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December 18, 2011



The cream ripple crochet afghan my great grandmother made for my wedding. She knew I crocheted and when I OFTEN asked her why she didn't make me something, she would always say that I could make my own things and she made for those who couldn't. Hers was the last present I opened at my bridal shower and we both were in smiles and tears. :) She died the next year and it was a treasured gift.


First let me say how lucky you are to have Joe! How wonderful the two of you create things that will be passed from generations! My sister Laurie makes delicious home made candy this time of the year!I miss my cozy alpaca scarf I made for myself,I loved it but left it somewhere and I can't find it. Sigh,I hope it has A new home and someone loves it as much as I did!


My sister, then a new knitter and a college student, decided to make a blanket for my now almost four-year-old daughter. In her new-knitter excitement, my sister also decided to design the blanket. It is my understanding that this became and Epic Project, constantly requireing re-knitting and always needing even more yarn than was planned. My daughter loves the blanket still.

Jill Love

One of my MIL friends knit my boys Christmas stockings


I've received one hand-made gift (I'm the crafty one!). My mother crocheted a shell edge onto a baby receiving blanket when I was an infant. I still use that blanket 30 years later when I need just a little something to cover myself!


I have two favorites: I've received a beautiful Norwegian sweater - rustic and warm. When I was a small girl my grandmother made a trunk full of Barboe clothes that she had made including several crocheted items. I still have them all :)

Pat Neptune

Several years ago, my husband gave me not one but two Norwegian sweaters for Christmas. As a member of a tradtional (at least in dress) Lutheran church, these are priceless gifts!


The slippers my Grandma knit...every Christmas! :)


I received a lovely handspun, handknitted scarf from my step mom. She also knit me socks before I started knitting them myself.

Ann Austerman

A few years ago my son and his girlfriend made a wooden "Snowman Family. They painted and the decorated the snowpeople and her grandmother crocheted the hats and scarfs.


A pretty peach crocheted sweater for my oldest daughter :)


My friend gave me beautiful handspun handknit socks. She had knit them in front of my face without telling me they were for me, and in the guise of having everyone try her new needles had everyone in our knitting group put a few stitches in for me.


My grandma knit me a sweater when I was a kid that I loved so much she knit me another one in the next size.

Sue Bray

The handmade blankets for my children when they were born. This past birthday - I received some yarn that was hand dyed by my my friend that was made specifically for me! :)


Handknit socks my mother made me with my initials in colourwork.


The handmade swift my husband and kids made for my birthday a few years ago has to be my most beloved handmade gift.


My mother made me some lovely dresses when I was a young girl.


My favorite hand-knit gift has to be the shawl I got in a swap (don't get many handmade gifts outside of swaps, sadly.) It's lightweight, but made of a MCN blend, so it's soft and surprisingly warm. Plus, it's absolutely beautiful. :)


I think the best knitted gift that I ever got were the mittens with mice on them that a friend knit for me in graduate school. Since I was studying mice at the time, I found it to be a particularly thoughtful gift (as well as useful).


I can't say that I have ever received any handmade gifts. Really, that seems odd since I try to give many handmade items each year.

Allise Vicens

My favorite hand knitted gift was from my mom. A thick cabled neutral Rowan tweed hat. If I'm not wearing it, my daughter is!

Cathy Patterson

I have received several doilies and afghans from both My grandmother and my husbands grandmother. My daughters still treasure the barbie doll clothes that my mother crochet for them when they were little and and they are 28 & 30 now>


Not really handmade per se, but a previous boyfriend found a locket at a market that was broken. He bought it anyways, and fixed it up to give to me for Christmas.


The best knitted gift I ever received was a sweater that my mom knit me when I was in high school (a long, long time ago!!!). I have to say, I love this thrummed mitten kit. I bought a kit this past summer and made a gift of mittens for my niece who was going to northern Wisconsin for college.

Beth Fulton

I taught each of my granddaughters to crochet when they were 7....and I have 2 very lovely 'pot holders' in my kitchen drawer that I absolutely love!

Liz Noyes

I remember receiving three crocheted baby blankets that my MIL had saved for years to give us, waiting for us to have a child. Her mother had made them before she died several years earlier. They were so special, I never used them. I look back on that time(26 years, now) and could kick myself! I guess I was saving them for a special day, but now I wish I had realized that the love that was stitched into every bit was meant to be felt every day, not just on some special day.

Judy S-G

I've never received handmade gifts but I LOVE to give them to others... every baby that has been born in our family and in my office for the past 20 years has a blanket/hat/booties made by me. I've made things for Hubby (didn't fear the sweater curse)& my precious doggies...


I'm a jewelry artist so a dear friend of mine crocheted me some sweet, little jewelry bags out of a recycled sweater. They were a soft chenille. Super gift. Thanks Gini!


A prayer shawl when my beloved husband passed away.


I received a felt purse from my mother in law. It was lined and had pockets inside also.


One year when my daughter was an undergrad , I taught her to knit a little. SHe joined a knit group at her church and for Mother's Day she surprised me with a felted bag. Not only did she have to learn to felt, she had to learn to change colors. I treasure it and use it till this very day. It is still near and dear to my heart.

Dana Berry

I've never received knitted gifts, but a few years ago I helped my dad make an umbrella swift and every time I use it I think of him.

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