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November 16, 2011


Lara Neel

In The Knitters Book of Socks, Clara Parker tackles this topic with a resounding "maybe." Parker reports that Priscilla Gibson-Roberts argues that stranded reinforcing thread can rub against the fibers of the sock yarn, actually weakening it in the long run. Elizabeth Zimmermann, on the other hand, said that it would only be a problem if the reinforcing thread were really thick, like fishing line.

The 20% nylon in the Simply Sock yarn itself, since it's blended in with the wool fibers, should provide a perfect amount of protection, without any further carry-along reinforcement. So, in this case, I would say that a reinforcing thread isn't needed, no matter how you feel about it.


I find if I am worried about a particular type of yarn or if the intended wearer wears shoes with closed heels(my husband and son) I use a more reinforced heel stitch- like eye of the partridge- it seems pretty durable for my guys.


Eye of Partridge.....


I've made several pairs of socks with the Simply Sock Yarn. I've not used reinforcing thread in any of them and they are holding up beautifully. They are washed and worn quite frequently and there are no obvious signs of wear or pilling. I often wear the socks with shoes that have closed heels. I knit my socks on size 1 needles. The tight gauge really seems to help them hold up over time, but this is a hardy yarn that can take some wear.


I usually use my smallest needles for the heel and toe section, I have used SSYC solids a few times, washes and stands up really well.


I never use reinforcing yarn. If I'm worried that the yarn mightnotstand u well, I just go down a needle size. My grands love hand knit socks & they wear them without shoes on the hardwood floors. The first ones I knit are just now getting worn & they are 6 or7 years old (they hand them down).


I had this same question some time ago and could not find a reinforcing thread I thought would work well. Instead, I knit the toe and heel at a very tight gauge (about 10spi which for me was on 0s) to make them a bit thicker and more durable than the rest of the sock. While I wasn't using SSYC yarn, I was using a yarn that I had heard wears out very quickly. I've been wearing these now for some time and I think they're wearing great! No felting, thinning, etc.

Lisa Petrovski

I have never used reinforcing thread either. I always go down a needle size when I start the heel flap and continue with the smaller needle for the heel, foot and toe. Seems to work fine for me and our socks get lots of wash and wear also.


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