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December 23, 2011


Beverly J. Killick

I have been knitting for approximately 46 years. The neighbor boys always had the cutest sweaters. Their gram knitted them from left over adult sweaters. I had to learn how. I knitted sweaters, hats, socks for our two. Now I knit for Charities. I enjoy giving - knitting is fun too!
Enjoy your holidays.

jenna m

I've been knitting for about 4 years. I went to a knit night an art collective held, watched some people, then went home and looked up YouTube videos. I do teach others and I am always willing to share my knowledge.


My Babcia taught me to knit when I was nine. Even though it took about 30 years for me to take off with that skill, I am forever grateful. I can see her hands when I knit today.

I love being productive in those spare pockets of time, and I love seeing what I've made put to use. I also love the aesthetics involved--beautiful yarn that feels good transformed into something clever or interesting or simply pleasing to the eye.

Allyson A.

I took a knitting class at a LYS about 11 years ago when I was pregnant with my second child, but I just didn't really get into it. Fast forward three years and I sat down with my mother in law for a refresher course after the birth of my third baby and something just clicked. I'm certifiably fiber obsessed now!


I learn to knit as a child from a book and have been knitting about 50 years. I took a long break but returned to knitting about 5 years ago when my college aged daughters picked it up. I was amazed by all the beautiful new yarns. I've not had much opportunity to teach others but would do so if asked. I love making something with my hands and I love the sensation of beautifully colored yarn running through my fingers.

Mary Beth

I took a class at JoAnn's about 6 years ago and loved it immediately! The relaxation, feel of the yarn, colors....everything is so great! And the community is made up of some of the most wonderful, giving, kind people I have ever "met"!

Patti Ritz

I have been knitting since I was 11 years old. I attended one of the last one-room schoolhouses in Indiana. Grades 4, 5, and 6 were in one schoolhouse with grades 1, 2, and 3 in another schoolhouse. Our teacher for grades 4-6 was an excellent knitter. She taught knitting to anyone who wanted to learn. I am very thankful that I had that opportunity to learn to knit.


I learned to knit when I was four. My aunt taught me just to keep me out of her yarn bag! She owned a yarn shop in our town. I quit a few years later, picked it up briefly in college, and then with fervor in 2000. Haven't stopped since. I am currently involved in a project to teach local Girl Scouts to knit.


I learned to knit when a woman from church thought it would be good for me. I was going through a divorce, and the women from my church found ways to take me under their wings, even to the point of allowing me to bring my precocious children to knitting circle. What a wonderful gift they gave me: the ability to use my hands usefully while sitting quietly and concentrating on something other than my problems. That was 20 years ago, and I have taught several other women to knit, hoping to pass the gift along.


A neighbor taught me to crochet when I was twelve. I taught myself to knit in college but didn't do more than scarves until about four years ago. That was when I knit my first pair of socks; I haven't stopped knitting since.

Liz Noyes

My mom tried to teach me how to knit when I was 11 or 12, but I did not have the patience for those two needles! So I taught myself how to crochet from a book and a Simplicity ( or maybe McCalls) pattern. It was an off and on hobby, as needlework became my favorite. Fast forward 25 or 30 years and then my sister in law taught me to knit when my needlework shop closed due to Hurricane Ivan. I have been in love with knitting since then! She bought the needles and I bought the yarn, and I have bought needles since then for those I have taught.


I have been knitting for a little over 50 years. My mom taught me when I was around 8 years old and I have never really stopped (although I have gone thru times of doing more quilting than knitting). In the last few years I've become obsessed with knitting socks and always have at least one pair on the needles and with me at all times. I too feel it is a great relaxation tool and I like having my hands busy. And I just love yarn. What can I say...

Jess White

My boss actually taught me to knit this year. I have knitted a few socks and am now learning how to knit on a sock loom!

Karen G.

My mother tried to teach me how to knit and crochet when I was young, but it didn't really take at the time. 20 years ago, when I was expecting my first daughter, I relearned on my own with book diagrams and I haven't put my needles down since!
I have also had the opportunity to teach a few people to knit. I'm known for giving free knitting help where I work.


My Mother taught me to knit when I was about 4 (she had the patience of Job). She used to make up patterns for me to knit sweaters for my dolls. One summer she even had a knitting club, where my girlfriends came over and she taught them to knit. We knitted little squares which she then put together to make afghans for our doll cribs. I love knitting because it is relaxing. It is something I do while I watch TV and also when I am riding in the car. I love all the things I can make with my knitting--sweaters, scarves, hats, gloves, socks and even gift items for Christmas presents.


I first learned in 2002 from my mom and made one scarf. It was fun, but I put the knitting down for a couple of years after that, and started back in earnest somewhere around 2006. Ever since then, I've been hooked, and my obsession has grown stronger each year!


I received a Barbie knitting kit as a child and taught myself how to knit and purl. Unfortunately, I didn't know any knitters and my foray into knitting stopped there. Many years later I purchased a knitting machine at a local yarn store and used that for several years. Within the past five years I started knitting with a good friend who is also a knitting teacher. The first project that I knit with my friend was a sheep designed by Alan Dart. If not for Christina, my sheep would have remained a little blob of yarn. Knitting this project was a great learning experience!!! These days my sheep sits proudly on a small rocking chair, holding her own knitting. She reigns over many skeins of yarn, patterns and projects!!!


My mother, when I was 6 or 7.

Cathy Smith

Like another commentator, I received a Barbie knitting kit; my mom helped me with getting started. I then picked up knitting in college and I was hooked. I am now retired and still knitting.


I taught myself to knit when my daughter was a baby - 7 years ago. My ex's mother crocheted, and I wanted to do something that could help us connect. It worked - I still talk to her more than her son does!
I still knit because I love making things, and being able to hold something in my hands that I created. It's a test of my patience and perseverance.
I'm in the process now of teaching my daughter to knit... I just need to remind myself that I didn't have this patience at that age, either!

Cindy Kuipers

My babysitter taught me to knit on pencils when I was probably about 7 or 8. I have been knitting off and on since. I crochet as well, but not as much as knitting.

Autumn Pilditch

I learned to crochet about 5 1/2 years ago. My friend Liz helped me to learn how to hold a hook and yarn and read a pattern. I have not been without a project since then. My favorite thing to make is crocheted socks.


I have been knitting for about 6 years. Me and a friend of mine took a class and I have been addicted ever since!

Allise Vicens

My mom taught me to knit and needlepoint when I was in grade school and I feel like she gave me a gift for life. Allison, I couldn't agree with you more about plopping down on a comfy couch with the t.v. and some simple knitting. It's what gets me through the day. I often wonder though how much more I might get done, or cooked, if I wasn't so obsessed!


My Mum taught me to knit when I was 5, I taught myself to crochet when I was about 14. There has been a big gap from 29-50 where I didn't do much, but now I'm back!


I've been knitting about 3 years. I first learned from a "Do It In Public" group hosted by the folks that run the Midwest Fiber & Folk Art Fair in Illinois, and a week later at a "Knit Out" at my local public library. I joined the local knitting guild, which I didn't even know existed, and taught another woman and her daughter to knit at the "Knit Out" a year later. I love making things and all kinds of crafts. Knitting can be very relaxing (or very stressful), but the feeling of accomplishment I get when I complete a project is very fulfilling. Happy holidays!


My grandmother tried to teach me to knit 30 years ago but I wasn't attracted to the kind of yarn she was using. Ten years ago, a friend was knitting a very colorful scarf and I loved it, so she taught me to knit and introduced me to some wonderful yarns! I've been knitting ever since! I knit to relax. I love the fiber and I love the process.


I come from a long line of women who crocheted, but it was in college that friends taught me to knit. I never really "got into it" until several years ago when a LYS opened and featured sock knitting. Between their basic pattern, a lot of help from the internet, and hours of tears and determination, I produced my first pair of socks, and haven't looked back.


My Grandmother taught me to knit about 40 years ago! I didn't really take it up as a hobby (read obsession!) until 2000. Now I can't stop...


I have been knitting for ten years and crocheting for about two=)


I taught myself to knit about five years ago and this year taught my sister-in-law and my sons girlfriend. I especially love knitting socks . . . it's a zen thing.


I'e been knitting for almost 6 years now. I'm self taught out of a book. I crocheted (self taught as well) prior to that, but it has been years since I've actually crocheted anything. I haven't officially taught anyone to knit, but a lot of people at knit nights will ask for my help so I've "taught" bits and pieces.

Susan Benzer

Oo, almost 45 years now. Learned crochet from one of my Girl Scout mothers and my neighbor. My grandmother attempted to teach me to knit, but she hadn't knitted in over 40 years so it was a most interesting experience. I don't really remember who helped me after her.

I've become addicted to socks now, although I still have at least one other larger project, usually shawls, but the occasional afghan or sweater.


My grandma taught me a bit of garter stitch fifteen years ago, but I feel like I've really been knitting for about five years now and I learned it mostly online. I love the materiala and how it can be challenging or relaxing depending on the project I choose.

Ann Wagner

As to learing to knit, I took a class at our local technical school (many, many, many years ago) with a friend who already knew how to knit but wanted to finish a sweater for her boyfriend, which she did because we could work on projects in class. I taught myself to crochet. I have taught a friend to knit and a friend taught me how to knit socks. It is very relaxing for me to knit and I have made many friendships through knitting.

Mary Chrisman

My grandmother taught me to knit when I was 5 or 6, and then my mother got interested in knitting too, so someone in our house was always making something. Mom and I picked up crocheting along the way too. When I began to have arthritis in my hands a few years back, I searched for something less stressful on the joints, and knitting socks filled the bill. The smaller movements are much kinder to my hands.


My mom taught me to knit when I was little but I had no tension control so it was tight... but even then I was thrilled when I knit a scarf. In 1971 my boss taught me to crochet. I think I about threw her over the edge but I loved it and crocheted for years. We moved to Prescott, AZ in 1981 and there was this cool yarn shop (Cricket's) and I took lessons...the first thing they had me knit was a sweater! I've been knitting ever since. I love to knit socks!!! When I wasn't working I taught kids (5th grade) through my knitting guild...but now I'm working full time :(


My mom taught me to knit when I was in high school...50 years ago. Recently, friends and I taught a group of teen refugees from Burma to knit; a wonderful way to form friendships when our language communication was very limited.


I must have been between 4 and 6 when my mother taught me. The best part is that her Father had taught her when she was a girl, and he had learned as a young man. The female cooks at the lumberjack camp taught him, so he was able to knit his own socks!
I have taught many people over the years but the only one who has kept at it has been my son who is now 15.


I have been knitting and crocheting since I was 7....44 Grandma taught me, and I have taught others from 7 to 70 years old to knit, crochet and tat...I am a fibreholic....texture fascinate me...the more the merrier. I love the feel and look that most of the newer yarns give you.

Kay Morrissey

My mom taught me to knit when I was 6 or 7 and I made something simple like a scarf, then I decided it was boring and didn't pick up needles until I was out of high school. Around the same time, my aunt taught me to make a mile-a-minute afghan, so I learned to crochet. For both, I went out and picked up "learn to" books and taught myself. I'd say I've been doing both with fair frequency for about 30 years now.


My mother taught me how to knit when I was about 10. I did knit on-and-off through my teens and 20's. Then family took much of my time. Now, in my retirement I have been knitting for 11 years. There are more than one project on my needles at all times.

janine webb

I am self taught. I have been knitting seriously for about 6 years. The amazing amounts of yarn and the colors really keep me interested.


I taught myself to knit about 30 years ago. I had a little booklet with very hard to follow interactions, but I stuck with it until i figured it out! I am envious of all that is available to new knitters now!

Ann Austerman

I've been knitting since I was about 15 yrs old. I learned from a Girl Scout leader and then picked up additional skills from LYS, friends and trial and error. My grandmother was an avid crocheter, but she was left handed, so it was difficult for her to teach me. I am self taught in crocheting. I did not do a lot of knitting for a time while I was working and had a long commute. I took the needles back up when I retired and went into a scarf knitting frenzy. Now I'm into socks and I knit lap robes as a charity project. I donate them to the local Office for Aging. The staff says that lap robes are a favorite item for shut in baskets.


My mother taught me around age 6. My second grade teacher had everyone knitting and our classroom had a knitting corner.It is a great source of relaxation especially when my teenagers are doing their homework while complaining at the same time.I wish I'd been an active knitter in med school, it would have been so helpful. At the time, fiction was my escape.


My mother taught her daughters to crochet, knit and needlepoint. Knitting and crocheting are soothing tools and good for relaxation and lower of the blood pressure.

Kim Baker

I am mostly self-taught. When I was first learning, I didn't have another lefty to demonstrate the stitches left handed.


My Swedish g'mother taught me over 50 yrs ago. She taught me to cast on, knit and purl. I loved it and most of all her. I have passed it on to the g'daughters that have an interest. Let's say, I planted the seed. I continue to teach those who have an interest. I adore all the new fibers and the way the yarns have evolved from just worsted yarns. I consider knitting my basketweaving in troubled times.


I learned to knit when I was 12 at the craft section of a department store. There was no charge as long as you bought the yarn and needles for the projects there. My mom didn't want to try to teach me because I was left-handed. She was chagrined when the knitting teacher told her there was no difference in learning, as both hands have things to do when knitting.


I worked as a nurse before my first son was born. When I stopped working to stay home with him, I found the days endless. My mother-in-law taught me how to knit and I was immediately hooked. I have knit pretty much every day since! Our elementary school is starting a knitting club in January for 4th and 5th graders during recess once a week and I will be helping teach the students.


I taught myself to knit in the 70's as a project for 8th grade art class. My BFF at the time crocheted a bedspread with doily thread for her project. Sometimes I miss the 70's. Although I crochet at times too, I will always be a knitter. I LOVE the socks! I taught my husband to knit so that he can make his own socks (and I can use more of my knitting time for ME!)


I took a class at the community college. I didn't get really hooked until I started seeing beautiful fibers and colors.


My mother used to knit but I learned to knit probably on her inspiration in my 20's. I knit for about 5 years then kids came along and I put it aside. I picked it back up in my 40's and have been knitting now ever since, for about 10 years. I love it, for the relaxation and the creativity.

Mary Ann

My mother taught me to knit about 50 years ago. There was never a time in my home growing up that she wasn't sewing or knitting, so it just came natural. My mother is 92 and still doing some knitting.
I do appreciate her patient teaching.


I've been knitting a little over a year, I taught myself from some library books while recovering from surgery. and I don't know why I love it so much, but I do. It may be the colors or the feel of gorgeous yarn. I don't know, but I do know that yummy sock yarn has become my addiction equivalent to crack.


I learned to knit and crochet about 50 years ago. Mom taught the basic and over the years I have expaned on it. Have taught others the art of both and taught several knit classes for the local college.It is a time to relax and talk to God or have Him talk to me and to make things for family and friends so it will be on going for many years.


I've been knitting for about 40 years, and learned to crochet about 15 years ago. My wonderful grandmother taught me to knit. I really wish I had learned her tatting skills!


My mom tried to teach me to knit and crochet when I was a kid, but I didn't have the patience for it. I came back to it full bore about 5 years ago, and haven't stopped since.


I've been knitting for almost three years. I haven't taught anyone how to knit, but I plan on teaching my 6 year-old son. One of the reasons I love knitting is that it is so calming, and I think that my son would benefit from that as well.

Susan C.

I learned about 12 years ago, but it didn't stick. I picked it up again 6 years ago, and I'm so glad I did!


My mom taught me to knit when I was a teenager. She and I did many "crafty" things together - rug hooking, crochet, needlepoint. I found knitting boring when I first learned it. So I took a long vacation from knitting (about 35 years), doing needlepoint and crosstitch in the meantime. Then my sister-in-law knit me a scarf. I knit one and I realized knitting was not in the least boring.


I've been knitting for 7 years. While on vacation during the Christmas holidays, I went to an LYS with my friend. The owner, Gina, taught me. I have knit every day since then. I am inspired by yummy yarns and learning new techniques.


Off and on since college--so about 40 years.


I always say "Knitting is my therapy." My grandmother taught me to crochet as a young girl, probably around 5 years old. Later, probably junior high, I taught myself to knit, and I knit off and on for several years, then stopped for about 15 years. I started back knitting again about 10 years ago, and rarely a day passes that I don't knit. I can't see myself ever giving it up.

Renee Anne

I decided to start knitting about a decade ago, when I was 21 years old. I was going through an extremely difficult time in my life and I happened to be at WalMart in the craft section, which no longer exists the way it used to. Anyway, I was at WalMart and I saw one of those learn-to-knit books and I thought, why not? I didn't finish that scarf for almost eight years. I loved knitting but it just never caught on with me. I now blame the yarn I was using (Lion Brand Homespun and some other equally annoying chunky yarn)...yarn that no one should learn to knit with.

Years later, an old college roommate of mine was visiting and said she was going to try knitting. I was re-inspired when she made her first hat (knit flat). I picked up the book she had and off I went. That was 3.5 years ago and I see no signs of stopping now.

I tried to teach a co-worker to knit but she didn't have the patience for it. I also discovered that I'm not a very good teacher. Oops.


I learned to crochet as a teen, taught myself to knit in my 20's, and now I am... old enough!


I don't remember not knowing how to knit so I imagine that my grandmother and mother taught me when I was 5 or 6, 55 years ago or so. I've been knitting ever since, sometimes more, sometimes less. It has always been a part of my life but now it has become the main outlet for my creativity and a way to show my love for my family and friends. I'll knit as long as I am physically able. Most of the time it is calming but, since I tend to pick challenging patterns or no pattern, it also keeps my brain working! And there is always one (or ten LOL!!) more pattern to try and things I want to learn and fabulous yarns to fondle!


My mother taught me how to cast on, bind off, knit and purl when I was young (7 or 8). I picked up knitting again 7 years ago and it has been a wonderful journey. What keeps me knitting are all the beautiful yarns and patterns!!


My mother taught me to knit when I was 8. I got the Brownie Badge & didn't pick up needles again until I was 38. So I've been knitting for 38 years, or 6, depending on how you look at it. I've taught anyone who'll sit still long enough, including the receptionist at the Indian restaurant while I was waiting for my take-out.

I was inspired to learn to how to use a drop spindle by watching a 10 year old at a craft show - looked about as easy as breathing. It's not. Still working on that one.


I learned to knit as a child, I don't know how old I was, I have no memory of learning it. My mum probably taught me, then I learned more from books. That was over 30 years ago and I haven't stopped since!

I love to dream up the perfect project for a beautiful yarn, to see it grow in my hands, to use the finished thing.


Crocheting about 40 years, learned as a sculptural art form in a Smithsonian class, then moved on to clothing items. My mother taught me to knit over 65 years ago, but it didn't take. I began to really knit sometime in the 80's.


I've been knitting for about 4 years. I woke up one morning and decided I wanted to knit socks. My mom taught me how to do the basic stitches and I learned the rest through YouTube.

I'm not exactly sure where the urge came from but now I have a drawer full of socks and no intent to stop knitting.


I learned to crochet 34 years ago while living on Okinawa. Took one knitting class 30 years ago and thought it was too slow! Refound knitting about 7-8 years ago and haven't stopped since! I learned the throw method so when my daughter wanted to learn, I made her take lessons from a continental knitter. I keep knitting because I LOVE YARN! There are so many variables with yarn, color, size, fiber content etc.


My grandmother taught me to knit and crochet when I was about 8 or 9. I've never stopped knitting since. I can still crochet, but I don't like it as much as knitting.


I have been knitting for over 40 years--since I was a pre-teen. My mom, a prolific knitter, tried to teach me but I just couldn't follow her fingers. She bought me a learn to knit booklet (which I still have) and I never looked back.
I've taught kids to knit (although my own daughter and son are not interested), and a few adult friends. I want to keep knitting because it relaxes and fulfills me like nothing else.


Six years ago I walked passed a yarn shop and it was love at first sight. All the colors! All the textures! I immediately signed up for the beginning knitting class and haven’t stopped knitting since. I love the physical actions involved in knitting. I don't really care what I knit, I just want to knit. I can't explain it.


I started knitting 5 and a half years ago, thanks to a learn-to-knit cat toys kit from Target. I had seen it several times and thought, "I could do that ..." before I finally took the plunge and bought it. After finding the little booklet lacking, I took to the internet for my knitting education. :-)


I can't believe I've been knitting for 6 years! I am completely self-taught and haven't taught anyone else yet. Previously I sewed a lot (clothes, quilts), but what I like about knitting is it's portable and takes less energy. Often times I don't have enough energy to sew at the end of the day - too much up/down between the sewing machine and ironing board.


I think it's been seven years or so. It feels like I've always been knitting and yet I also still feel like a beginner.

Janene Reeves

My mother taught me to crochet before I even started school. My grandmother taught me to knit after my mom passed away, and my aunt (my mom's sister), taught me some different stitches I didn't know. I've since taken knitting and crochet classes at the community college just after I graduated high school. Just love it and love yarn!


I haven't been knitting long, 2007. I needed something after retirement so I went for lessons at LYS. I went three times and I was hooked forever. i love the way yarn feels in my hands and the clack of the sticks. Knitting gives me a huge feeling of accomplishment when the project is done. I have yet to knit for myself but I have knit dozens of socks for family and friends.


I took up knitting again about 4/5 years ago. It's become an obsession. My mom taught me 40 years ago - continental, for which I am forever thankful, although I didn't know there was any difference until I restarted.

Rachel R.

Golly, I'm really not sure. I have been crocheting longer than I have been knitting - my mom taught me when I was a kid. Let's guess when I was 13 or so, so that would be 25 years. I think I probably learned how to knit about 10 or 12 years ago?

Janene Reeves

I've also taught my daughters to crochet and knit (one has FAR surpassed my abilities)! She makes her own patterns now.


My aunt taught me to knit in the 70's to make a poncho. I didn't take it up again until the fun fur scarves were popular. And then I took classes at LYS on making socks and I have been hooked ever since. I love working with sock yarn - the colors and the feel of it and the satisfaction of finishing a project!


I have been knitting for about 7 years. My mother-in-law taught me on one of their visits. And like you once I discovered all the scrumptious yarns there was no turning back.


I have been knitting and crocheting for 45+ years. My mother taught me how to knit and crochet, although I never ever saw her do either. I've taught a number of people over the years, can't wait until I can teach my granddaughter when she's a bit older and can sit still for more than 5 seconds. I could never skip a day of knitting or crocheting, I need it nearly as much as air to breathe. I can't explain why, it's just the most perfect thing to do!

Diane Eskritt

I've been knitting about 18 years. I took a class at a yarn shop in Minneapolis, MN from Ruth Brennan. I already knew how to crochet but felt that knitting would be more versatile especially since I had sons. I have taught knitting to kids in a library program in Fort Wayne, IN and to some friends. I continue to knit because there is always something new I want to knit and lovely new yarn to I have a huge stash to knit as well.


I first learned to knit at age 7 as part of a 4-H project. That experience was not great and I put it aside for crocheting for many years. Then four years ago my sister convinced me that I needed to learn how and I have been an avid knitter ever since! I have been teaching my daughters how to knit as well. I love the beautiful colors and wonderful fibers that are available and I can't think of a better stress reliever!

Lisa P

My Mom taught me to knit when I was a child although she wasn't really a knitter, but an amazing seamstress. I took a class when I "grew up" and moved out of the house, knit a lot for a few years, then a long hiatus when I had children. Picked it back up again a few years ago, and now I can't stop. I hope to teach someone in my family and pass it on.

Pat Hathaway

My Grandma Nelson taught me about 55 years ago. I never got very good at it though until I discovered knitting looms a few years ago. I just love them--I don't drop the needles and the stitches stay in place if I have to lay it down for a minute.


My mom taught me how to crochet when I was in high school. I learned to knit about 10 yrs later. My daughter has no interest in learning. I hope to be able to pass this skill to a grandchild someday.


I've been knitting for a little over 50 years! A neighbor taught me the knit stitch, and about 5 years later, a friend's mother taught me the purl stitch. I taught myself how to crochet when I was about 17. I've tried to teach a few others how to knit or crochet, but with little success. I'm planning on offering the two girls who live across the street from me lessons if they wish. I like to say that knitting is my first craft - the one I'd miss the most. With all those yarns and all those colors, what's not to like?


My mom was a master knitter, and she taught me the basics in high school long long ago. I guess I never got involved with it then because she was so good at it and knit everything for me. But she's gone now, and I started knitting seriously about three years ago in her honor.

Linda Noss

I have been knitting for about 5 years. Starte to knit when the computers in my classroom became as slow as molasses. They took so ling that I was able to knit 17 socks before they were replaced.

Then the rest is history...


I'll have been knitting for 6 years this coming January. I learned to knit from my mom over my holiday break and haven't put down the needles since. However, I didn't really start knitting wearable, quality things until about two years after starting, which was also the same time I started knitting socks.


I've been knitting for three years thanks to youTube. I've done all sorts of fiber arts since the early 70's. I think the draw for me is the tactile experience of fiber and cloth. Also a sense of continuity with generations of women before me.


Been crocheting since I was 9,.... my mom taught me. been kniiting foor 5 years.... self taught


I started knitting when I was 12 my mother had this theory that you learned by doing and she was knitting my older (left handed) sister a sweater and I asked if she would knit me one she said knit it yourself and gave me yarn and needles an a pattern taught me to cast on and the rest is history. I have since taught my daughters to knit and my grand daughter is sort of interested but I did teach her to spin. What keeps me knitting over the long term is the constantly changing yarns; I have learned to spin, card, weave, dye, felt, crochet, tat and admire all the women out there that share their talents and inspire this ancient craft to be passed on to the next generation. And my biggest question everyday that I am off from work is what kind of fiber do I want to play with today?

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