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November 29, 2011



Mid to dark blues and white with sparkles to catch the lights from the tree,-reminding me of the clear winter sky!


These are so cute! I would love to make a bunch of red or green ones. Maybe silver and gold too!


I love color, and lots of it, so I would stuff in every color I could find!

JoAnn Tipton

Lorna's lace leftovers from Christmas socks past and maybe one made from Starry too!


I love the ornaments that my children make. So I would open up the stash and ask them to pick the yarn and create their own masterpieces. I'm sure the colors would be crazy, clashing, and totally wild. And I'm sure I would love them. (Actually, grandkid made yarn ornaments are a great gift for my mother...)


I would use my Lorna's Laces in Old Fashioned Christmas and maybe some glitter or old fashioned beads.. Love that color way.


I think I am definitely going to wind up mini skeins and mix together leftovers to make a rainbow of colorful yarny goodness. my husband and I switch from white lites (his favorite) to colored lites (my fav) each year to be fair.... so since it's white lites this year- I'll fill the tree with pretty yarns! I can't wait! thanks for this idea, total awesomesauce

fern braverman

I would use silver and blue for Chanukah.

Laura Jones

I have about a gracious amount of left over sock yarn so I think I would go with color themed ornaments. I seem to have more blue and red than other colors so I could do several in each color.


White and gold....and sprinkle in some pearl beads. Beautiful!

Margie Wood

I would love to use my leftover dream in color starry! i love that yarn.

Maureen Moffat

Oooo. Yummy. I have a dozen glass balls just waiting for fun. I would use Claudia Handpainted Yarns Christmas Cheer with some red and green swarovski crystals and some sparkling yarn I have left from my knit Christmas Box ornaments. Oh, I want to win some yarn too. Happy Holidays to All !


I have some cool yarn (in several colors) with bright flecks of glitz, which I love but will probably never knit up--I would use that. Not would, by the way, WILL.

Bonni Nechemias

I would use starry night in purple because purple is my favorite color and all that sparkle with purple; How could that miss???!!

Louise Cotulla

Navy and green are my favorite colors. I chose them for my stable colors and I'd choose them to decorate my ornament, too!


I would use something that sparkles. I'm sure I could find something in my stash that would work nicely.


Of course my "Red Rush" and "Emerald Darkness from Dream in Color Smooshy!


I would use my leftovers, and maybe add some beads that I have to give it sparkle.


Blue with flecks of white. This makes me think of snow falling on the river flowing by my house. I love to decorate with blue and silver, so if I can find bits of silvered yarn, that would be perfect


I'd just leftover SSY red and green and sprinkle in a few glitter snowflake bits!

Dennise "Momma G"

I think I would make tiny pom pom's of my favorite bits of fiber to remember my favorite projects! or include an ornament with a knitted gift and fill the ornament with the yarn from the gift! Merry Christmas everyone!


I have a great left-over bit of bright Green and Yellow (Oregon Ducks colors)yarn that I'd make into a teeny-tiny "mini skein"! That would make an AWESOME present for my friend Janice (Go Ducks!).


I would use my lornas laces sock in the rainbow colorway. The rainbow ornament would match our rainbow candy canes we bought this year (my kids liked that they were cherry flavored instead of mint).
Happy holidays-
Livin4fishin on ravelry.


Rich, color saturated jewel tones of my favorite sock yarns, plus some luscious mohair to soften the effect! Yum!

Kim Mitchell-Ayers

DIC Starry would be perfect on my tree. I love the way the light catches and sparkles.

Mary A

I woul put left over bead an the yarns

Sharon Amador

I would use the traditional colors.


I would use all sorts of scraps of every and any color from socks, scarves and shawls made throughout the year. I LOVE color!!

Those kits are adorable, by the way, and I couldn't resist buying both of them. They'll make wonderful gifts for friends. :-)


Dream in Color/Smooshy in red....and also the left over sock yarn from my last Christmas kits :)

Rita Goshorn

little tiny wound balls of my green leftovers, 10 - 12 shade and hues! a great idea!

Pat Mackey

I would go with the DIC Stary for the's so pretty!

Linda B

I'm switching the tree decorations to brown, green and berry to match the walls in my living room/dining room. So any yarn that would reflect those colors. Totally not a traditional colorway!! :>)

F. Gee

Definitely my red stash, with gold beads for fun!


I would some of the left over yarn from the previous holiday kits. That would make a special ornament or two!


I love the idea of a sparkly blue, but traditional is great too, maybe I'd have to make two!


use all the left over yarn from every project!

Cheryl. C.

I would use Dream in color Crying Dove and purple rain I think it would be really pretty and sparkle with the lights from the tree.

Billi Cummings

I love reds and golds for the holidays!


I would use Gold and Red yarn because that would look beautiful against the green tree. That is a wonderful idea for everyone to get involved and make a Christmas decoration. All the color combinations from everyone above is most interesting. I love the idea of a year long sock yarn collection too!


I just ordered the Christmas Cheer kit mentioned above. The colors remind me of holiday lights reflected on snow - crisp and wintery. I'd use that yarn. Second choice - leftover yarn from "The Kiss" inspired yarn offered earlier this fall - yellow gold with flecks of colors.


I would definately use a little sparkle!


I would use some of my leftover purples, blues and grays. These are my favorite colors, so I have lots of scraps.


I'd go completely scrappy -- any and all colors!!

Kathy Gittler

I would ask my grandson to pick out his favorite 6 colors from my leftovers. I would have to limit his choice because if not the ornament would be the size of a goldfish bowl to hold all of his colors.

Susan Fore

I would use leftover bits of yarn from the socks that I have made for others. That way I would have one more reminder of those that are dear to me during this holiday season.

Marilee Ferguson

I would use a combination of multiple colors and textures.

Ashley W

I'd use some leftover yellow lace and white fingering I have to make a Georgia Tech ornament!

Robin D

I would fill it with fiber that is not spun yet. I am a new spinner and have some bits and pieces that would make a colorful mix


I would you small snippets of red and green and load it up with silver and gold............isn't that what Frosty the Snowman/Burl Ives sing about?


I would use raspberry glaze and crying dove from Dream in Color Starry. Oh So Pretty!


Some Dream in Color Starry in Red-I have some left will look pretty on the white Christmas tree.


I would use the red Dream in Color Starry strung with some crystal beads, my tree has blown glass ornments accented with touches of red.

Maria Wade

I'd go with a deep regal shade of purple.

Lorna Collins

I would use "Dream in Color Starry" for sure, since I love sparkle!

Elise McKrr

A little of all my left over sock yarn!


I would use reds--many shades of red and bright white!! because I think these colors look good against a green tree...


I taught my granddaughter of 7 to knit this past weekend. She grasped the technique so quickly. By the time she went home she had 50 rows!! In saying that I have lefttover
Berroco sock yarn with pink and.purple.with glitzy silver thread that I would use .....just because those are her favorite colors!!! Oh by the way she wanted to start knitting socks the next cute! I am not a bragging grandma can you tell?


I love the colours usually associated with the Victorian Christmas times. I could pick my favourites of spruce green and burgundy solids entwined with pieces of gold strips from heavy embroidery threads or bits and pieces of others decorative threads. Isn't Christmas a Joy and a Blessing!


I would use the lovely leftover plum blend from last years Christmas socks.


I would use leftovers from some very special projects made for those I love, like baby booties or the shawl I made for my son's wedding.

Nancy Cain

I would have a blast stuffing the clear balls with this and that from my left overs. I can't seem to throw any little bits of yarn away. Rght now most everything is in two really old gallon pickle jars. One holds tiny bits and the other hold small bits all wound into little skeins. I think I would do one ball with 1 - 2 inch long pieces frayed on each end to make fluffy, fuzzy bits. What colors? Oh my, absolutely everything, but I would color coordinate each ball - one with reds & greens, one with blues, have to do a few with String Theory color ways all on their own! Making tiny skeins for another would make the ornaments seem like special little Christmas presents.

Margaret Marquis

I think an ornament with bits of all the yarn I used this year would be prefect - I would have to date it because this would be a great idea year after year. My "main" colors seem to change each year and it would be neat to see the progression.


I'd use a little bit of every leftover yarn I have for a totally ramdom effect!


Dream in Color Starry would be great, with just a little bit of sparkle. But surely this is also the best use for any shiny novelty yarns that happen to be lingering in the stash!

LN in TX

I'd like to use some DIC Starry in the Wicked Royal color way for some ornaments.

Rachel R.

Such a cute idea! I don't know that I would stick with any one color scheme - our tree certainly doesn't have one. I would take scraps of yarn left over from my favorite projects - I never, ever throw yarn away, so I'm certain I still have bits left from probably everything I've knit over the last few years!


What is this "leftover yarn" thing you speak of? It must be a phenomena akin to the Aurora Borealis. I've never seen either in person. (More for my Bucket List.)

Actually, I do like the Starry idea, but anything with bright colors would be perfect for me. That Poppy yarn in the email had my undivided attention until my phone rang. That pretty red against my green tree... Sigh.

Carolyn frank

I would use red, lime green cream and dark green for the ornament!!, what fun you must have had on Saturday!!!

Definitely some DIC Starry, or any thing else shiny, in blues and silvers.

It's Christmas, the more sparkle the better!


Oh I saw these at Michaels today! I'm thinking I would fill them with leftover yarn from socks I have made for family members in the past—and then use them as that persons gift tag, sans name, of course!


I would use the little bits and pieces leftover from various projects - I can't bear to throw them away! It would likely look like deconstructed clown barf, but to me it would be beautiful! Or I might wind the pieces in to tiny skeins or balls of yarn inside a clear ornament. How fun!

Cathy B

I have this red eyelash stuff that I can't figure out what to do with. It would be great inside a clear ornament.


I think I would go with the starry...for the little bit of bling! If you could wind a little ball and then add toothpicks as knitting needles I think that would be cool to be floating around in the ornament.

steph wheeler

homan!!!!!! it doesn't really matter what kind of yarn i use as long as its orange and black!!!! JACK O LANTERN CHRISTMAS ORNAMENTS ARE THE BEST!!!!!

hey dont judge half of the ornaments on my tree are always halloween ones!


I have a skein of white glow in the dark yarn that could look really cool at night.

Cyndi Swank

I would use the leftovers and snippets from the several pair of socks that I've made this year. It would be very colorful,sparkly and pretty!


I would use the Dream in Color Starry.
Cinnamon girl would be a fine colour
to match my gingerbread house and
decorations. Please count me in for
a chance to win.
Thank you.


We just made some of these last night (the grandkids and I) and we used mostly leftover sock yarn. As expected, they each used their favorite colors, so we have pink & green, brown and orange, shades of green, and some with blue and every color. Very festive and the kids had a great time making them.


I would pick the color on the fly but would get creative with the technique. Or maybe have each of my kids pick a strand

Therese Roth

I would braid together all the bits of sock yarn I have left over from holiday gifts.


I would let each of my grands pick a colour and make their own, and then when they get their own first tree give them the ornament they made


Great idea with the yarn ornaments. I still have some time to make these for my knitting group!
I would make little skeins of my handspun so I could remember what I did for the year.

diane jones

I would use the leftover yarn from my granddaughter's projects for her tree someday - a good way to start a beautiful memory.


What a great idea! I would use all of the remaining bits from my 2011 sock projects, so I can remember the fun I had knitting them this year.

Michelle N. McCrillis

I save the bits and ends of my yarns as I weave pieces together and trim off ends. Usually I put them out in March for the birds to build into their nests, but I can see a compliation of my year's worth of projects in a 2011 ornament. Including the bits of yarn from teaching my 7 yo grandaughter to knit (finally she can sit still long enough) during the October snowstorm that left us without power for 6 days.


I think I would layer some plum, browns, off white, then a little green and red for a "Christmas Pudding" effect!!


White and silver


I would fill it with dark red yarn or perhaps I would knit a tiny sock to fit inside of it.

Diane Eskritt

I have some vintage red sock yarn (35 cents back in the day) and I would mix it with some Kraemer Fountain Hill which is a fluffy gold with shine. It could be a beautiful decoration.

Jeanne Amling

I have some Opal tiger stripe that is not enough for an adult sock. I would use some of that, and all the little leftovers from the socks that I have knitted for years. I don't really know what to do with the teeny balls of yarn, but I continue to save them.

Thelma Watts

I would use green, blue and silver.


I would use the little bits that are left over from finishing projects. The 4 inches left over from weaving in the tail, the walnut sized ball from racing the ball to the end, possibly the label shredding into confetti.


I would use some leftover handpainted yarn with lots of color to it so that I could use it all year round! I dont like being hemmed in by a holiday. Or maybe make 4 different ones signifying the seasons so that I would switch them out by the seasons.... Hmmmm you've got me thinking now!

Andrea Sandahl

I think the Dream in Color Starry! Who doesn't love sparkles?!

peg cotter

i would use the Christmas cheer---love those colors---really i would love them all


I would use the leftovers from Wisdom Yarns North Pole series. I have Merry Merry, which is the traditional red, green and white with gold sparkle.


I would use Three Irish Girls in Brighton. I love the green/pink combo at Christmas.


I'd use all the little bits of eyelash yarn left over from a myriad of scarf patterns.


I would pick "jack frost" from Wisdom yarns,lovely shades of blue with A pop of purple!


I would use left over TFA Purple Label Garnet to make some tiny socks and mittens

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