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December 18, 2011



My mother has a passion for sewing and we have cherised items from my childhood and that of my children.


The absolute best knitting related gift I have ever received has been handspun yarn from my very talented spinner sister! There is something special about knowing those fibers passed through her fingers numerous times to create a beautiful yarn.


When i was a kid my sister knit me a pair of bright pink mittents with cables down the back and a matching tam. I wouldn't wear the tam but I loved the mittens.


My grandmother crocheted me a blanket when I was was "my blankie" and I carried that thing around until it was just a few pieces of yarn left. I still have a piece of my blankie and think of grandma everytime I see that scrap.

Cheryl Ellis

The best knitted gift I've ever received was a knitted v-neck sweater my Mom made me while I was in college. Now my Mom is gone, the sweater hasn't fit for many years, so I've passed it along to my wonderful daughter-in-law now. I hope it brings her as much pleasure as I had (have) from it.


It's been many, many years since I've received a hand made gift. My grandma knit me some lovely cable mittens in an ivory (natural color) wool back when I was in high school. I didn't really appreciate them. But the best gift from her was knitting lessons when I was 12. My gauge was absolutely horrible & I didn't stick with it but a few years later, when I decided to take up knitting in college, it all came back to me & my gauge was fine.


My favorite handmade gift is a painting done by a friend, received at my wedding.


The best gift was a start of a knitted scarf. By the end of it I was knitting. That was the Christmas that my Mom taught me how to knit. What better gift, a gift that keeps giving.


my mom got me a set of knit picks interchangeable needles. they are indepsensible!


I haven't received any knit or crocheted gifts. My husband is getting into leatherworking, though, and on our last anniversary he gave me a bunch of leather roses, one for each year we've been together! He says he'll continue to make one each year. :D


I have never received a knitted gift, but I did receive a crocheted shawl from a friend many years ago. I wore that shawl a lot and I still have it.

Mary Jo D

I received two knitted baby blankets for our first-born son over 31 years ago, one knitted by my great-aunt and one by my aunt. Both of them have long since passed from this life but both of the blankets are still being used in our home to cover our grandchildren!

Renee Anne

I think the best thing I've received recently was a crocheted Golden Snitch. I got it from a lovely woman.

Unfortunately, my son decided it was his and has claimed it. Oh well, he's only a year old...

I don't often receive handmade things :(

Marie Ricketts

My mother made lined mittens for me. They were so warm...


I received many sweaters from my Mom, but the best hand made gift I ever received was not one that she or anyone else actually made. It was the gift she gave me when she taught me how to knit and crochet. We spent many hours together knitting/crocheting and enjoying each others company. She even taught my girlfriends to knit one summer. She was a remarkable, patient person.


My friend, Colleen, whom I taught to knit, made me a knitted bag for my birthday last year. She even had her mother make and insert a lining with pockets.


I have received some lovely knit socks from my MIL. I love knitting socks but it is nice to have some knit for you!


My Mother and Grandmother made quilts for my babies when they were born. I'm looking forward to passing them on to my grandbabies one of these days :)


My mother made to-order quilts for both of my children. They will always be special!


Until recently I had never received a knitted gift. But I taught a knitting class which included some of my family. Not only do I now have a knitting group, but my sister in law made me a lovely green cowl (my favorite color!). I wear it with pride.

Rusty M.

I feel deprived :( I am the one that always knits one knits for me. But the best handmade gift I've gotten was jewelry and pieces that my sister made me that were turned into stitch markers.


My favorite hand made gift is the headbored, bookcase, and stool my dad made out of oak for me. none of my frinds knit or crochet so im the one passing out stuff


When I was an infant and a toddler my grandmother knit the most beautiful dresses for me. They were handed down and sadly that person did not treasure them and tossed them out. I don't remember that time in my life, but I've seen lots and lots of photos with me in those knit dresses. I'd have to say those were the best knit gifts I ever received. Thanks for the giveaway. Happy holidays!

Susan Hill

I'm not on anyone's gift list who knits or crochets. But this year I bought one of your awesome Christmas kits and when it came, I didn't let myself look at it or open it. I immediately wrapped it and put it under the tree to me from Santa. Can't wait for Christmas morning to explore my treasure and enjoy the yarns and goodies.

Deb in PA

I'm the only knitter/crocheter in my family, but we all sew.

My gram made me a red corduroy skirt and vest for Christmas one year. I think I was around 10 or 11.

I still remember how happy I was to get it.


My husband's aunt crocheted a full-sized afghan for use as a wedding present.

Donna Wingfield

I've never received a knit or crochet gift.

Carolyn frank

Homemade cookies or candy would have to be my favorite item that I have received. I am usually the maker of handmade items involving yarn of some sort, I always love homemade food items!!!!

LN in TX

Best handmade gift I received was a shawl-collar sweater.

Mary Ann

I have a beautiful knitted afghan my mother made for me. My mother is 92 now so I do value it. But the main thing my mother gave me was the gift of her time teaching me to knit and sew as I was growing up.
Thanks Mom!


I've never been given a knitted gift, though I know many knitters. The best crocheted gift I ever received and cherish to this day is a crocheted afghan made to resemble sunflowers, my favorite. My grandmother made it about 10 years ago - she just turned 90 and still crochets, as well as sings in parades and at social clubs. :)


The best fiber gift I received was a baby blanket crocheted by a lovely woman my husband worked with. I had never met her, but she crocheted the blanket with generosity and thoughtfulness when my oldest son was born (21 years ago!), and I still cherish it.


Um, I can't recall receiving ANY knitted or crocheted gifts, but my mom frequently sewed for me. The best of her gifts: a floor-length red cape.


My mother in law crocheted each of her sons and grandchildren afghans. They are a wonderful reminder of her.


A knitted hat from a friend.


My Aunt Mary Ellen makes Christmas ornaments out of wood every year and gives them as gifts. They are the best gifts every year.

Tracey Carsto

The only knit or crocheted item I ever received was a crocheted blanket for a wedding gift. It was/is so wonderful. :)


This is an easy one--my Grandma's cotton lace crocheted tablecloth--BEAUTIFUL with it's perfect stitches and joins. I use in for holiday gatherings and feel connected to her after all these years.

Mary Chrisman

The most incredible handmade gift I have was one I inherited from my mother. When she married my dad, her mother made her a gorgeous crocheted bedspread. It is made from ivory colored very fine cotton thread and must have taken an incredibly long time to crochet. It's still as beautiful as ever.


I received a beautiful hand knit scarf and a wonderful quilt. The quilt matches my decor and is displayed every day.

Constance Brewer

A pair of Norwegian mittens knit just for me from my best friend!


I have never received a handmade gift but this year I am in a swap on Ravelry. My swap partner is making me a special gift!


My dad made all three of us 'kids' an afghan last year on my mom's knitting machine. Our three son's wife/girlfriends fight over who gets to sit wrapped up in it every time they're over!

Betty Peterson

A sleeveless purple jacket from my Mum has been my favorite ever. It inspired me to return to knitting a couple of years ago.
My best knitted gift to myself was my first pair of socks: Monkey by Cookie. Ever since I have been knitting socks, sharing them and loving it.


When I grauated from High School in 198_ a neighbor knitted a Christmas stocking as a gift, it is still a favoite during this season to me.

Carol Haas

My Most mermorable was an oil painting of a young Golden Retriever I lost due to canine rage. My granddaughter painted it and it is a beautiful tribute.


My Mom made several crocheted afghans for me, and now that she's passed on I love them more than ever!


The baby blankets lovingly made for each of my kids, my own Christmas stocking and those for my children. She passed away unexpectedly in April and I cherish anything and everything knit by my mom.


As a thank you for hosting our knit group Knitting Olympics party, my friend knit me tiny mittens (it was the Winter Olympics) with the ring symboly on them. They hang from my rear-view so I see them every day...and love 'em!


My mother has made a log cabin baby blanket for each of my children, they are my favorite handmade gifts I've recieved.


I received a sweater made by my Mom. wore it out since every loved it. Gorgeous burgundy color......

Ann Wagner

A friend gave me a beautiful shawl which she knit with silk yarn. It is light and drapes beautifully. I get many compliments when it wear it.


The only crocheted gift I remember was a grey hat that my grandmother crocheted for me (no pattern involved)when I was a child. I'm sure she did more, but this is the only one I remember.

Right now I am the one who knits and crochets for other people.


When I was a baby my aunt knit me a wonderful Christmas stocking that I still love. After I learned to knit, people tended to give me patterns that they hope I'll enjoy.


the best handmade gift I ever received was a long caftan/robe (this was in the 70's) that my sister made for me. It was a light blue velour, with silver patterned ribbon sewed around the sleeves and in a placket on the front. Wearing that made me feel like a princess, and that my sister made it for me made it extra special


A white sweater with "popcorn" stitches & cables that my mom made for me when I was 12. I still have it. Even though it is too small I will never part with it.

Helena Dias

Last year, my stepmom sewed us the most beautiful christmas stockings. Now that she's no longer around they are that much more special. I really love them,


This is going to sound crazy, but I've never received a knitted gift. I tend to give a ton of knitted gifts which probably discourages people from wanting to make one for me.

Susan Benzer

My friend Mary gave me a crocheted hat one year. She died a few months later and I treasure it as the last gift she made me. I so miss her comments on life.

Cecilia David

My sisters gave me some homespum from a small spinner in the Atlanta area. Still have not used it because I want to do a "special something with it."


My mom made me a very complicated cross-stitch picture on linen almost 20 years ago for my wedding. It was beautiful and I had it framed. It still hangs in my living room.


I was in a Vampire Swap and I got a crocheted Nosferatu! So creepy and adorable!


I just love and appreciate the beautiful afghans my aunt made for me.

Abby M

I think I've only gotten one knit/crochet gift that I can recall that I liked (grandma was a slow knitter and nothing fit by the time it got to me). My BFF janell made me a crochet scarf of her own design. The ends hang out and I love that.


The best knitted gift I've received is a pair of socks made on an antique circular sock machine that my friend restored.


My paternal grandfather was a carpenter and he made the grand-kids wooden toys. The girls all got high chairs and cribs for dolls as well as a tiny hutch and a hope chest. The boys received wooden trains, a red barn and various wooden vehicles.

I still remember the long exile from his shop(my favorite place to be as a child) between October and Christmas while he was working on them.

Carla in MT

I don't get very many homemade gifts - I'm the one that makes them. :) booties, socks, doilies, pjs, clothes of all kind, etc. Oh well, someday...

Renee' Sawyer

I think my favorite knitted gifts were the baby blankets that my mom, mother in law and my mom's friend made when Kindra (my first born) was born. I really did not realize how much work & love went into each of them until I became a knitter. I did not take care of the one I got from my mom's friend (I swear, I did not think the dogs would do what they did) :( so as a penance I made my grandson a blanket out of the same pattern when he was born.

emily cossins

I received a crocheted scarf and slippers from a sweet member of our church a few years ago who has since moved away.

kelly-ann (ravelry)

I have a blanket that my grandma knit. She died before my parents even met, but I feel like I know her a little bit more every time I use the blanket or spend time knitting.

Pam Stocks

Actually I haven't received a hand knitted or crocheted gift. But my favorite item I gave was a crocheted prayer shawl for one of my very good girlfriends in our knitting group's mother who is battling ovarian cancer. I wanted to make her something soft and pretty for when she needed a little bit of comfort.

Anne Sadlemire

I still have the blanket that my sister-in-law crocheted for my son's christening. He is now 31 years old!

Beth R

Aunt Mary made us all slippers every year. Standard pattern but bright colors with huge pom poms. The best part was we could shuffle around on the carpets with them and build up a huge static charge to zap each other!

Anne Marie

My sister made me Interweave's Tilted Duster cardigan. Just gorgeous.

Pat Richardson

I'm the one who makes knit and crochet gifts. I have received some beautiful counted cross stitch pieces from two good friends. I treasure these gifts because i know the love and work that went into them.


Well, this isn't crochet or knit, but eventually it will turn into one or the other... I did some favors for a friend a couple months ago that really helped her out, and this past week in the mail, I got a box. She sent me one of her lamb fleeces as a Christmas/Thank You gift!!
It's a gorgeous fleece, dark brown- almost black- with a beautiful crimp and a wonderful handle. It's under the tree now, but I'm going to have fun after Christmas looking for the perfect pattern to make from it.


I got a wonderful patrol cap from the Buffy swap i did this year. it is a pattern i would have never done for myself out of this wonderful blueish green yarn i never would have looked twice at. it took two things i would have looked over and made a jaw dropping hat. it's perfect!


A shawl that I recieved in a swap. It is so beautiful and it's made of Malabrigo. I use it all the time and just love it. it is so warm and cozy!


Years ago my mother-in-law crocheted some beautiful snowflakes for our tree. She always starched them so that they did not sag when on display. Even after years of use (and several washings and re-starchings) they are still just beautiful!


Periodically, my mom will give me socks, and recently she gave me a beautiful, deep orange multnomah. But I especially cherish a small, clear key chain that we use as a Christmas ornament. On one side is a picture of my son at age 2.5 yrs and on the other a bit of a finger painting picture he did.


Just this week I received a lovely scarf and matching fingerless mitts from a dear friend.

I'd love the thrummed set as I have never made anything with thrums.

Kathy B

A crocheted lap afghan from my grandmother. She made each of the grandkids an afghan before she could no longer work the yarn and needle. She grew up without much and so all of her afghans were made from leftover yarns. She is no longer with us but her afghan is a great memory of the fun times we enjoyed with her.


Dishcloths. They are what got me started knitting because I loved them so much.


My mom knit a sweater for my eldest son. He worn that sweater all the time and in several photos. I didnt knit then so I didnt realize how much work went into cables, bobbles and intricacies.


I just visited my mom(my grandfather passed away just after thanksgiving). I found many beautiful memoirs while all aren't handmade ( like my grandmothers wedding ring and pictures). There were great christmas ornaments made for us kids and some we made as little kids. Mom had kept all these things. We spent some great time together going thru the old ornaments. She had moved from big house to a small apt and couldn't display them all so, I brought some home with me.

Elise McKee

My mother made my first born son a beautiful cabled bunting with a zipper. It was truly a labor of love because she really wasn't a big knitter!

Elizabeth Seager

A crocheted scarf from my sister that even my Dad complemented on the pattern & colors.

Cathy k.

The best crocheted gift was a table cloth given to me as a young bride which was a gift from my grandmother to another young bride long before I was born. My grandmother passed away when I was very young, so to have something she made was very special to me.


I have never received a knitted gift. :-( However, I have recieved yarn with which to knit myself a gift. :-)


My favorite handmade gift I ever received was my prom dress that my Grandmother sewed for me. She also knit a blanket for my oldest son (now 20). She died before my oldest was born and another relative finished the blanket.

Cynthia Parker

I was born and raised in England (the land of knitters!) My mother would often offer to finish a sweater that I was slow in finishing. and she made an baby shawl for our youngest daughter.


My friend, Jessica, made me some thrummed mittens last year... I love them!


My great-grandmother knitted me a fisherman cardigan. I loved it everyday that I wore it.


My favorite crocheted gift was a surprise blanket for my 5th boy! He was somewhat of a surprise, and my 4th boy was only a little over a year when #5 came along. I hadn't even finished the blanket for #4 yet, and my sister surprised me by crocheting and hand painting (dying with Wilton dyes) a baby blanket for little Nathan.

Martha from Ohio

I can't remember receiving handmade anything! (pretty sad).

For years someone was the "victim" of one of my knitted sweaters every year. (they were actually OK but it was a bit of a family joke).

Thank you so much for the fabulous offers! this is a great way to mark the 12 days of Christmas!


Every occasion be it birthday, Christmas or just because my friend, Linda, and her husband, Jeff, would bestow a handmade gift. These ranged from furniture to jewelry to fiber to beads. Their talents and imaginations were unmatched. For 33 years we were fortunate to receive their love in this way. Linda died this past July. Our first Christmas without her is difficult. But I am so very grateful to look around my home and find her in all of her wonderful creations.


It wasn't knitted, but this year I received a wonderful hand-made quilt from my BFF. It was a gift for my retirement and moving away. It was a beautiful thing to receive.

Karen R

the warm and cozy afghan my neighbor made me thirty years ago...I'm still using it!!

Anne Bond

My mother-in-law crocheted an afghan for me soon after her son and I were married. We were best friends until her death a few years ago. I dearly miss her.


The best knitted gift I've received is a pair of socks that I didn't have to knit myself! I wear them all the time without a thought of possibly ruining them or the time that was spent making them. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

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