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November 11, 2011



OMG I want that Qiviut sock yarn. If it's still around after my move, it was meant to be!


So exciting to see a new Opal color! Wish I could knit with all of them. Mary


Yarn or food? Yarn or gasoline money? Yarn or clothing...wait, I can use yarn to make clothing!!! The Qiviut looks wonderful!


I've just been trying to get an oz to spin for my blog and you can find sock yarn. Wow I'm envious.


Wow! Love the Qiviut, but it's really expensive :(


Jennifer Cameron

I'm dreaming of a Qiviut Christmas...


I live in Fairbanks, and have been to see the musk ox in person! They are so cute! Here is a picture of one of them, along with some of my handspun qiviut roving.

It's so luxurious! Truly worth the money.

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