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December 12, 2011



What is your favorite sock yarn, of course!

Kim Deiro

ANY sock yarn is my favorite yarn in general. Knitting socks is my favorite knitting activity.

Julie Branham

Lately, my favorites have been TIG adorn sock or BMFA Socks that rock. They knit up beautifully.


What is your favorite sock pattern? (this may be like chosing your favorite child :) Just can't be done!


Almost finished first sock from the Christmas kit. I absolutely love the yarn

Pam Stocks

Sock yarn is my favorite type of yarn. I love superwash merino/nylon yarn or superwash merino/cashmere/nylon. I think I like the blues, purples, & greens the best.


How about a question on new traditions that people are incorporating into their celebration this year. It could be something added in or even something they have decided to stop doing.


Favorite holiday treat! (with links to recipes when possible.) I've got cookies on the brain (and the hips, and the bust, and the ... )


I'd like to know what new things people would like to learn in knitting in 2012. Maybe what kind of knitting challenge they'd like to set for themselves would be a better way of phrasing it. That leaves it open to techniques or experiences.


I'd like to ask people their favorite Holiday tradition. Mine (which unfortunately has been sporadic lately) is baking Christmas cookies. My daughters & I did it every year. We'd spend an entire day baking & decorating cookies. But we'd be lucky to end up with 3 or 4 dozen because we just had to eat all the less than perfect ones 8-). A few years ago my older daughter hosted a day of cookie baking with me & her best friend & besty' s mom. This year we are all spending a few days before to a few days after Xmas in Louisiana & we'll spend a full day with the grands - baking cookies.

Lois Doucet

How do you avoid hole at top of gusset when knitting socks?

hannah gaffney

any sock yarn! once i can knit pair of socks with it im happy!


Best tips for rejuvenating your flagging knitting mojo.


What is your favorite pattern for sock yarn that aren't socks?


They are all my favorite.


What has been your favorite kit from Simply Sock yarn? I probably couldn't pick.. everytime I think the new one is my favorite..


I use any sock yarn and do not have a favorite.
Thanks for the giveaway1


How do you wrap up your gift socks for giving? Do you try to disguise them?


Ooh, picking one favorite is so hard! I think I would have to say TFA cashmere sock yarn. I love the colors and the texture of it.


What is your favorite sock pattern?

Linda B

Picking favorite yarn would be like picking your favorite child!! So hard and impossible to do. They are all my favorites!! :>))


The one that's next in the queue. I keep wanting to start a new pair of socks even though the current ones aren't finished ( and that yarn was my favorite while I was knitting the previous pair).


Do you keep a sock knitting journal with notes on when you begin a projects and data on yarn, needles and pattern..also a photo

Leslie B. Fehr

What is your favorite "non-sock" pattern for sock yarn? I use my sock yarn for baby hats, big kids & adults hats, baby sweaters, wrist warmers, mittens and scarves - and I've only knitted one baby sock -- the second one is still on the needles lol.

Kathy Sue

How much of your yearly knitting is for Christmas gifts?

Have you committed to handmade Christmas?


My fave sock yarn recently has been any one of those with aloe added. I love the softness on my hands as I knit. Quite a contrast to the ones I have going in "regular" sock yarn!

Susan Hill

Love Madeline Tosh but too many to choose from. Sock knitting is my favorite form of knitting although I'm getting hooked on hats and I do love scarves and gloves and there are afghans. I give up - I just love to knit!!


favorite last minute knitting pattern! with a link.


What knitting project/pattern did you enjoy making the most this year? What yarn did you use with it? Would you make it again?

Liz Merkler

I love sock yarn and haven't picked a favorite yet.


How about, 'What is your favorite knitting accessory?


Most sock yarns but I am partial to the slighty heavier fingering weights.

Abby M

Most of us have holiday traditions, but I want to know about those non-traditional traditions. Like christmas eve pizza parties or the chuck Norris marathons ... :)


How about favorite holiday song?


Toe up or top down?


I love so many and especially Madelinetosh!!

Lorna Collins

What all do you make out of sock yarn besides socks?


I like soft wool and cashmere sock yarn


How many pairs of handknit socks do you own?


I am using some On-line for a young child and
It is very pretty and doesn't split.
Just finished a sock with Claudia's which is a
fan yarn.
One sock done with Malabrigo.
All a joy to work with


What do we do when we aren't knitting socks? If you this I'll answer. ;0) Who is our favorite sock designer? That would be another good one.


I have five large tubs of not inexpensive sock yarn and I'd like to get rid of at last 3/5 of it. I don't want to deal with selling it skein by skien. What would be the best way to sell it in bulk?


What kind of project bags or tote bags do you use to carry knitting around?


Opal, hard wearing, great washing, and the stripes make me happy!!

Merry Fenton

Anything variegated. I love wearing wild, hand knitted socks.

Beverly J. Killick

The sock yarn that you sell, so far, is the best I have knitted with. Yours have quality, gorgeous colors-I am satisfied.

Bev Killick

Jody Beutler

I prefer tonal sock yarns. Madelinetosh is one of the best.

Gail Hall

I prefer all colors!

Bev Moon

I've knitted a shawl with a pair of matching fingerless gloves for my granddaughter. I've also knit several scarves for other members of my family--I think I'm up to 4 now and still have two more to go before Christmas.


I recently knitted Wendy Johnson summer mystery shawl in premier yarns serenity sock yarn. Waiting to block it bit it came out great.


Favorite sock yarn is anything from Simply Socks Yarn Company, of course

Eileen Stack

i cannot any new sock yarn that is posted on Simply Socks yarn Co
I have knit cowls,scarfs and shawls with sock yarn.


A lace scarf, and I have fingerless gloves with mitten tops in my queue.

Debby Sharp

I have knit mittens, gloves and lace shawls with sock yarn. Also on the project list is a fair isle sweater.

Connie Caruso

I am making my first pair of fair isle socks, for my adult son - they are turning out great. Love making infant socks as gifts. Favorite sock yarn??? Most all of it! So many choices, so little time, so MUCH stash :)

sharon... hoyer

my favorite thing to knit with sock yarn this time of the year.... is
a "wine cozy" for my wine lovers.... (with left over sock yarn, cast
on 60 stitches.. (size 0).... knit 2 purl 2 until the length of a bottle
of wine.... I sometimes add a ruffle first (120 stitches..knit for 5
rows, then k2tog until 60 stitches...... fun way to give a bottle and
also use some left over yarn from a pair of socks.... also could give
the socks to match!!... Sharon squilts.....


I've knit thre shawlettes and a shawl this year using sock yarn and have absolutely loved the drape of each.

Carolyn Hopler

I have knitted a baby hat and socks to match with sock nice <3

Cathy Hinrichs

I knit a Haruni Shawl with a Malibrigo sock in deep purple. Love this yarn.


I knit two scarves, one small shawl, and some fingerless mitts in addtion to several pairs of socks. Sock yarn is my go-to yarn for everything lately.


Koigu..... Love the variety of colors

Sandra Stokes

I made my step daughter 4 pairs of fingerless gloves to give to her friends for Christmas! They were a variety of colors and I do hope all the girls love them!


The softest, most adorable baby hat and booties!

Martha Rabe

My favorite sock yarn is any yarn that is VERY soft and machine washable. I don't machine dry. I just lay them flat on top of the dryer!


I knit a beautiful lacy scarf - so nice to work with a lighter weight yarn now & then.


Here's my question suggestion:

How do you organize your stash? Do you have a method of organization for the New Year?

Um, ok that was two questions. Thanks for the give-a-ways! Keeping my fingers crossed!

Mary Cherrey

I have never met a sock yarn that I didn't like! I love knitting socks, but also made some baby items with sock yarn this year.

Laurie Zamarripa

I enjoyed knitting a Baktus with sock yarn this year.

Carol Haas

Yes! I knit a sweater for the Teddy Bear that lives at our house. He is the youngest of our 5 children and at 30 years old loves anything I knit for him.


I have made scarves and shawls (Stephen West is a current favorite designer). I also make infant and children sweaters - using self patterning yarn for the sleeves and details, and a coordinating solid colour for the body.

This week I am making mini stockings and mittens -to hold a small treat or gift.

Love sock yarn - thanks


Until this year, I had only knitted socks with sock yarn. However, I made a hat and mittens for my grandson using sock yarn. Beautiful! AND they are "superwash"!!!!!

Lynne K

I've kniited hats, fingerless mitts and finally got started on your shawlette kit you had earlier this year. My favorite though is socks.

Annie C

I knitted a sock yarn baby blanket from my stash for our 9th grand baby coming in June 2012. :)


How about asking this : why do fiber magazines and retailers present and sell Holiday and Winter ideas/ patterns / yarn etc. in September each year ? I am done with my holiday and winter projects by June or July with time to tweak, package and sell or mail out by Thanksgiving. Then I start on spring/summer projects for the following year. Does anyone else feel that projects started in Sept. or later can be accomplished by holidays? I love buying yarn during the post-holiday sales end of Dec. / Jan. for knitting up next year's gifts. A break in the cost and a big head's start. Anyone else?


I enjoyed knitting a shawlette


I'm making fingerless mitts with leftovers.It's getting colors to work for everyone.


This is actually my favorite pattern for sock yarn


There are too many favorite sock yarns :-)
tosh sock, Dream in Color Smooshy, Schaefer Anne, Miss Babs Yummy .......

Margie Coesens

Do you like picking out yarn for your customers?

Marie Ricketts

I did not knit any baby items this year but I hope to be knitting for grandchildren next year!

Pat Bozeman

Friends of mine adopted a baby a couple of months ago. It was a fast process -- unlike the 9 months to make the baby (LOL) -- and I looked high and low for bootie patterns I liked. Nothing I saw was what I had in mind, so I bought a sweater and bootie set that was crocheted by a friend.

Annie C

I have also made this year, from sock yarn, 4 baby cardigans, a toddler hoodie and one for my coon cat as well! The toddler hoodie for my grand daughter was put on our cat by her and she announced HE needed one exactly like hers, too! LOL...


No baby things for me this year..The baby turned 4. No brothers or sisters in the works either


I knit baby socks this year for my son and his wife's first adorable baby...a girl!


I knit two baby sweaters this year. My requirement is that the yarn be machine washable.

terri milligan

I love knitting socks!!! I have made the 4ply socks, mostly when i lived in Maine. i stick to the lighter weight ones. But I'am going home to live shortly, i will need to start making the heavier type again.. I used an Red Heart pattern, from, let's say the book was like 10 cent. so it is a very old pattern..


Looks beautiful, love knitting socks!

Cecilia David

That is the beautiful yarn. I participated in the summer sock series and love the yarn that I recieved.
I participated in the Wendy's Summer Shawl KAL. It was a lot of fun . cecilia


I have a weekly knit night that I attend. We have a blast. This year was the first time we actually committed to a challenge to clear out a few UFOs. Next year we're doing to do another one to stretch our comfort zones.


The sweater my mom knit me for Christmas. She died right before Christmas but had already wrapped and put under the tree a sweater for each of my sisters and me. It's a treasure.


I'm currently in a Xmas Advent Scarf KAL.


Knit night is one thing that I really enjoy goin to. It is so great to be around others that share the same kind of love for yarn and crafting!

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