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November 14, 2011



Journal Gazette's Crafty Living has one ornament posted

Keep your eye out for others.


There is a beautiful book called 55 Christmas Balls to Knit. It's basically one pattern with 55 colorwork charts for Christmas balls, but they're small and cute and addictive.


I have two ornaments that I like. One is a knit bag with miniature skeins in it - and needles made with toothpicks and beads glued to the ends.
The 2nd is a QUICK project. Create colorful little skeins from your leftover yarn and insert it into a glass ornament bought at the craft store. Toothpick needles can be added in them also.


I have seen an ornament for little sweaters but I can't remember where.


(self-promotion) I have a pattern for a little sad, droopy Christmas tree decoration:


Along with the 55 Christmas Balls to Knit, I'm knitting the Advent Mittens from Dale Garn. The book is in Norwegian but the mittens are done with charts so you can figure them out without the wording. The book is available at


I second the suggestions of 55 Christmas Balls to knit, and also the Emergency Christmas Ornament. Examples of both types are in my notebook on Ravelry:


I've seen little knitted sweaters. My favorite ornaments were little cross stitched stockings I made 18 yrs ago. They are getting a bit ragged but I still love them. I really need to make some more maybe next year.:)


Those Emergency Christmas Ornaments are hilarious! Love them!


I just looked through my Interweave knits Holiday Gifts magazine - there are patterns for knit angels, knit birds and knit Christmas trees. The patterns are really cute - the examples were knit in red and white and the trees are 3 different shades of green.

Diana Follett

I saw some knitted popcorn on a website(don't remember which one). You should google it and knit it in fingering weight yarn. If you are a very experienced knitter you may be able to make your own pattern if you do please share.



Knit or crochet a long strip of edging with either a pointed or scalloped edge using fine green sock yarn or crochet cotton.
Start wrapping a styrofoam cone at the bottom going 'round and 'round until you reach the top secuting with straight pins as you go and overlapping the rounds. End off at the top.
Decorate with beads, sequins and charms. Mary


I've knit several ornaments from Handknit Holidays (one of my all-time favorite pattern books!) and they've come out very well:
I've also made a Mini Weasley Sweater which was also quick and fun:


I remember my mother used to knit these little bells that she would hang on the tree. We've had them for YEARS! She'd knit them in red, and would string a little bell in dangling on the inside.


These are nice.

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