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December 18, 2011


Cathy Smith

I received a lovely Norwegian sweater years ago and I still cherish it today.


My son loves the blankie his Aunt made him. He wraps up in it every night. It makes my heart happy since she is so very far away. :)

Mary Beth

My paternal grandmother knit me a layette set that i still have. It is a light green with cream edging. Wish I would have known her!

Judy W

As no one in my family before me knitted or crocheted, my favorite is in the sewing category. My mother made most of my clothes and a clear winner was a dark blue snowsuit with a beautiful fur collar. It was made from an old coat of my favorite great-aunt and I cried when it no longer fit me and my sister got to wear it.


I have been knitting since I was five - I cannot remember anyone ever giving me a knitted or crocheted gift. That's sad, but my husband has done some beautiful wood carvings for me.

hannah gaffney

i received a sweater from my grandmother when i was younger she made from all her scraps and i loved it for ages til i grew out of it and then it was passed down through all my cousins who loved it as much as i did

Susan C.

My mother made me a crochet blanket for our living room that I absolutely love.


I just received a cowl that I love out of Noro. I had been meaning to knit one for myself but never seemed to have the time.


The only handcrafted items ever received were from my mother. She made most of my dresses when I was a young girl. Thanks for the memory.

Diane Eskritt

My favorite homemade gift was caramels from Lori...later she gave me the recipe and a candy thermometer --I have been making caramels ever since.

Jennifer Cameron

I have never received a knitted or crocheted gift. Boohoo! Oh wait! I think my mom might have knitted me a sweater once when I was like 3 or 4. It's a very vague memory. I have never witnessed her knitting, so it's hard for me to believe. She probably quit right after completing the sweater. haha! She's a quilter instead.


A ruffle scarf crocheted by a friend - it's warm & beautiful & garners me compliments every single time I wear it!


My husband had a friend knit me a scarf which I have since found out is done in Double Knit. I still use it ever year.

Betsy Kay

I have never received a knitted or crocheted gift.... I have given quite a few!!! BTW I loved my Thrum Kits (similar to the one above)


I received a crocheted lap blanket while going through a terrible time and it gave me a great deal of comfort.


Sock fro. Some girlfriends

Minnie Newman

I think my fave would have to be the garter knitted scarf from my neighbor across the street. She and I both took up knitting the same year. It's made of cotton mix sock yarn, and I wear it all the time. It's my go to grab it scarf. Matches my favorite falling apart hoodie.

Ruth Anne

My house is filled with furniture my dad made - a grandfather clock, several bookcases, a bed, two dressers, a TV stand . . . the list is endless!


I'm usually the one giving the hand made items. Friends give me yarn so I'll make them things :-) I do remember my making me some Barbie clothes for Xmas one year. I think I still have some of them.


My best knitting gift was a book of sweater patterns and the promise of yarn of my choosing to make one, way back when I was a kid. I remember being so excited by the possibilities and touched at the perfectness of it—so much better than a bought sweater that I probably wouldn't like. A close second was when my husband worked very hard to make me a pair of sock blockers. I cherish them more than the many (perfect) pairs our woodworker friend knocked off to show how it's done!


I received a couple of crocheted sweater/booties sets when my daughter was born over 40 years ago! Still have them. Now that I knit, I knit a lot of baby sweaters and give them away.

Jeanne B

My godmother loved to knit and eventually taught me but when I was younger she made me hats, mittens, sweaters and even little skating skirts. It was wonderful!


My mom made a felted purse for my birthday. I took it to a yarn store and everyone tried to tell me when their birthdays were so that she'd make them one too.


My mom made me and my two daughters socks for Christmas one year. They weren't made with expensive yarn, but we've had them for 4 or 5 years, and they are still going strong.


My daughter knitted a lovely little case for my cell phone that I've used for years.


My children were lucky enough to have two grandmothers who knit and crocheted. My daughter still has, and uses, the afghan made for her 49 years ago.


The Christmas stocking that my mother made me in the 1950s. It has my name on it. I still pull it out every year along with the stockings that she knit for my children. Classic Grace Ennis Christmas stocking pattern.


It's hard to choose a favourite gift received as many people made gifts for my 2 boys when they were young. I still treasure those small sweaters and blankets. Right now I regularly wear a beret and scarf set made by my husband's aunt, and a sweater made by my MIL. No one has made me socks, so I plan to make some for myself in the New Year!

Debbie H

My fav handmade gift wassome pretty hand turned wooden bowl from a friend. One was a preety blue and the other is red. Thanks! Debbie H gussek on Ravelry


It would have to be my irish knit sweater my grandmother knit for me.

I so treasure it!

Sharon Hurlbut

A complete set of knitted clothes made for my original Barbie doll by my grandmother when I was two. I still have a couple of the pieces to this day.


A potholder......this very week! Neutral color, useful, unexpected, a "thank you" for driving carpool to a knitting guild meeting from a new friend!!! It's usually me who knits for everyone else!

Lois Doucet

The best knitted gift I received is a beautiful knitted afghan. The Great American Afghan it is so beautiful.


My brother is the most special person in my life. When he was in high school and I was about 3 he took a woodshop class. For his project he made me a higher stool with sides and a back so I could sit high at the table but not slip off. I still have that stool and use it as a display piece. Will always be the most special to me.

Diane E.

My little Italian Nana Philomena (came to America when she was 3 yrs old with her mother) crocheted me a very long scarf from Red Heart yarn in an almost depression glass green. I wore and loved that scarf till it fell apart. Wish I still had it. It's been 40 years since she made and gave it to me when I was 16 - but it wasn't just a gift - it was like wearing a hug from Nana each time I put it on or held it.


I have a scarf that was made by 10 of my favourite people in North America. It's like a transcontinental hug!


When I was a little girl my Mother made many of my clothes, dresses and knitted items too.

But I don't remember receiving a knitted item since.

It would be so nice.

Nathanne Verner

The best knitted gift I received was from my 8 year old daughter. I taught her to knit, and she wanted to make something, so I had some bulky weight yarn that I got on sale for $1 a ball from a yarn store going out of business. It was great yarn, gray alpaca with big bobbles of aqua and royal blue spun into it. My sweet daughter knit me a scarf in garter stitch with it on size 11 needles. It turned out to be my favorite scarf, and kept me warm in the worst, coldest weather. I love that scarf, and I love that my little girl, who is now 30 and still knitting, wanted her mommy to have her first project.


I have received a knitted neck scarf in a swap but other than that I have never had anyone knit for me. Most of my friends ar not knitters but I do enjoy knitting for them.


A beautiful circus wagon that my husband made to store our grandchildrens' toys.

Lisa P

My Mom wasn't a knitter or crocheter either, but sews wonderfully. I remember matching handmade raggedy ann dolls for my sister and I and numerous matching flannel "nighties" with matching robes on Christmas morning.


So many to choose from! A magnigicent navy cotton aran seater my Daughter made for me when she was in high school. A lemon lace linen cardigan with matching fabric from my Mother-in-law. A pink varigated crocheted blanket from my Mother..she also crocheted one for each of her grandchilren.

Ashley W

I tend to get knitting things, not knitted gifts. But, a good friend just sent me a jar of handmade laundry soap, and I just love it. My clothes all come out clean, but don't smell of chemicals!


All of the clothes that my mother made for me!


When I had my first son a friend of my husband's grandmother knit a very sweet sweater for my son. I had his first photos taken in it.


For a Christmas gift this year. I got some beauitful snowflakes for my Christmas tree. A friend at work knew I love snowflakes. So she made me some to hang up this year. They are so pretty!

Kathi Conwell

Received by special delivery a few year ago a custom build multi wood media cabinet for cd's, dvd's, etc, designed and built by my very special son in Oregon!
Now contains one shelf overfilled with Christmas music and DVD's, and the remainder stuffed with my yarn stash!! Protected w/lavender oil of course! I love opening those beautiful doors (thinking of him) and shopping for my next project in my own home!!


My favorite knitted gift was a simple beanie hat made for me by a friend. She hadn't been knitting all that long, and it was one of her first projects. One of the first hand made gifts received by me, and I still adore it. :)

Kay Morrissey

The best gift was a gift for our newborn son. It was a sweater with matching socks from my mom.


Not many people knit for me- my mom made me a sweater years ago and quite often I wish that I had been old/wise enough to appreciate it!


A dear friend of mine knitted me a neckwarmer from a bit of some luxurious yarn I had given her. I love wearing it because it reminds me of her.


I don't think I've ever gotten anything handknitted/crocheted as a gift. However, my mom knitted me some awesome sweaters when I was younger and gave them to me in December-ish, so I usually considered it an early Christmas present.

Rachel R.

I have a crocheted afghan that my mom made that I love - it goes on my bed every winter!


The most memorable handmade Christmas I've received was from my daughter. When she was in Italy she bought a needlepoint kit of a sunflower, my favorite flower, which she finished and had made into a pillow. It means a lot to me!


No one ever knits for me so I was most pleasantly surprised a few years ago when a cousin whom I rarely see sent me a scarf she knit. It was the perfect shade of green and beautifully made. I wear it often and think fondly of her.


I received a wonderful sweater from my daughter. I wear it whenever the temp starts to dip outside or in the house.


My mom didn't knit often (leaving that task mostly to my grandmother) when I was growing up, but when I was in high school, she bought some variegated acrylic in colors I loved and knit a scarf for me. It's a little short and a little wide, but has lovely long fringe because that's what I asked for. I still have it and break it out every so often because I'm still so grateful she made it for me.


My mother made me several sweaters over the years. Wish I still had them.




My grandmother, 90 at the time, made some crocheted scarfs.Not the prettiest, nor the softest yarn, but they were still made by her. I never knew she crocheted. I still have them, unable to give them up.


When I was 12 my great Aunt Leota gave me her "old" cardigan. It was beige with black, pink, and green on the yoke. I kept it and wore it for another 20 years!


my mom used to k\nit us new mittens for Christmas.


My mom knit me an afghan years ago as a kid. She let me pick out the yarn which made it even more special


A crocheted afghan fashioned after one that was my grandmother's. Is a constant in my family room.


I'm not usually on the receiving end of knitted goods, but my teen daughter recently knitted me an mp3 cozy. I had made her one and she wanted to give one back for me. She doesn't knit a lot and needed some help, but it turned out great and I use it all the time!


I received a beautiful sweater from my sister in the 70's when she first learned how to knit, and then last year she gave me a knitted spa cloth after relearning how to knit. I'm not sure which was the most appreciated!

Lisa Viviano

A beautiful scarf in blues and gray.


My mum knitted me snug and stripy hat using brown and yellow yarn. I thought im cutest little bee ever. :)


I don't receive many knitted or crocheted gifts, I guess people think we crafty types would prefer to do it ourselves... I did receive a wonderful crocheted hat last year, though - it's simple, made from cotton yarn, and is soooo soft. It's perfect for the warmer fall/spring weather we have here in NC, and it's gotten lots of use (and lots of complements too!)


I have a beautiful tablecloth that my grandmother crocheted for me years ago.

Autumn Pilditch

My favorite thing is a knitted baby blanket for my daughter. It was a soft buttery yellow and she loved and carried it with her everywhere.


My daughter knit a scarf for me when she first learned to knit. It's a beautiful orange mohair blend and includes a great deal of cat spit; she had a new kitten who insisted on sucking on the yarn! Whatever - I love it because she made it for me.


I haven't received too many handmade gifts, but a friend knit me a little bunny that looks like my actual bunny Goose. So that was really sweet. :)


A friend knit me some beautiful washcloths. I'm always afraid to use them and ruin them.


No one has ever given me a crochet or knit gift.

But my sister gave me the most beautiful hand loomed scarf one year. I still have it and save it for special occasions because it is lovely and I would hate to lose it. This year I am knitting her a Christmas gift. I hope she likes it as much as I love the scarf.


The best knitted gift I have ever received is a felted bowl from my best friend.


blanket from my grandmother!


No one has ever given me a knitted gift. However, my husband made me a terrific wooden swift which was very thoughtful (of course it saves him from holding my yarn skeins while I roll them into balls).

Kim Baker

When my first child was born, my MIL gave me a knitted sweater that my husband had worn as a baby. Very special!

Kim Deiro

YEARS ago, a friend crocheted me a "nose warmer". Covered my mouth and nose and had "strings" to hook around my ears. Kind of like a crocheted surgical mask. I like to walk and she wanted me as warm as possible. She pinned a smiley face button to it, the button is long gone, but the nose warmer lives on!


I have been given some handknit socks, and I love them!


Received? Nothing. I got a cool swift one Christmas, and my knitpicks needle set on another. But no one knits for me!


My favorite crafted gift are the stichmarkers my sister makes for me. Every year they are different and beautiful!


Like many of the others, I'm usually the one making the handmade gifts. I do still have a patterned ski sweater that my Mom made for me years ago that I have practically worn to death. And she's the one who taught me to knit, so I am very grateful for both the sweater and the lessons that gave me a lifetime of fun with yarn.


most everyone knows that I knit, so they don't make me knitted gifts.
Probably the best hand made gift I've gotten has been my stained glass windows.


My sister in law gave me a very simple knitted scarf made of fun yarn a few years ago. I asked her for the pattern, made several myself and that was what re-started my knitting. So it's all her fault!

Leslie Fehr

My most cherished knitted and sewn gift was a sweater and skating skirt that my Grandmother made for my 10th birthday. The sweater was in double knit - it was deep green and zipped up the front. The skating skirt was in the same deep green wool and lined with bright red flannel. I felt super special every time we went skating.


For me it would have to be just the gift of yarn itself along with a fun pattern to knit. I got one last Christmas and made a wonderful ruffle scarf for myself. The best scarf and I'll always remember the friend who gave it to me when I wear it, of course I remembered her all the while knitting it as well.


I remember for grade school my grandmother would make us crochet square vests for the beginning of the school year and my mom would crochet hair accessories.

Lucy Portland

I don't receive knitted gifts;I make them for others.


My mother knit me a fair-isle sweater. Although I loved the pattern, I couldn't wear the sweater because I was too hot when I wore it (this was when I was a teenager). I've never been given a crocheted gift item.

Beverly J. Killick

My mother gave me the Ripple Stitch crocheted afghan(s) - many of them. She also gave one to each grandchild and made several smaller ones for Great grandchildren. Its a wonderful memory of her and I cherish each and every one.
We use ours alot and the wool is the best. I put it out on the washline, on a windy day. Its gets freshened.

marimariknit, marialyce weideman

if you craft you don't receive many homemade gifts, but my sister also does many crafts. and i have beautiful scarves from her, and accessories are about my favorite thing.


Knitted toys from my great aunt - Tom and Jerry!


A baby blanket for my first born.


My grandmother crocheted various things for me, but my most favorite was a single-crochet vest in a deep gold color that had fringes hanging way down all around the bottom. (I was a 70's girl!) I wore that for a long time......


My 2-year-old nephew gave me a candy cane ornament that he made himself! It smells like cinnamon and has glitter on it. I have it hanging in my cube at work next to a picture of him.


When I was little our neighbor knitted my sister and I lots of barbie and baby doll clothes.


I never receive knitted things. I don't know why, perhaps others think I will see the mistakes that they think they will make.
My sister, is abit older than me, and sewed me an Easter outfit many, many years ago. It was in baby blue wool with straps on the skirt. I outgrew it within a year and was heartbroken, but I loved the outfit. I think it had a jacket.


Sadly, I've never received handmade gifts. :( But still happy to gift them every year. :)

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