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November 07, 2011



I think I know the Jennifer responsible for that last photo's subject :)...If I could make it in on Saturday I'd bring in a completed mostly-sideways baby sweater (designed by Lara Neel and available at that was made with one of my several purchases of Jojoland Rhythm (this one in the pastels). I'm in love with how the colors worked up!


Thanks so much for pointing out the Circle Sock and Jan's handiwork. I hate pooling and will have to use that pattern soon. Today, I'm going to start a ribbed pair with last years Kinetic Energy from String Theory...otherwise known as Christmas Stripe.

Jennifer cameron

Oooh! It's my scarf! Still trying to finish it. It's kind of depressing how many rows of 500 stitches you have to knit to get 1" of width. Sigh. But I love it anyway ;o)


LOVE the linen stitch scarf. GORGEOUS colors. Mmm mmm... So tempting!


I did knit a baby blanket this year but the baby isn't due until February so I still have it.

Mary G Garcia

Hi...I'd bring a beautiful pair of fingerless gloves knit with sock yarn and a pair of socks I'm working on.


No babies to knit for, unfortunately. So, it is socks, scarves and mitts for most and a night cap for my 95 year old father!

Renee S.

Knitted a few baby blankets, needed one, and put away a few for occasions when I need one for a gift. Big, soft and fluffy are my requirements!

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