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December 13, 2011



this has been a year of socks

Ruth Anne

I stopped knitting socks because I never finish the second one! But I LOVE making scarves from sock yarn. They make the outfit and they're not too heavy or hot!


I have knit a few things this year in sock yarn, that weren't socks. I knit two pair of Nereid mitts (, one out of Plymouth's Happy Feet and the other out of Tess Designer Super Sock and Baby. I finished a scarf that had been in my queue for quite some time, made out of Crystal Palace Mini Mochi. That was the the Lily Lace Rib Scarf ( And finally, out of Malabrigo Sock, I knit the Strangling Vine Scarf ( Every other sock yarn project was socks.

Kim Deiro

I knit fingerless gloves/mittens at the request of my daughter. They were knit with all scraps, so they are colorful!


I have knit baby booties - which are kind of like socks - and matching hats.


Well mostly it has been socks but I have in the works a nice knitted lace scarf that is in knit picks chroma. The best thing I have finished was a knitted stuffed monster. His name is Quincy Quade Quentin. The pattern is by Rebecca danger. Her patterns are so fun and cool. The triple Q guy did take a little while but he is so worth it.

Meghan Routt

pretty lacy scarves!

Mary Ann

I've knit the "Linen Stitch Scarf" from Churchmouse Yarns,Christmas ornaments and many pairs of socks. Probably have knit over 60 pairs over the years! Any suggestions for leftover sock yarn?


Definitely more socks than anything! This year I did my first lace shawl in a KAL with a lovely dark teal sock yarn from Malabrigo.


I made a stripe study shawl and I LOVE it.


I knit a gorgeous little scarf/shawlette that I am wearing right now :)


Lots of lacy shawls and mitts this year--and socks, too, of course!

Amy Samin

I just made a sweet little drawstring gift bag with a colorwork band in the middle. Starts out like a sock (CO 60 sts), add picot hem, eyelets for the drawstring, then knit a bit and make a base. I was thinking if I made it a bit wider and longer, I could use it to gift wrap a pair of socks! What a way to use up the leftovers. ;-)


I have knit the Halloween (basic) mitts from this blog three times this year. It's a great basic pattern, and the ribbing makes them a great gift even if I can't be totally sure of the recipient's hand size.

char buechner

A lacy shawl..sock yarn is a little heavier than lace weight...have no links sorry..


A Sockhead Hat - perfect way to use a less durable sock yarn or to show off a skein you can't bear to hide in your shoes.


I knitted so many pairs of socks this year that I had enough left overs to knit my husband a pair of 'patchwork' socks, and he wears them!


I knit several Barb's Koigu Ruffle from Churchmouse Yarns & Teas and right now I'm knitting the Sunnyside Cardigan by Tanis Lavallée. And, I would link them but I can't figure out how to do it! Sorry! They can be found on Ravelry.


I knit a damask with madtosh merino light in the dahlia colorway. It turned out beautifully.


What gorgeous skein of yarn!

I knit a big, lovely Damask shawl from sock yarn.

Sock yarn is the BEST because it doesn't count as stash!

I'm working on a Haruni for my daughter. I also knit myself a shawl (No-fuss, shade loving shawl) . But mostly just socks! The Haruni and the shawl are both on my Ravelry page, under AmyF or here:


I made a couple of shawls -

first try at a hat -

and a first pair of mittens -

and 3 pairs of socks

Davilyn Parker

Rivulet scarf in ToshSock

emily cossins

I'm on my 3rd pair of socks, going to do the beekeepers quilt with leftover sock yarn. Just learned to knit in Feb.


Beautiful yarn! I've only knit socks out of sock yarn this year but would like to try a shawl sometime in the future.

Jane Finnell

A lovely cashmere cowl for my daughter-in-law and a baby sweater for my newest granddaughter. Oh and of course, sock. : )

suellen mourfield

Ann Schaeffer shawls!


I knit a Taygete out of two skeins of sock yarn this year, and it is lovely!


Some of Laris's gloves, baby items and a couple og scarves! Oh, and some socks....


Oh golly! I made three pairs of socks, several shawls and two pairs of mitts. What I make depends on the coloring of the yarn. Some sock yarns are just too beautiful to hide in a shoe so they become a shawl or scarf.

Audra Daughtry

At the moment I am knitting Stephen West's Pogona with Miss Babb's Yummy Superwash Sock & Baby Yarn and it is looking amazing!!


Knit some shawls and scarves with sock yarn this year...lovely drape.


I've been into shawls and neckwarmers this year.


I have used sock yarn for shawls and my two favorites are Madelinetosh and Dream in Color.

Happy Holidays to all.


2011 has been the year of socks. I knit my very first pair and quickly followed that up with 3 more! I'm hopelessly hooked.


I have knit a linen stitch scarf using some Serendipitous Ewe sock yarn.


socks, socks and more socks!


I have knit fingerless gloves with sock yarn. My daughter is obsessed with them.


The only thing I've knit in 2011 with sock yarn is socks. I would like to knit another shawlette using my ever-growing stash once things settle back down in January. Thanks for the giveaway.


My Daybreak. I'm wearing it constantly these days.

Jennifer cameron

Other than socks, I have knit and not finished a scarf (the one you took a picture of) and a pair of fingerless mitts...Fitz: with dream in color smooshy with cashmere in wicked royal:


I knit a featherweight cardigan and a Solar Flare shawl this year, they're both lovely in sock-weight yarn.

Mary T

I knit Christine's Stay On Baby Booties & the Sunnyside baby cardigan in Trekking XXL, also knitted the booties and the Sock Yarn Top Down baby sweater in Socks that Rock for my two newest great-nephews.


I knit a Buttercup Shawl with some Fleece Artist Kidazzle that I just love.

Katherine Hawley

fingerless mittons

kathy p

I only knit socks with sock yarn.


A scarf with a lacy, leafy border -- love it. I also knit two baby hats with sock yarn doubled, very soft and a nice weight, and many pairs of socks too.


I have made a baby hat with leftover sock yarn.


Two Featherweight Cardigans… boring as all get-out to knit, but wonderfully easy to wear.


A Mistake Stitch pattern scarf with bits of leftover sock yarn. The pattern is one row, easy, fast and the scarf is reversible and gorgeous.

Autumn Pilditch

This year I crocheted a clapotis with sock yarn. It's sort of a cross between a scarf and a shawl.

Carole Azar

I've made very few socks with sock yarn, which is my favorite yarn to work with. I have made shawlettes (my favorite) and many scarves and also a hat and am looking forward to trying new patterns in 2012 to use sock yarn.

Cathi Kohn

I have knit the mitered square blanket and a shawl with sock yarn.

Gina Guillotine

I got brave and knitted some mittens, but then ripped them out due to being wonky, so technically, I've knitted nothing, but still hope to win this skein. It's gorgeous.

Cheryl Ellis

I knit the Bees Knees pattern Aidan (picture and pattern available on your website) for my grandson - great way to use self-patterning yarn in a new way and it turned out great!


I've knit hexi-puffs, and cute little Christmas tree ornaments and the awesome heart from Knitty.


I mostly knit socks with sock yarn, but I make the Airy Hat from the DIC sock yarn club you had back in Aug. The hat came out really nice and I have enough yarn left over for some baby socks!


I have only done socks.. that seems to be my love.

Lisa P

I knit my first every shawl with zauberball sock yarn and have knit many baby hats and sock sets (they make great gifts to have on hand and knit up quick)


Of course I love my socks, but I also love to make small shawls out of sock yarn. My favorite project for sock yarn this year has been hats for my new grandson.


A pair of cabled mittens in Madelinetosh Pashmina that I bought at SSYC. :)


I've knit a pair of fingerless mitts back January, and I'm working on a pair of socks right now. Hopefully I'll get to knit more stuff next year.


Just socks for me this year. I keep meaning to knit other things, but they just don't get the same attention that my socks get.

Beverly McCutcheon

I have done two citrons - once out of Schaffer them.

Nancy Hannah

Fingerless mitts, scarfs, mini Harry Potter things for Christmas Tree,


I made two Simmer Dim shawlettes in Malabrigo Sock yarn. I just think the yarn is too nice to put on feet!


I really got into making lacy shawls this year.


I've made two Multnomah shawls, a Whippoorwill shawl & a mystery shawl this year.

Judith Pruski

I really like the fairies that I knit with leftover sock yarn: and


I have knit two triangular scarf/shawl projects with Lorna's Laces - one was all garter stitch in 'Royal Wedding,' and one had some 'old shale' pattern at the bottom, knitted in Lorna's Laces 'Endless Possibilities.' I've finished two pair of socks and have one more on the needles to make three pair for this year - a record for me!

Mary Chrisman

Fingerless mitts are the hot ticket this winter. I've made the Lepidoptera Mitts in Tanis' Blue Label in the color Prism. I've also made the Elphaba Mitss by Valerie Johnson in Shepherd Sock, color Baltic and the Sausalito Mitts (from Crystal Palace Yarns) in Hazel Knits Artisan Sock yarn, color Cami Chick. All will be under the tree soon.


I've knit scarves and shawlettes and baby hats. I love knitting with sock-weight yarn!


I love my Sockhead knit in Lorna's lace in Old Fashioned Christmas...


I've only knit socks this year with sock yarn, but have a lovely pattern for cabled fingerless mitts in the project queue!


Socks, socks, socks, socks. One of these days I'm going to get up the nerve to make a sweater for myself, though. Got the yarn already!


I am working on a hat for Christmas of course.


fingerless gloves and lots of socks!!!

Rachel R.

I actually very rarely knit socks with sock yarn - but sock yarn is my favorite yarn to work with! Primarily, I knit shawls with fingering weight yarn. I knit an Ishbel in DIC Smooshy, a Traveling Woman in STR, and am currently working on a Silk Kerchief in two alternating colors of Silk Garden Sock!

Lauren M

I made an Ishbel shawlette by Ysolda Teague. I love it.

Rusty M.

I did 2 mystery shawl knitalongs with Cherry Tr Hill Supersocke...and this one I wasn't sure if I would like "shawlettes" but they are just wonderful thrown around my shoulders or wrapped like a cowl. And the colors are so pretty.

Deborah Squires

Sock yarn does not count as stash so I have a lot. I have made Wendy Johnsons lace mittens, just plain mittens and 2 shawlets plus several socks!! Sock Yarn rocks!

Donna Gerber

I'm knitting a cover for a Kindle as a Christmas gift right now with sock yarn. One of these days I'll actually knit some socks! :)

Kathleen B.

Barb's Koigu Ruffle

Exploring Waves Bag

Storm Cloud Shawlette


This year, only socks.


Baby sweaters, sock yarn is washable and durable making a great baby sweater.

anne glogovac

I knit a sweater for an American Girl doll. I am a fairly new knitter and this was my first attempt at a 'lace' pattern. I learned a lot about reading a pattern and reading my knitting doing this. It gave me the confidence to move on to the one thing I really wanted to learn to knit - Socks!


I knit a shawlette with 100 grams of hand dyed sock yarn that I picked up in Oregon while traveling. I made a couple of goofs on it even after frogging multiple times but I still love it. I think I'll stick to socks for the time being.

Ashley W

I made Anne Hanson's Hazeline with a skein of STR. I have it wrapped around my neck right now in fact. Pics on my Rav page (purltwo), but no links because I'm typing this from a hotel room during a quick lunch!


Sock yarn is my "go to" yarn-- so versatile! I have made texting/fingerless gloves (many) and three triangle/bakkus type scarf/shawls. Along with socks, socks, and more socks. Love the texture and color ranges of sock yarn.


Ruth g

I made a baby pullover with sock yarn scraps. But mostly, I made socks!


I have knit the same short-row toe more than a dozen times because I couldn't get it right and I started your mitts with my Halloween kit yarn. Christmas knitting has kept me from completing those.


I knit two of Kirsten Kapur's shawls this summer out of sock yarn and I thoroughly adore both of them. One is Cerisafera that I knit out of Wollmeise Sockenwolle ( and another is the Roma shawl I knit out of Three Irish Girls McClellan Fingering (


I've made a record number of socks this year, and am planning to take on mittens in the new year.


I just started a Cladonia in tosh merino light and already I'm loving it.

Judy W

The SSYC 6th Anniversary Knit Kit was used to knit the Floral Lace Shawl from Vogue Knitting's "Shawls & Wraps". The TFA yarn produced a lovely stitch definition for a beautiful small shawl. There is enough left to do the mitts pattern included in the kit also.

Lois Doucet

I have knitted lacey scarfs. I just love those.


Actually, right now I am knitting Christmas balls from a festively patterned sock yarn, and I am loving them!


I have mainly knit socks this year. I did knit a few shawls though.


a lovely, lacey scarf! Love it!


I knit a couple of lacy shawlettes, including one Wendy Knits KAL.

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