I knit 2 shawls and one pair of socks. I liked doing it because it pushed me to complete something within a month for June, July and August.


Didn't this year, but would really like to make that a goal for this next year. Seems to be great motivation to get to a FO.


I am a new knitter, so I haven't joined a KAL yet, but they do sound fun! Thanks.


I didn't do a KAL or other group knitting, just too busy with other things.


I participated in a summer KAL - mystery shawl. It was a lot of fun & the pace was wonderful!


I did go a few times this past summer to sit and knit with my local knitting group but unfortunately the shop recently closed. As far as an online KAL, the only thing I've done is the Loopy Ewe's 4th Quarter Challenge. Not quite a KAL bc we could make whatever we wanted..


I participated in a KAL once but not recently. Knitting tends to be a relax and unwind (no pun intended!) thing for me, not so much a social thing. That could always change though!


I did participate in several kals this year. One was for our local knitting guild. We worked (I'm still working on it) on the Advent Calendar Scarf 2010 by Kristin Benecken ( scroll down for last years scarf).
Another kal was Laura Nelkin's Ennoble (
I also participate in a weekly knitting group. We get together on Wed to knit. This year we each were working on a sweater that has since taken a back seat to gift knitting. lol.


I've never joined a KAL. I knit very slowly and don't want to feel the pressure of watching so many others finish while I'm still on row 3. I am, however, a member of my local guild and we knit at our regular monthly meetings, and also meet at our local bookstore on another evening each month to knit. Thanks for the giveaway. Happy holidays!

Leslie B. Fehr

I haven't done a KAL - but I did start teaching a group of 4H kids how to knit. We've had 3 meetings so far and are on a break for the Holidays. My class isn't very big - 2 girls and 3 boys - but they are having fun learning! I was surprised that 2 of them caught on to the long-tail cast on and the rest like the backwards loop method. I take my current project with me - they like to visualize being able to knit the same things.

Carol Haas

I haven't done a KAL. I did teach a sock knitting class to a group of seniors.


I belong to several swap groups on Ravelry, a local knitting group, and joined the Cookie A "Knit Sock Love" KAL earlier this year, but could not keep up with the pace, as I am a beginner sock knitter, but with four pairs behind me now (it WAS inspiring) I think I will do it again in 2012!


Have not participated in a KAL as I have very limited time to knit and prefer to do my knitting in a leisurely manner, at my own pace, rather than be stressed on when I have to complete the piece of handicraft. No sit-and-knit as well since my after-work hours are dedicated to my family. I mainly knit in the car (my husband drives) or I knit when putting the kids to bed. However, I have managed to inspire my colleagues to pick up knitting when they see my FOs!


I did participate in a mystery KAL this year, for, and made a shawl. It was fun to see how everyone else was progressing on the project and I used stash yarn productively.
I look forward to more in the coming year!

Diane Eskritt

I attended a class for Dragon's Tail Scarf and it was a sit and knit mostly. I signed up for Crayon Box Jacket KAL but it is mostly over and I haven't made the jacket yet. Although I readily offer my opinions when I am in the shop (yarn selection or pattern help or whatever) I prefer my knitting time to be alone.

Allise Vicens

I knit along with MSNBC and Netflix whenever I get a chance!


I did participate in the Stephen West Knit Along this year and I do knit with a group. We have been meeting for about 4 years now and they are great. They are all great knitters and inspire me to get my projects done and help with patterns. Love it!!!!


The only sit and knit I have done is with my knitting group of four and I am really the only one who knits much. We only meet once a month which isn't often enough to get them moving.


I was so busy this last year that I didn't do any KALs or go to any knitting groups. I felt lucky I could find time to knit at home.


I am currently participating in the 2011 Advent Calendar KAL (24 Days Until Christmas). This is the second year for this KAL and it has approximately 2800 participants (so far). The designer, Kristin Benecken, has done this for two years and the finished products are nothing short of amazing.


I'm not much of a group knitter, but I do attend my LYS's knit in every once in a while, although I think I might actually scare some of the people there with my speedy knitting... I've never participated in a KAL, but I do think it'd be fun to try one next year.


I attend the knitting group at my LYS every other week, it's so much fun to meet knitters IRL :-)
Online I have participated in the Knitgrllls Stash Dash and the Stephen West mystery KAL.


I belong to a knitting group of great people who meet monthly. They are a great source of inspiration and motivation.


I did one online Mystery KAL Fingerless gloves with Michelle Hunter. I love my church prayer shawl knitting/crochet group. In addition to prayer shawls, we also make chemo hats, baby blankets, hats/scarves for needy children and for international students at the local university, as well as amigurumi for children experiencing loss or illness. I also teach groups of children to knit/crochet, and even a little friend who has cerebral palsy! Knitting is good therapy for all ages and situations! :-)

Sue Johnson

I participated in numerous KAL's on Ravelry, for shawls and for socks. Great fun!! I do go to our LYS, occassionally, for a sit and knit. This year, too, I taught a sock class on our LYS. Two at a time-magic loop. I love to share my knitting with others!!


I get together every Thursday night for our weekly sit and knit (and eat and laugh).


My closest LYS is about a 40min. drive. I enjoy going there once in awhile for social knit, but its a long drive. So I was thrilled when I found Ravelry and connected with some local knitters. currently I meet up with 3 other knitters individually about every other week to knit in local coffee shops. wish their schedules matched up so we could all knit together. But its a blast hangin' with other knitters no matter how many of us there are.


I have not joined a KAL this year, although I have done quite a few in the past through Ravelry. They are a lot of fun. I do knit with a small group of wonderful women. We met at a LYS class three years ago and have been getting together every Sunday since. I love it.


I did my first KAL this year, a cute little shawlette. I liked the fact that it was a mystery - seeing the pattern develop without really knowing what it was going to be!


I have lots of little knitting groups.. I knit with some people I work with at a coffee shop about every 2 weeks. I knit with some friends also and then I go to the yarn store by my lake cottage on one Friday night a month and knit unfinished objects... I love to knit with others..


I have a group of knitting friends that meet almost every Monday to knit together for a few hours. I also participated in my first mystery shawl KAL this year - Susanna IC's Polaris. It kept me on track and I actually finished in a reasonable amount of time!


I have 2 relatives that are knitters or crocheters, so we make family gatherings our own kind of craft-a-longs.

Judy W

There is a somewhat different KAL for Ann Budd's "Sock Knitting Master Class". We aren't necessarily working on the same pattern at the same time. This group is wonderful when it comes to advice, helpful tips, and encouragement. Ann's comments are also available on her website and she is working her way through the book knitting each pattern pair. I would be interested in a KAL for the Simply Socks yarn pattern in that book as it is toe-up which I've never done - but not until next spring or when Ann has knit the socks and commented so we would have the advantage of her personal experience with the pattern.


I have yet to participate in a KAL, but would love a suggestion for a good one=) I have sit and knits monthly with my local guild=)


I have done two mystery knits on Ravelry I have yet to finish them. Someday maybe on a cold snow day. lol


I have never really participated in a knitting group. I sometimes look at groups on the internet, but have never officially joined in. I live a little far away from town to come in for a knitting group, but maybe one day I will when I'm not totally consumed with watching grandkids.

Susan Benzer

The only KAL I actually participated in this year was the Skacel anniversary KAL from Knitpurlhunter. I really wanted to win the trip to Seattle. Alas, i didn't win anything, but my friends scored mittens and socks.

Pat Richardson

I participated in the 2011 Summer Mystery Shawlette by WendyKnits. My LYS has a sit and stitch on Tuesday nights that i plan to begin attending. I will probably crochet there because I tend to mess up when I try to knit and socialize. I've been asked to start a stitching group at my church. I think that would be fun.

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