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December 14, 2011



I did knit a baby item - it was a little baby owl dress and was SO adorable I can't stand it!


I made a hat for a cousin's baby and they had him wear it for all of his pictures at the hospital.


I did not knit any baby garments this year, but I have a cousin expecting a baby this spring so I'm going to need to knit something soon.


This year I only had one baby project - I made a blanket, hat, and booties for my goddaughter's new baby boy. Unless you count all the pumpkin, apple, grape, and angry bird children's hats I made for the Pumpkin Patch we had at church!


I knit this little hat, At First Sight, for my best friend's first grandchild, plus a pair of tiny socks to match. It was so much fun, and so gratifying to have a finished project so quickly!

Cathy Smith

I have my go-to baby sweater pattern that I typically knit; glad to see you have other options.


I knit a baby vest back in January and I think the baby may have actually grown into it by now!


I knitted two baby hats and three pair of baby socks/booties. I used a dk weight yarn so they worked up quickly. One set was for a friend for their first grandchild. The second one was for another friend's first granddaughter after many grandsons.
I love knitting baby socks! it's instant gratification!!

I always knit baby things throughout the year. I'm down to one baby surprise sweater in the gifting stash and have 3 expecting friends so it's time to get busy!


Yes, I did I have made my granddaughter three pairs of socks.

Amy Samin

I knit a few things, including a little sweater, sort of a letterman's sweater, with the baby's last name on the back in duplicate stitch (his dad is a professional basketball player here) and matching booties that look like Chuck Taylor All-Stars. I think the perfect baby items should be machine washable, soft and fun.

Kay Morrissey

I knit a baby afghan for my son's speech therapist. I had been given some Baby Clouds yarn that I wanted to use and this opportunity came along. It was kind of a pain to use, but the afghan turned out really nice. I usually take pictures of everything I make, but this one got away from me. If I get a picture of her with the baby and afghan, I'll post to Ravelry.


Yes, I did! I knit a hat for my neighbor's newborn and a blanket for my nephew's new daughter.


Yes, I did! I knit a hat for my neighbor's newborn and a blanket for my nephew's new daughter.


No baby knitting but I did knit for a little boy. I dont have a go to knitting project but for my little cuz I made a stuffed monkey.


I don't think I knit any baby items this year! But when I do, I always look for items that are easy to wash and easy to wear.


I knit one baby hat, two BSJ's, and one other baby sweater this year.

OH! and a baby hat and booties.

Wow. I've never knit that many baby things.


No baby knitting this year for me.


A bunch of baby sweaters. All in size at least 9 months (so I can be sure they won't start out too small) and ALWAYS with easy-care, machine-washable, machine-dryable yarn.

Judi C.

My kids are getting older so the only baby items I've knit are for friends. This year, I think other than shorties and longies, I only made a photo prop set, an earthy brown newborn cocoon with matching hat out of malabrigo held double.


I knitted this garter stitch baby jacket. Love it!

Cecilia David

I would like to recieve some yarn for after Christmas knitting. Until then I am trying to finish up my presents needs.


No baby knitting but I did make 2 prs of socks for my 4 y/o niece and a barbie coat for my 9 y/o daughter. I've got a new niece or nephew coming in June and they'll need something warm to wear in the winter.

Marisa Windell

I made two baby sweaters and a baby dress for the babies of my nieces and nephew. Come to think of it,one did use sock yarn!


I knit a couple baby items this year. Just yesterday I made a cupcake hat. So many cute baby patterns! I wish I'd known how to knit when my babies were little.


i knit a one piece outfit for my little baby girl


I made a BSJ. It's my go-to baby gift. But I think a fancier sweater for that extra-special baby would be nice.


Hats and socks. Quick and cute!


I knit 3 baby blankets and one baby hat for our church knitting ministry. The last blanket did me in for a while, but I'll knit at least 2 more next year since I already have the yarn.


I knit some booties for a charity. Baby items sure are quick!!


Nope. Not this year. I do have plans but no action.


New babies this year so lots of hats and afghans. They like soft colorful yarns.


I didn't knit any baby items this year. Too old to have any babies in my house and no grandbabies to knit for. No friends having baby's either.

Kimberly Nobles

I knit a baby hat and I'm currently working on a stuffed animal. Lots of baby knitting planned for next year though!


I made many baby items. Hats, blankets, sweaters, socks, leg warmers, and sheeep booties!

Karen G.

No babies in the family right now, so I haven't knit any baby items this year.


I crocheted a few baby monkey hats this year.

You can see the finished product (with baby!) on my Ravelry page.


Yes, I did make several baby things this year...a small blanket, just to keep the wee one warm. A hat that was ever so cute, and a pair of hand mittens, to keep his nails from scratching his face. I loved making the hat. It was very cute.

Janene Reeves

I knit a shrug that was the cutest thing! No bigger than a minute, but very cute. Hope it fits!


I knitted an afghan for my niece's first child very early in 2011 but that was the only baby gift I knit in 2011. I must've slacked off!

hannah gaffney

i knit a hat in the softest pink for my best friends little girl, pretty simple with a band of lace knitting just before the ribbed brim, she loves it and wears it all the time

Joetta Devore

No, I did not knit any baby things this year. I did not know of anyone having a new one. I have hopes of next year!


My favorite kind of knitting besides socks! Several BSJ's, Cerise, Baby Kimono, Playful Stripes Cardigan, Tea Leaves Cardigan, February Baby Sweater, Booties, Hats..............!


I did not knit for any babies this year, but plan on doing a sweater soon. I love the self striping patterns the best.

Leslie B. Fehr

I did knit a baby sweater - it was a top down pattern and just wonderful to knit! I've also done several newborn hats in a soft cotton yarn -need to be able to go through the autoclave as the baby was in the NICU, along with several regular baby hats.

Jess White

I actually did knit some baby sockies! It was my very first knitting project! :)

Cyndy Landers AKA the Yarnwitch

I knit 3 sweaters for a set of triplets and Jerred Flood's baby blanket (feather and fan edge)out of tweed yarn which came out beautifully. I wanted to keep it myself. I don't know about requirements other than don't meet and get to know anyone with triplets! Three identical sweaters is too much!!!!

Mary Ann

I did knit "Phoebe's Sweater", alas it wasn't sock yarn, but a great knit pattern. I did knit mittens and little socks out of leftover sock yarn. They are a quick and fun knit!


No baby gifts this past year. I am anxiously waiting to be made grandmother. Perhaps this will be the year and I'll get to start knitting little gifts.

Lois Doucet

No I did not knit a baby item this year. I will knit something next year.


I Tunisian crochet/knitted baby blanket and duplicate stitched the baby name


I knit the Elizabeth Zimmerman "Baby Surprise Jacket" for a friends new grandbaby. It's such a fun pattern to knit!


I knit a lovely lace edged dress for my new niece!

Betsy Kay

No not this year, but I'm sure I will be knitting for someone in 2012

Kristine M.

The only friends of mine that had babies this year are knitters so they had every knitted & crocheted thing they could possibly need.


I made matching boy/ girl sweaters out of striping sock yarn for twins using a pattern in " not just socks". Best present at the shower!

Pam Butterfield

I have two grandchildren under 3 and 6 more grandnieces and nephews in the same age range. They all have new Christmas sweaters.

kelly-ann (on ravelry)

No baby items, but I did knit some fingerless mitts in sock yarn for a toddler.


I knitted LOTS of baby things this year. I made 3 sweaters and 3 hats, and there is the possibility of another hat before the end of the year. I am always careful to use washable yarns for baby gifts, so superwash sock yarn is perfect!


I made the "Mostly Sideways Baby Sweater" available here
Along with a mostly sideways hat to match. Used JoJoland in a pastel colorway

Jill Love

I like to make toys. I did a hippo snake, 3 bunnies, and turkey and 5 hats!

Mary T

That's all I've been knitting (at least that is how it seems). Hats, booties, sweaters, mitts, blankets and most recently "Monsters" from Rebecca Danger's book.

Linda Noss

I am going to be a first time grandmom so YES baby items were knit. I made a little cardigan and some 'scrap socks'. Scrap socks are made from leftover yarn from other socks. They are fun because you have to be creative in the way you combine the colors. It is kind of like quilting for socks.


One of my husband's employees had twins, so I made two little Milo baby vests. It was kind of a big deal because of the six people who work with my husband, three of them have twins!


I knit a hat and sweater for my soon to be here grandson. I also have a blanket started. What fun to knit things for little guys. My requirements are that the garments be colorful and very soft. He can have grandma hugs even when I'm not with him. :)


We had a new grandson born in September. I knitted the pattern "Multicolored Sockies" from the book Socks, Socks, Socks. I used Classic Elite Summer Sox for the sockies. They were super cute, and all of my DIL's friends asked where she got such cute baby socks. My other two grandchildren wanted a pair also.


I have knit many baby knits for others this year....I have none of my own;)

Kim B.

I knit a baby sweater, two baby hats, have two more on the needles (yes, twins) and a beret for a toddler.


I love making Booties....They always fit just right :)


I made two sets of booties and hats this year for twin grandsons. So cute!

Diane E.

DID I KNIT FOR A BABY? I became a Grandmommy for the first time (he's 9 mos. old now)!!! I have knit 4 newborn caps, 4 prs of infant socks , 2 pr of larger socks in Crystal Palace yarn - is WONDERFUL for children's socks, I think 5 baby sweaters, two knit hats with ear flaps (Knitting Pure and Simple pattern - BIG hit with my daughter - keeps his ears covered) Two "big boy" sweaters so far(he's wearing 18 mos size now)(Knitting Pure and Simple pattern), a toy rainbow trout, and a Jared Flood baby blanket. Am knitting his first Christmas Stocking now and found a pattern on Ravelry for a toddler cowl. I think someday I will knit for myself again - I did squeeze in two shawlettes for me in there somewhere :-)


A friend & I made each made half the blocks for a baby blanket, that we stitched together & sent to our friend living abroad.

Jan Walsworth

I happened upon a sale of sock yarn matching a pair of socks I was making for my granddaughter to give this Christmas. I bought more and made her a scarf to match. We'll see how she likes it - but she did admire a sock yarn weight scarf we saw in a shop this past summer. Personally, I love the match idea a simple K2P2 rib scarf seems really popular with her set.

Patty Boyce

I did not knit a baby item this year. Lots of socks - everyone in the family is getting a pair of socks for Christmas - but no baby items


I did not knit any in 2011 but am preparing to knit several in 2012.

fern braverman

I knitted a sweater for a sweet baby girl born into a family with three boys.

Shirley Beard

I knit a cute as a button hat for my best friend of 33 years new grandson. Sadly she didn't get to meet him as she died from ovarian cancer just one month before he was born and never got to experience the wonder of being a grandmother. I think she would have liked his hat.

Lise Legris

I did 4 blankets for Project Linus this year. Since my GD is 2 1/2 I'm mostly doing toddler - child (she is as tall as a 4yo)


I knit two baby sweaters this year, both from the one skein of sock yarn book. One was a lacy number out of Lorna's laces "bittersweet" bright orange and golds that the mothers likes! (not your typical baby color) The other was knit in strips with a self patterning yarn. It was fun to learn how to knit in strips and the width of the strips made a nice patchwork pattern. This yarn was an on line yarn that had some bamboo in it making a nice, light garment. I am told that this sweater gets more wear than others because it is so light weight and comfortable for the baby. AND They are both machine-washable!!!!!

Vivian Johnson

I have knitted several items this past year. I made a sweater for my new nephew. I just finished up a blanket and sweater for my friend's first grandbaby (which is a girl). I made a blanket for one of my scout parents who also had a girl. Next year I will have more blankets and sweaters in the pipeline.


Nope, nobabies in my life this year...


I have not knit any baby items this year, but would love to do so in the future. Bees Knees line of patterns are a beutiful incentive to do so!

Jeanne Bringley

I didn't but I have the yarn for a baby blanket, a new born sweater and two toddler sweaters.


I knit a baby afghan for my daughter's friend and quite a lot of newborn hats for donation to a hospital. I am currently knitting sweaters for my grandkids (ages 4, 4, and 2) using Panda superwash, Panda cotton, and Maizy. I like sock yarn for baby and children's garments because it is so soft and washable. Both my daughters (one of whom is a knitter herself) have informed me if the item is not machine washable it will be worn only once unless grandma wants to wash it.


I knit a baby blanket. I didi it in a dk puma cotton.

Barbara L

I knit baby items for the first time ever this year. Two pairs of brioche baby booties in wild, variegated sock yarn that delighted the parents. The Albers baby jacket with intarsia nested squares on the back, in sock yarns (2 solids, 1 tonal, 1 variegated). So fun!


No babies and so no baby knitting. And my friends are not yet at the age for grandchildren.
Though I did dye some sock yarn for a friend, so she could knit her little one a sweater :-)

Renee Ladd

I knit a baby wrap sweater out of two colors of sock yarn.


I knit a baby blanket for my sister-in-laws great niece, in mom's favorite purple and green. Babe was born on St. Patrick's day. The only criteria for a wee one is soft, snuggly and very washable.


I made a baby blanket for a new grandnephew; Sock It to Me for Girls from One Skein Sock Wonders for a friend's baby; and Baby Yours from Blue Moon Fibers for my cousin's new grandchild.

Carla in MT

Yes! I made a hat & mittens for my grandson. I love Bees Knees Patterns. Thanks.

MaryEllen Lohr

No babies in my life right now, so no. I did take a class w Amy Detjen on the baby brioche sweater but my purpose was to learn the brioche stitch--it's fabulous.


I bought yarn for two baby sweaters and started one, but put it aside for so long that suddenly it was summer and the baby was going to be too big for the size I knit by the time the cooler weather rolled back around. It's in my drawer waiting to be frogged and restarted in a larger size.

My one requirement for baby knits is that the yarn must be machine washable. The only thing new parents should have to hand wash is their baby.

Denise Royal

One of my wips is a crocheted entralec blanket that when finished will be donated to a local charity I belong to.


I knit up the Smock Coat by Debbie Bliss in January for my friends first daughter. I picked the 6-9 months size so it actually fits her now. Pictures coming to my Ravelry project page soon!

I try to make all of my baby knits machine washable because new mothers normally don't have the time or energy for hand washing.

Audra Daughtry

OMG did I ever! The hats were so easy but the embellishments were a nightmare!! I did two Trail Caps by Kate Oates for a set of boy/girl twins and they turned out great but I will never do them again!


I am in the process of knitting a blanket for my best friend's 2nd baby. The requirement was that it be as soft as the one I made for her first baby, 2 summers ago. I'm using Cascade Yarn's eco alpaca and a simple garter lace stitch.

Not very practical for a baby, but last time she used the blanket for herself until her son was past the age of randomly spitting up and stuff, and fully expects to do the same thing this time :)

Meghan Routt

Yes and I literally cannot make another single baby bootie!

Cynthia Parker

Not this year but I have made socks for my 3 year old great grandsons using Allyson;s yarn.


Two friends had babies this year, one a close friend in her early 40's so it was very special.
I made three baby blankets - for one I did a ripple pattern using up odds and ends. Similarly I used leftovers for a striped hat. Baby stuff goes so quickly and always involves cheerful colors. It makes for a good change from other knitting and is always appreciated!

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